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  1. Tom and Doreen, Hull 1321, will be attending; Site # 226
  2. We use our stand-alone at times as the Truma dehumidifier feature of the AC sometimes makes the trailer too cold.
  3. According to SureCall registration is not necessary. I had tried to register ours prior to callling SureCall and the call center at AT&T had no clue as to how to register the cell booster. Don’t expect to see a huge boost in signal strength, typically one bar improvement if the phone is very, very close to the antenna.
  4. Re-check that your valves under the curb side bed are in the proper position. There is a valve that if in the wrong position will allow city water to flow into your fresh tank.
  5. @MAX BurnerGreat write-up / procedure, very informative; thanks!
  6. I cannot imagine that Oliver will want to play “middleman” when it comes to managing service appointments, that would be quite a headache to manage. Sadly I believe the response will be to see your local dealer. It’s unfortunate that service at the factory will no longer be an option, we really enjoyed going down to the factory for service; great people.
  7. I don't honestly know how the ram 1500 air system works but on my truck I can select "manual" mode to prevent the air suspension from auto-correcting. The other method is to turn the ignition off thereby deactivating the air pump.
  8. Doug and Jill, congratulations! Don't worry about the towing, you'll hardly know the trailer is back there and the trailer tucks right in behind the truck so if your truck can make it trough a narrow spot your trailer will too.
  9. This was the case with ours, fiberglass dust had gotten into the panel switches; the blue indicator LED would flicker along with the cabin lights in our case.
  10. We have the ProSmart system that Oliver installed ( tank bottom sensor ) and we've had one of the devices fail and the other is difficult to connect to. I did purchase the Truma handheld device as a backup and it works pretty well with the minor limitations listed in previous posts; the device must be placed at a right angle to the tank and multiple readings are required to determine the level at which the propane is found. As I said it works pretty well but it's fairly expensive. The least expensive method, and pretty accurate, is to pour warm water down the side of the tank and then slide your hand down the tank to feel the point at which the tank goes from feeling warm to cold; that's your propane level. I use this method at times and it's works well. I used this method to verify the Truma device's accuracy.
  11. The use of an autotransformer during periods of low line voltage will increase line current which could under certain circumstances stress components such as circuit breakers and cause additional heating of connectors and junctions especially those which may be oxidized. Not much of a problem in modern well maintained campgrounds but could be a problem in lesser capacity, poorly maintained / engineered campgrounds. Another explanation is here.
  12. Disclaimer: I've never had to replace one of these devices but there is interesting information on this site: SeeLevel Tanks Sensor
  13. If you turned the EMS off and you're now charging correctly you may want to investigate why your EMS is preventing your generator from supplying power. Possibly a problem with the EMS itself or there could be truly something wrong with your generator output. By turning your EMS off you will no longer be protected from AC line problems. Is it possible that you could borrow a external power watchdog to test the output of your generator?
  14. It does sound like the generator cannot supply enough power to satisfy the amount of current needed to charge the batteries. The breaker setting is a good place to start as mentioned above. There is also another setting, #24 (charger current) that allows you to adjust the amount of current allowed to charge your batteries. For lithium batteries I believe the setting is 150 amps. You can try changing that value to something lower ( as a test ) to see if that helps, you can try something really low like 10 amps as a test.
  15. We have been using the "second jug" method and it's worked out pretty well for us.
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