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Tow Vehicle & Ollie Scale Results


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Here's latest CAT scale results for our 2022 SR5 2WD Crew Cab Tundra's new curb weight after installing accessories. I did not document accessory  weights during installation. Installed Toyota side rails, Toyota folding hard bed cover, Toyota bed mat, Toyota Mud guards, and Timbren SES rear suspension kit.

Weighed the Tundra with all contents removed, accessories installed, full 32 gallon fuel tank, and no occupants.






Original rear differential jounce blocks:


Timbren rear differential SES suspension system:


Original payload of 1400 pounds from Toyota:



Subtract new Curb weight from GVW to learn new payload.

Very surprised by the results:

GVW 6990 pounds - New Curb weight 5440 pounds = 1550 pounds. o_O

Toyota was very conservative with the payload weight of this vehicle, I'm sticking with listed 1400 pound original payload.

Reading Truck on payload and towing capacities:


New Curb Weight:


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Tundra LE2


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It's surprising that the Land Cruiser's capacity is so close to the Tundra's. My tire and loading sticker lists combined weight of cargo and passengers as 1320 pounds. That's closer to 1460, though, as I've removed the 40# roof basket and the 100# (by other owner's weight posting) 60% second row seating. The Heritage Edition already has the third row seats and running boards removed compared to the Base model.

I'm not sure how the loading is calculated, though. Curb weight on the Heritage is listed at 5715 and GVWR at 7385, for a potential 1670 pound load capacity instead of the 1320 on the sticker. Since there are no options available, every truck should weigh right at curb weight. Color me confused...

Deb and I consume about 350#, and Elite II tongue weight is listed at 490# before options. Figure tongue weight closer to 690# (12.5% of 5500 pound trailer),  that leaves me about 420# of margin, less any other stuff I carry. So I'll need to take extra care to keep the trailer closer to 5000#.

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Agree, every truck should weigh listed curb weight before modifications.

Surprised me how conservative our Toyota payload weight was after adding about 150 pounds of accessories finding the available Tundra payload is 150 pounds above listed 1400 pound payload after adding accessories.

Here’s the camping gear we carry in the Tundra on trips, not seen in photo are two sets of golf clubs (one half set) and Honda 2000 gen-set.

We try to only take gear that’s needed for trips, but glad we have the capacity to take our golf gear, too.  🙂



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Tundra LE2


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