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Truma AC install


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I had the Truma AC installed on 12-20-23 and noticed when I got home that there are no drain holes drilled in the rear cowl below the AC unit, is this normal for the retrofit as I thought the new unites on the lot had them? Thanks in advance to those that chime in!


Back of TrumaAC.jpg

Hull 833


2019 F250 6.2L

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11 hours ago, xmavrick said:

I checked with OTT service and Mike stated that the drain kit they installed, eliminates the need for the weep holes. It just seems odd that the new trailers still have the weep holes.

If Mike was referring to the Truma condensate drain kit which uses the Oliver OEM drain tube, we also have that and it has worked great. 


2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR” 

2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor aka- Beast



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