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  1. Hi Steve,

    We just ran a 5 hour test of the Blue Sky unit, per Ryan’s instructions (flip breaker off for controller under the dinette, hook up 2 best batteries, turn on the 30 Amp switch next to the Blue Sky unit, read results on the IPN.)  The first half hour the IPN showed Max Bat Volts as 14.8.  Then it jumped to 15.1 volts and stayed there for the rest of the 5 hours we tested.  Ryan had told us that any reading 15 or above he would consider Blue Sky unit faulty. The batteries themselves stayed cool to the touch, except towards the end.  They were in the sun, in the pulled-out battery tray so some of the heat we felt was probably sun-warmed.  Even so, the air temp was 74, and the battery temp as measured by the IPN was 88F, or as measured with a Fluke thermometer it was between 92 and 120, depending on color (black/white) and orientation (sun/shade.)

    My brother is thinking it might be useful to also do a test with the shore power and solar together?

    But Based on what Ryan told us Monday, I would guess we are looking at a new Blue Sky controller, and deciding on what batteries to try next.  Would probably also rewire the PD Controller that you said is wired wrong, and have a solar panel off/on switch installed.  

     We will send Ryan an email with the results and hope to get his advice on Monday.  

    Would welcome any advice you might have for us!

    Thank you,

    Mary & Dave Gibson


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