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Lighter Beds?


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We have the latex bed option...  the very comfortable, heavy latex bed option.  While we like them - we hate them.  We like sleeping on them.  We hate making them up everyday or moving them to access the basement.  It has become a chore.

Sleeping bags are not an option for us.  Does anyone have a light-weight option they'd recommend?


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51 minutes ago, CnC said:

Does anyone have a light-weight option they'd recommend?

We added new singles from Southern Mattress in North Carolina when we converted from a standard to twin bed arrangement.  They are very light and easy to lift or move.  We find the comfort level to very good, although comfort is very subjective.

I would suggest locating a mattress manufacturer in your area and discuss their bedding options.  It would make it easier to try before buying.


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