Memorial Day in Washington D.C.

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As you probably know, or can imagine, the Metro D.C. area is a busy, busy place over the Memorial day weekend. Traffic can slow to a crawl and campgrounds are booked solid. Then there is that other thing, you know, that RV specific thing. No propane tanks allowed in any of the tunnels. Between the Pony Express and the Legacy II, we carry four propane tanks. Now, that is a route changer for us !

The campground where we were showing, had our campsite booked since last Memorial Day, so we needed to move on. And, today finds us out on the road after a detour around the tunnels in the D.C. area.

We are up on I-95 above Baltimore Maryland, where we overnighted on a WAWA convenience store parking lot. We actually did find a one night vacancy at a campground, but the operator wanted to charge us double for the night. We passed, hoping that the unscrupulous rascal made none of the money instead of double the money.

I know that because of the Holiday our location may be a bit sketchy, but if you would like to tour the Legacy II over the holiday, please call 479.243.5450 to get our up to the minute location. Thanks for your patience, harm & bett