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  1. Other than the overly large grill (like every other new truck and car these days), I like the styling of the Tundra. I enjoy truck research and window shopping, so I was excited to see the new Tundra in terms of it heating up the 1/2 ton market even more. Lots of cool trucks out there. Of course tow capacity, payload, reliability, and safety are top considerations for me when the time comes to upgrade to a new tow vehicle capable of towing a future Oliver! 😉
  2. Hi All, I continue to have fun serving as the Kentucky Correspondent for the RV Atlas Podcast. I thought you might enjoy this episode on Five Fantastic Egg Camper Rallies. https://thervatlas.com/podcast/5-fantastic-egg-camper-rallies-to-put-on-your-rv-travel-calendar/ Take care, Dean
  3. Hi David, You are welcome! I enjoy being the Kentucky Correspondent for the RV Family Travel Atlas and Campground of the Week podcasts. Piney Campground is only a little over 2 hours from our house. It is a very popular campground with the local/regional community. See ya later this week! Laura and I look forward to meeting Susan and you! Take care, Dean
  4. Hi Mike and Carol, Laura and I are very excited to be attending the Oliver Rally. We are arriving on Thursday and staying until Tuesday. See ya soon! Dean
  5. Hi All, Last summer, Laura and I took a family camping trip to Lake Rudolph Campground & Resort in Santa Claus, IN following our oldest daughter graduating from the University of Kentucky. For her graduation present, she wanted to go back to Holiday World Amusement Park with her sister and cousins. We took many summer trips to Holiday World when the girls were little with their cousins. Given that Laura and I are empty nest RVers now, we decided to turn this into a week long camping trip at Lake Rudolph Campground and Resort that is adjacent to Holiday World Amusement Park. I am the Kentucky Correspondent for Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi’s Campground of the Week Podcast. They recently interviewed me regarding our family trip to Lake Rudolph Campground and Resort. Here is the link if you are interested in taking a listen. . . https://rvfta.com/podcast/lake-rudolph-campground Happy Camping, Dean P.S. - Looking forward to the Oliver Rally in May!!!
  6. Hi Mike & Carol, Yup, Laura and I will be attending the Oliver Rally in May, 2018. This will be our 2nd Oliver Rally. We are Oliver fans and appreciate the hospitality of the Oliver Owners. Look forward to seeing you at the rally. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, Dean
  7. Hi All, I have been fortunate over the last year to be the Kentucky Correspondent for RV Family Travel Atlas (RVFTA). Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi are a wonderful couple and the parents of three young boys. They are avid RVers and currently produce three RV related podcasts: RVFTA Campground of the Week Girl Camper I have been interviewed seven times, including the following podcast episodes since my last post about this subject. Most of the interviews have been on the Campground of the Week podcast. I thought some of you might enjoy the following episodes: Mammoth Cave. . . Campground of the Week Episode #109 Mammoth Cave Jellystone - Cave City, KY: https://rvfta.com/podcast/campground-review-109-yogi-bear-jellystone-park-mammoth-cave-near-mammoth-cave-national-park RVFTA Episode #170 Greetings from Mammoth Cave National Park: https://rvfta.com/podcast/rvfta-170-greetings-from-mammoth-cave-national-park-in-mammoth-cave-kentucky Land Between the Lakes. . . Campground of the Week Episode #86 Piney Campground - Land Between the Lakes: https://rvfta.com/podcast/campground-review-86-piney-campground-in-the-land-between-the-lakes-national-recreation-area-in-dover-tennessee Smoking and Grilling. . . RVFTA Episode #148 Smoking and Grillin’ 101 with Casita Dean: https://rvfta.com/podcast/rvfta-148-smokin-and-grillin-101-with-casita-dean Of the four Campground of the Week episodes I have done, three of them have been related to campgrounds associated with an egg rally. I subscribe to approximately 12 RV related podcasts. I listen to them primarily in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. I also listen to podcasts when I am traveling. Laura and I listen to Girl Camper and to RVFTA together in the mornings or on the weekends. I highly recommend podcasts as a really cool way to stay in touch with your favorite hobbies, including RVing! Take care, Dean
