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Twin Bed Oliver Modified to Double Bed Oliver

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My wife and I ordered our Oliver with the twin bed configuration. We used it for two years that way and decided we didn't like our beds, primarily because they were not wide enough and required extra foam cushions for the comfort we wanted. We had to deal with sleeping bags and foam pads, making for a inconvenient switch out between the Oliver and the tow vehicle every morning and evening. I can't recommend the twin bed option. The pantry is nice, and it adds more counter space, but the extra table is really not all that usable, as it blocks the entry to the pantry, so we had already removed that table and had it in storage prior to our modification.


So, I took out the fiberglass pantry that comes with the twin be option, which freed up the back of the Oliver for a custom made, (almost) double size mattress. I had to craft a piece of plywood to cover the space between the benches. It fits nicely on the lips built into the front edge of each bench.


We had the mattress made in Houston, with rounded back corners to fit the interior walls of the rear of the Oliver. The mattress is three pieces of foam, with varying densities, glued together, with a nice cover that makes it look like a quality home mattress. We had the mattress hinged at each end so we could access the storage and equipment access areas under each bench in the rear of the Oliver. I's very comfortable, and no more dealing with sleeping bags and extra foam cushions.


Some of you owners with the double bed option may want to think about getting a permanent, custom made matters for the rear of your Oliver. We sure like ours.

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Sounds like a wonderful addition to your camper, Doug. I've seen "hinged" mattresses like that in boats. Certainly makes the storage more convenient. I don't store anything that's used often under in the bins beneath the bed. Too awkward, as we leave the back dinette made up as a bed all the time.

Hope you and Geneva are doing well, and enjoying camping!


Who manufactured your custom mattress for the Oliver?


2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12


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HI Sherry, Geneva and I are doing just fine. Thanks for asking. Not much camping lately but we have a big trip out West and back planned from February through April, with a trip out of LA to Hawaii during Spring Break, with our Daughter and her family.


Here is where we got our mattress. Very quick service:




Hope you and Paul are doing great. We would like to camp with you again sometime.

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When I visited the factory on Tuesday, I talked to Robert about having a double bed, instead of the king. I'm planning to halve the table, substituting a wooden one, in place of the molded one, and to put it on a single centered pedistal. That would allow a couple of seats facing each other toward the front, or, in my case, a place for the bird cage on one side and a seat on the other.

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I loved the reason for your requested modification. I have a couple of parrots myself and have been trying to figure out where to make room to include them in future travels. Hope you post pictures when the modification is completed and be sure to include your bird. :)



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Hi Pam!

I have a Mealy Amazon who's 20 years old. He traveled with me from El Salvador, and loves riding in the car. The cats, on the other hand, are not seasoned travelers, but they will have to adapt.


I've been thinking that one wall of the cage will have to be Lexan or plexiglass to keep the cats from getting too close.


Unfortunately, I won't be posting pictures of the mods until I can sell my house and order my Oliver. But I'm getting a jump on making it just right ;)

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Plexiglass is a smart way to go. My parrots habitat is built into the wall with plexiglass doors. It is good protection for them from the cats and also contains the mess they seem to love to make. It's never to early to start planning for your new trailer and I'll look forward to someday seeing your planned modification.

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