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Truma CP Plus Control Panel error code

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2023 Elite II with Truma A/C, Truma on-demand hot water heater and Furnace, Isotherm frig. Setting uo at campsite once shorepower was connected the Truma Control Panel showed Alert diamond in center at bottom control panel. When selected the code read W255 W. The manuals provided on flashdrive to not list this error code. A/C would not come on when selected. Anyone have full listing of error codes. I think it is associated with power rocker switch behind exterior access panel for on-demand water heater which we were instructed to turn OFF when preparing to leave for next camping location. Mike Griffin

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Welcome to the Oliver family and the forum! Steep learning curve those first few days using the Ollie. 

Just tested mine with the unit switch off and that is the code that popped up on the control panel when I tried to turn the water heater on inside. 

Not sure why they are saying to turn off the unit switch for travel. I would personally only turn this off for storage. 

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What's today?............. the most frequently asked question as a retiree 🙄

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Just took our factory delivery (a Great Experience…) & stayed at the Oliver campground to spend a night. The following morning, the CP-Panel had the triangle/! icon lite & the water heater icon/information was missing as well. The error code W255 W was displayed when scrolling/selecting the triangle / Icon… An initializing of ‘reset’ resulted in No change…still no water heater info on display.
The only ‘problem’ was the 3-position on/off/on switch on the water heater was in the ‘off’ position, so selecting ‘ON’ & then repeating the reset/initializing process restored the water info on the panel - ‘Problem Solved’

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