  8. Hi All, This will be our 2nd Oliver Rally. Our previous one was September, 2016. We missed the May, 2017 rally. We will be in site D4. Looking forward to the rally! Happy Travels, Dean
  9. Hi All, I am the Kentucky Correspondent for a podcast, RV Family Travel Atlas' Campground of the Week. This is the 2nd time I have been interviewed. This time I reviewed the Corps of Engineers Gunter Hill Campground just outside of Montgomery, AL. Laura and I were there for the fantastic Green Eggs and Ham VII Rally. I thought you might enjoy listening to the podcast. It is episode #76. http://campgroundoftheweek.com/campground-review-76-gunter-hill-campground-outside-montgomery-alabama/ Take care, Dean
  10. Hi All, I had the opportunity earlier this month to be interviewed by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi of RV Family Travel Atlas (rvfamiltytravelatlas.com ) for their podcast, Campground of the Week (campgroundoftheweek.com ). In this podcast episode, we reviewed My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, KY. Laura and I attended the Eggs A La Bourbon Rally there in June, 2016. I thought some of you might be interested in listening to the podcast episode. Here is the link to help find the episode at camgroundofthweek.com http://campgroundoftheweek.com/campground-review-63-my-old-kentucky-home-state-park-in-bardstown-kentucky/#more-562 Take care, Dean
  11. Hi Grayson and Ann, Thank you. We are thoroughly enjoying our Casita. In fact, I went out to the driveway today, went in the Casita, turned on the cube heater, and relaxed for a few minutes. I wish we could attend the Oliver Rally in May; however, our oldest daughter is graduating from college that weekend, so we will be CELEBRATING with her and family. We hope to see you next time or in some other campground! Take care, Dean
  12. Hi J-Rhett and All, Very interesting thread. Laura and I have just finished our first season RVing with our new-to-us 05 Casita. We love it and plan to use it several more seasons. We wanted to start small and used to make sure we liked RVing as much as we thought we would. I love to research and I discovered that molded fiberglass egg campers were going to be my choice. In my opinion, the Oliver represents the gold standard within the molded fiberglass niche. With 8.5 years of work left until retirement and two kids in college, an Oliver is not in my immediate future! ;) However, we attended the Oliver Rally in September. The tour of the plant and the opportunity to see our first Olivers (14 of them) and to meet the trailer owners further confirmed our interests in the Ollie. It also helps that we only live 2.5 hours from the plant. Laura and I both LOVE the interior of the Ollies when compared to the drab brown of most other RVs. However, Ollies are SO MUCH MORE than just pretty faces. The quality of materials and construction are top notch. Plus, I think the Elite II represents about the perfect size being as small as possible yet large enough to to live comfortably for extended periods of time, including full-timing. I also like the idea of doing some winter camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, etc. One of the great things about RVng is chasing the 70 degree days, but I am open to some camping in the cold weather as well. Despite being 100% happy with our Casita, the Oliver is our aspirational rig and the standard by which we measure all other RVs. Happy Holidays, Dean
  13. Hi Chixter, Nice thread. Actually, Laura and I do not own an Oliver. Our Casita is 17' long and much smaller than an Oliver Legacy Elite II. What they have in common is that both are molded fiberglass RVs. We just finished our first season camping in our Casita. One of our trips included attending the Oliver Rally in September. We also toured the Oliver factory. We only live 2.5 hours from the Oliver plant. I am an avid researcher of things I like and I am a HUGE fan of Olivers. I am about 8.5 years from retiring and looking forward to using our Casita for the next several years. I am hoping that my supplemental retirement account does really well, so we can get an Oliver for our retirement gift to ourselves!!! ;) Wishing you the best, Dean
  14. Hi Mike, Glad you enjoyed the podcast! Wow, that looks like an amazing 5 week trip that Carol and you took! Very cool that your circle included 3 Casitas! I bet they were very interested in your Oliver!!! ;) Take care, Dean
  15. LOL, that is one big ole picture, or my head is really big!!! Actually, it is both. ;)
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