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22'er tow vehicle options


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Good Evening, Forum,

My name is Deborah, and I live in Norfolk, Virginia. I saw an Oliver at a rally last weekend in Tennessee, and am really interested in the trailer. It's a bit larger than the ones I've been looking at (Escape 17B and Lil Snoozy), so what type of tow vehicle should I be looking for? I'm not sure I want a truck, but is there an SUV that would be up to the task? Thanks for any help!



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Recently, Flyrod picked up his 22'er and towed it to California with a 2014 Tacoma. He went through some rough weather and reported the trailer towed very well and gave him no problems at all. Whatever you chose for a tow vehicle, just make sure you stay under the towing limits as specified in tour owner' s manual. The newer Tacoma, with a factory installed towing package which includes extra cooling capacity for the engine and transmission, is rated at 6500 lb towing capacity.


What other experiences have you 22' owners had?

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Hi Deborah, if you were in Townsend las t weekend you looked at our trailer. We are towing with a 2007 Tahoe. Its tow capacity is just over 7000 lbs. Most full size GM products today have even greater tow limits. You want something that can get you up and over the hills without struggling too badly. Surprisingly, our gas milage only fell about 1 mpg over towing our former 17 footer.

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Hi Steve and Tali,

I thought that was you, but couldn't be sure. Even with the short tour of your trailer, I fell in love with the Ollie, so thanks! I think you might have had lots of converts that day :D


The Tahoe is the truck I've been researching, and it seems to be fine, though only rated for 6500#. I'm going to visit the factory next week and pick their brains - need to see how my bird and two cats would fit, but I don't have any real worries, since your dogs seem to fit just fine.



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Hello Deborah, I tow with a 2014 Toyota Tundra, and it does great, ( 10,000 plus Lb with tow pkg,) and an Anderson Load Distribution Hitch, but that may be a larger truck than some need though, but the good thing about a pickup, is that you can put all the things you need for your travels in the bed, and with a 4 door model the pets go up in the cab, but have their own bed in the back seat,(If you have pets, I dont), A Tacoma works fine, with the Tow Pkg.

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Good info here. I have a 2012 Tacoma w/tow package that I plan to use to pull the big Oliver. It just went over 75K miles so it is almost broken in! We are going to the factory the second week in October.

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