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  1. Foy, I just noticed a small crack in the lower right corner of our microwave frame while cleaning the other day. It’s just big enough to catch my cleaning cloth. I assumed it was cracked during installation but your thoughts sound more likely. Thanks for bringing up this subject......Kathy [attachment file=52095C67-95A3-44DE-B5E6-B5CC0A31817D.jpeg]
  2. [attachment file=150088] [attachment file=150082] Staying at the Marquette Tourist Park in Marquette, MI. The park is on the edge of town, situated on the Dead River. Nice and quiet. Have 3 Casitas, 1 Scamp, and 2 Airstreams near us. Tomorrow we are headed towards Escanaba, MI to check out the Fayette Historic SP. We’ve been told its very interesting. Took a few photos of the Lake Superior lakeshore at the Presque Isle Park this morning. A lovely day!
  3. Our travels have taken us several interesting places this fall. A week ago we visited the Road America Speedway in Elkhart, WI to go to the VSCDA Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival which showcased several impressive machines including many pre-war racers and Can-Am enthusiasts reliving history. Clair was interested in watching the races and finding a 1960 Austin-Healey “Bugeye” Sprite similar to one his brother had. While viewing the race cars we saw this interesting racing rig that was being used to haul a vintage MGB race car. The area was pretty crowded so it was difficult to get good photos but I think you will enjoy this one anyway. Kathy
  4. We have only used Happy Campers in the ‘Clever Beast’. I am not familiar with combining the Geo method with the Happy Campers treatment so I will be looking into that. We currently treat our black tank with Happy Campers each time we dump and only treat our gray water tank with Happy Campers after our final dump before returning home from a trip. We haven’t noticed any gray water odor so far and haven’t had any problems with our black water tank or sticking valves, etc......Kathy
  5. Ken, Ludington is my hometown! Hope you enjoy! The Mason County Campground is south of Ludington, walking distance from Lake MI. We have not stayed there yet but the reviews are quite good so it is on our list for our next visit. Fees $23 for electric only and $27 for full hookup. http://www.masoncounty.net/departments/parks-recreation/campground.html The Ludington State Park is quite popular also and has good ratings. I was a regular at the park when growing up but never actually camped there. https://stateparks.com/ludington.html Will check with family to see if they know of any great boondock areas. Kathy
  6. Jason has provided us with the needed measurements and updated the TSB for anybody else that needs to replace their blinds. All is good! Kathy
  7. Wish we could help you out with a few suggestions but all of our MI camping has been along the Lake MI shoreline or in the UP. From our experience MI campgrounds & boondock areas fill quickly during the summer months so try to plan ahead if you can. We’ve found a few nice, inexpensive county parks along the shoreline. Private campgrounds tend to be on the expensive side but most are well cared for. There are some nice state parks worth consideration. We use ‘The Ultimate US Public Campground Project’ app a lot. It shows several camp areas in southern central MI. It is one of our favorite apps...may be worth checking out. Here’s a link to a review of the app http://www.apppicker.com/reviews/21618/the-ultimate-us-public-campgrounds-project-app-review
  8. Thanks Bill & Tom, I have sent Ewa a copy of Jason’s Service bulletin, figuring she may not be aware of the issue. I also mentioned that others experiencing this problem have reported receiving a full Oliver replacement package. My initial email gave all necessary info regarding our Olver so we will see what happens next. Just in case, We’ve put in an Oliver service request for the appropriate measurements to send to back to Automotion. Ewa’s communications have been very pleasant so I’m sure we will get this worked out. Appreciate your help! Kathy
  9. Question for those that have received their replacement shades. I recently contacted Alex @ Automotion regarding 3 out of 4 of our shades that need replacement due to the issues mentioned in the bulletin. I received a kind reply this morning from Ewa Zajch, Asst Manager/Customer service that said Alex C. has retired and she will be handling our issues. She told me it would be 4-6 weeks because they are waiting on fabrics and asked me for measurements. Can you tell me if you ran into a similar situation? Kathy
  10. I’ve found this product and just beginning to research it. https://rvpetsafety.com ——————————- This looked like the perfect solution for us....at first. After reading the subscription policy on this unit It appears that it may end up quite expensive. The monthly subscription that can be turned on/off can only be used a few times per year and you are charged everytime you turn off & on, so the annual service may be the only way to go. I also located a discouraging U-Tube video about it. It sounded like the company has had a tendency to change pricing/charges and is hard to communicate with. They may have worked out all of the issues by now but the subscription details bother me so I think I will try looking elsewhere. Link to video: https://youtu.be/sW1MhTDn1S4 I just found the Marcell PRO system - https://www.marcellpro.com. I haven’t read the fine details or looked for reviews yet ....so time will tell. Kathy
  11. Funny you should rant! Came home Friday from an overnight visit to my mother-in—laws house. The trailer stayed at home and we did have a big rain Thursday, rain gauge said 5”. Opened the trailer up on Saturday to find the curbside and rear cushions very wet. Took them out to dry and cleaned up the water in the window, the bench area and the plumbing area. With things dried out this morning, I applied water to the bottom portion of the sliding window and the boss immediately screamed stop. She dried that up and we tried the stationary window and it was okay. So now I need to dry the window area again and try to determine why it is leaking. Maybe it’s just dirty and debris is preventing the window from closing completely. We’ll see. Mike and Krunch ———————————————— Mike , Just a thought....Sounds like the amount of leaking you experienced is like we had. We had major dripping on the lower edge of both bedside windows. Sadly, Clair is not home right now to help me explain. He took ours over to the Oliver mothership and our leaks were being caused by the exterior clearance/porch lghts - not the windows. Oliver sealed the clearance lights and put it thru testing afterwards. Our trailer hasn’t been wet since then. ...Kathy
  12. You are not alone Cash. We have been noticing low water flow to the kitchen sink and the toilet. Our first thought was that we needed a new water filter (blue camco type) which Clair just picked up and has not tried yet. Very interesting to hear what others have found in their trailers. It looks like we have to look into this further. Cash, sending your Kathy a special Hi! I really enjoyed meeting both of you at the rally. Smiles, Kathy
  13. Hey John - We have a couple of those in our Clever Beast! I bought ours from Etsy.com. I put a couple of the ones I bought in a drawer, just in case we ever ran into you on the road. Thought they would be perfect for your ‘Mouse’. So happy to hear you found them. They really are cute!
  14. Ken_Judy Such good news! We found that the wait went by very quickly. It gave us just enough time to make personalization decisions & pull together all of our supplies. The thought process is a little different with the smaller trilers because you don’t want to store a bunch of stuff you will never use. Hopefully we will see you at the next Oliver rally! Congratulations! Kathy
  15. Look forward to seeing you here Miguel & Anne. We arrived around 1PM and found several Olivers already here. Many have rolled in since our arrival.
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