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  1. I'd never heard of this and am definitely interested. Won't be able to make it this year though. Do many families go to this one or is it mostly bro's / DINKs?
  2. Awesome find! I'm going to go ahead and buy that grease now.
  3. From my boating days I remember that people seem to like Majestic (brand) TVs. Natively 12V, built-in DVD player, high quality, 3-year warranty. https://www.amazon.com/22-12V-LED-DVD-MMMI/dp/B073Q4CR21/ref=sr_1_2
  4. Welcome! Make yourself at home. This forum is a terrific resource. I also appreciate all the things that folks share regarding problem solving, advice, stories, etc.
  5. Different strokes for different folks. I find it highly unlikely that a trailer would get stolen while you're camping but away from the rig. I have never seen a story of this happening (not to say it has never happened, but if this were "a thing" I'd expect I would have read about one by now). Much more likely to be stolen while in storage with nobody around. So an anti-theft system doesn't need to have global coverage. And anyway that's what insurance is for. I'd rather have something that will detect a break in (so that I can file an insurance claim) and that will let me check up on the internal temperature while we're away from it or while in storage.
  6. Seems pretty cool. I like that it creates its own cellular connection. I was thinking of picking up a Liberty SafElert. It's already available and you can configure it to send alerts based on detecting motion or being jostled (as in trailer moving down the highway) plus changes in temperature or humidity. The downside is it only works off of WiFi. I am planning on getting a Cradlepoint router for a persistent (-ish) cellular data connection for the Ollie anyway, so for me this isn't a showstopper. If you have a WiFi repeater, as long as it has signal from a campground or your house / storage facility then this thing would work.
  7. Ha the "recent topics" page is the #1 in my history for olivertraveltrailers.com so that's where it auto-completes me to. It still works: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/recent-topics/
  8. Thank you for the replies. It sounds like all this does is enable you to close the valve without bending over. Am I missing something? Corcomi, are you happy with it? Do you find it adds value?
  9. What is the "Auto drain for shower" option? I've been to the manufacturer's website (https://www.barkermfg.com/auto-drains.html) and I found previous posts from a year and a half ago on this forum talking about the Auto Drain, but both the manufacturer page and the forum discussion seem to be about the black/grey tank drain valves, not the shower. Can someone please tell me what this option does and what are the pros and cons?
  10. Definitely shoulda gone to Whataburger. ;-)
  11. I'd be interested if access to the information was restricted to verified Oliver owners who have also opted in to sharing their information. I'm not posting my name, address, and phone number publicly on the Internet. I can think of several ways to skin that cat from a technical point of view. There are also legal considerations when compiling and storing personally identifiable information (PII), particularly Californians, that dissuade me from volunteering to create such a database myself. (I do this kind of thing for a living and am all too aware of the potential pitfalls :-) )
  12. Yeah but how much payload capacity is left once you option in that turbolaser battery? :-D
  13. ...then I would buy one. :-) Every time somebody wishes for more diesel vehicles, CARB kills a kitten.
  14. GJ you might want to call your insurance company to find out what they'll cover. I have talked to State Farm, Geico, and Liberty Mutual, and all three have said that in order for a claim to be covered, the GVWR of the trailer cannot be more than the tow rating of the tow vehicle (or tow vehicle + trailer GVWRs cannot be more than GCWR, which is pretty much the same thing). Don't rely on what the salespeople say, try to talk to someone in claims.
  15. Another helpful and thoroughly-referenced post from David. Yvonne, I agree with you about size. And having stuff that has multiple uses. You should really have a compressor for your tires anyway, so getting one that runs off of DC and will easily fit in your tow vehicle is a plus for me. One minor question about the model of compressor. The 450P only draws 23 amps max while the 400 draws 30. The 450 only pushes 1.8 CFM vs 2.3 for the 400. But the 450 has a 100% duty cycle whereas the 400 can only be run for 20 minutes before it has to rest for 40 (33% duty cycle). Given the above which one would be better? I was leaning towards the 450 mostly due to the duty cycle. If I air down for a loose sandy road and then need to reinflate before hitting pavement, filling 8 tires is going to take a while. Although the slightly higher CFM might be better for blowing out water lines.
  16. I've been thinking about this since the last tire pressure thread (http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/tire-pressure/). True that according to the Michelin load tables (http://www.michelintruck.com/reference-materials/manuals-bulletins-and-warranties/load-and-inflation-tables/#/) 45 psi would give enough capacity for 7000 lbs. And I agree that using maximum carried weight in conjunction with a load table is the best way to go, otherwise you're just pulling numbers out of...a hat. With that being said, I looked at the Tire and Loading Information placard on both of my current cars. It specifies what PSI should be in the tires. Then I looked up those figures (tire size and PSI) on appropriate load tables. The combined load capacity was higher than the vehicles' GVWR by 22 and 28%. I'm not sure if this is due to running P-metric tires or what, but should a similar padding be used with LT tires on a trailer as well? Doing so would bring us back to 60 PSI.
  17. Are you sure about that? I've always seen it being 3% per 1000 feet. Anyway like I said in the A/C thread calculations don't deliver the mail. I hope the 2000i works out for you.
  18. Thanks for the update and additional info. Regarding the above, is that saying that on propane it will provide 1750 watts at altitude (what altitude)? Or is that 1750 at sea level and then subtract 1% per 1000 feet? To my understanding running on propane generates less power than on gasoline.
  19. Indeed. It's been a while since #211 so I'm sure that stuff has moved out by now. Still something worth noting. I really need to start a delivery inspection checklist with all this info.
  20. Would there be an issue putting the spare "into rotation"? I mean with having 3 tires with one diameter and one slightly larger? I've never put my cars' spare tire to use even when it was a full sized spare. Even if the difference isn't great enough to impact anything I think my OCD would have issues with it lol.
  21. I love the "back of the door shoe bag"! Awesome idea that I will be stealing in short order.
  22. Hmm that's strange. Maybe a bad batch from Carefree? Here's their web page that shows the fabrics that I believe are Oliver's standard choices: http://www.carefreeofcolorado.com/rv-products/premium-vinyl-fabrics.html Edit: let me just link the photo too. Edit2: The forum appears to be shrinking the image. On their actual webpage the resolution is higher and you can see the stripes easier. You can see the thin red lines between each color band for each of the fabric choices. If your awning differs significantly from that I'd say the problem is with Carefree's manufacturing. Regardless, I hope Oliver is able to get you squared away to your satisfaction.
  23. Thanks for bringing this up. I hadn't noticed the red stripes in the photo before...maybe last I looked it still had the Fiamma options. Anyway, does this photo look pretty close to how it is in real life, regarding the proportions of grey to the thin red stripes?
  24. Let's turn it around a little: what RV park would you all recommend for a first night stay?
  25. Yeah I'd rather have the Honda as well, if for nothing else than the weight and space savings. On the other hand if I drop $1500 on a genny and it doesn't run the AC the first time we're in a heat wave, the Admiral will not be pleased. According to Champion's specs, their generator makes 10% less power when running on propane vs gasoline. If the converted Hondas suffer a similar performance reduction then the 2000i is looking pretty borderline. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or, the running of the AC, as the case may be. Please do post up your generator / AC experiences once you get your Ollie. I'm very interested to see how the 2000 works for you.
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