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LP Convenience Quick Connect - new use idea

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I wanted to run my furnace to heat the trailer without using any of my onboard propane.  I have this valve setup for quick connect for my propane generator so I simply borrowed it for my proof of concept.  Worked like a charm as I thought it would.  

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David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

Hull 509 "The Swallow"

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With the on board tanks shut off, if an Owner fount themselves in a frosty environment for the winter..... I shutter to even contemplate such an event with my Hawaii thin chicken skiin, ... they could call a local propane company to deliver a real tank and your idea would be really handy.

Hawaii/Safety/Geronimo John  🙂


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TV:  2019 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat, 3.5L EcoBoost, Max Tow, FX-4, Rear Locker      OLLIE:  2018 OE2 Hull 342, Twin Bed.    OLLIE DYI’s:  BB LiFePO4's, Victron 712 Smart, 350 Amp Master Switch, Houghton 3400, Victron Orion DC - DC, 3000-Watt Renogy Inverter, P.D. 60-amp Converter, Frig Dual Exhaust Fans, Kitchen Drawer Straps.    TV DYI’s:  2 5/16" Anderson System, Timken Bearings, Nitto recon’s, Firestone Rear Air Bags, Bilstein 5100’s, Mud Flaps & Weather Tech all.







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