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Antenna Pole Base Modification

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Here is my latest modification for an antenna pole holder. I used a 3” (bolt side) x 4” (height) x 5” (wide) .250 inch thick right angle with two .375 U-brackets while utilizing existing bumper bolts, washers, nuts and holes. I made sure the round pipe was 2 inches away from edge of the right angle aluminum (towards rear, away from Ollie) so that this pipe did not interfere with the swinging bumper when closing/pinning with locking pins. Make sure the 2 holes in the right angle are away from the right angle radius so that the large existing washers will not be on top of this radius (so washers are flush on top of metal). The U-brackets will allow you to move the pole upward or downward, along with removal for when towing so the lights are not blocked. The 22 ft flag pole I purchased is fiberglass from polesandholders.com and it is collapsible. The flagpole holders from this site will not work for my chosen bumper location. The inside flagpole holder pipe diameter will be determined by your flagpole outside diameter measurement. 







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Nice work - thanks for sharing, @NomadLife.  Will this be a mount for your vertical HAM radio antenna?  Are you considering radials also?  Just curious....


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@NomadLife thanks for posting, let us know how your shake down of that mod works out. It appears to be a very solid mounting set up.

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