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What is the Purpose for Downloading All The Manuals?

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Is OTT going to take down the University?  That's the only reason I can think of for the recent posting of hundreds of the by year products used in our trailers.

Did I miss the memo?

At least one inquiring mind would like to know.


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My guess (as we've been out of digital  touch much of the last six weeks in Antarctica and Patagonia) is that @jwalmsley is trying to make things more searchable from the forum? (Also for those who never seem to find their way to the University. )

It's a bit annoying if you routinely use "recent activity, " as I do, but it will likely help some folks in the future.  

Hang in there, gj. I'm doing the same. 


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Read the posts that you want to read then hit “Mark site read” in the upper right hand corner then refresh by hitting “unread content” and the posts you don’t want to read will be gone and you will have a blank unread screen.  Mike

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