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Static Cling Vinyl on Frosted Upper Cabinet Doors

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We’ve had a few small scratches on the inside of our cabinet doors from the cabinet contents rubbing against the door, so we installed a clear self-adhesive removable protective film on the backs of the cabinet doors.  This prevents future damage and didn’t change the appearance of the doors.

When shopping shelf liners and static cling window decals we also found there were lots of products that might work to both protect the inner side of the cabinet door and give them a different look.  We went a step further and added a patterned static cling vinyl as well.  The textured static cling vinyl we used didn't stick well directly to the cabinet doors, but it clings to the shelf liner.  Time and seasons will tell how well it sticks. 

There are so many products available, some with bright colors and patterns and some more subtle.  Since it was just installed this week we can’t speak to its durability, so we're not offering specific product recommendations.  Your tastes are probably different than ours anyway.  A self-adhesive liner with color or pattern could be used as a single layer if you find something you like.  

The vinyl material is easy to apply when the hardware is removed with the doors are laid on a flat clean work surface.   We went for a subtle change to the original look, but we might do something with color in the future.


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Steve H & Mary Allyn W

San Antonio, TX

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Everyone note that Steve and MA's idea isn't just for those with "frosted "cabinet doors!

I've had similar product on the interior of my "mirrored" doors for a number of years and it does a great job.  Even those with the "black" doors can benefit from this mod.

Also note that when replacing the doors - do not over tighten the hardware - particularly the hinges.  Overtightening will cause "spider" cracks in the door around the hinge.

Also, be a bit careful with the razor knife that you might use to trim the "contact/cling" material as any scratch or cut on the inside of the coating on the door will be easily seen when you turn on those interior cabinet lights.


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@Steve and MA:  Very cool idea!  Looks great...  Thanks for sharing!


Art, Diane, Oscar & Magnus (double-Aaarrf!)

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