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Removing front display

Big Cat

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My mountain scene has faded but the blue ring is still there. I have a new display I want to put on. Any one have experience removing the display that comes with the Ollie. I don't want to damage the Mother Ship and leaving the ring on is not an option.

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Big Cat,  I used plastic razor blades to remove the decal and WD 40 to remove the adhesive residue.

It takes sometime and elbow grease.

Our trailer is almost four years old and is stored outside in San Diego, CA.

You could clearly see where the decal was.  The area under the decal was still very shiny.  We are reapplying a new decal so, it is not a problem for us.

I suspect, with a good buffing the outline would disappear.  


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I used a heat gun and plastic razor blades to remove mine and it came off fairly easy. Used Goof Off to remove the adhesive residue.

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It will pull off with the aid of a heat gun, or hair dryer.  Do use a heat gun will caution, very low heat as the hot range is too hot to use for this, I would say the hair dryer on hot would be the better choice for those who are new to the process.  The process is going to be slow and you have to heat a small area and pull it slowly, a little practice will be needed to get the hang of it.  Might look for a YouTube video on this, it's not going to be fast and slow and easy is what works.  As far as installing a new one this is another process, I would also mark the corners of the old decal so you have some refences as to where the new one will go for correct alignment. If your not familiar with installing decals of this size you best get some help for someone who know what they are doing, trust me.



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FYI:  I used the exact technique Trainman is describing above to remove a 6 year old awning seal after the seal had been badly oxidized.  The 2-way adhesive on the seal is likely not as robust as the decal.  It took very little heat, which was helpful for the plastic "razor blade" scraper (bought from Amazon - $15 or so with a couple dozen replaceable plastic blades) to remove from the gelcoat.  There were a few small areas needed for touch up with GoofOff, the result was a perfectly clean surface.  I'm planning to install the new seal this weekend.  

I'm also interested in your project's result as we're interested in removing our front decal and side stripes.

Art, Diane, Magnus & Oscar (double-Aaarrf!)

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