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  1. Fixed it for you. You almost mentioned The Compartment That Must Not Be Named.
  2. Wow that's almost one ounce per zerk. Seems high for just a top-off at 3800 miles. Is grease working itself out around the seals?
  3. We only have one kid so the stock setup works for us, but if we ever have another I thought I'd try to make something that would be easy to stow in order to still allow use of the dinette during the day. This is all just notional, but I thought of creating supports that attach into the pantry and bathroom walls into which could be set two wooden rods. Then between those rods I'd make cot out of a fabric sling with maybe some stretchy cord or webbing crisscrossed underneath for support. The "cot" and bedding could easily be rolled up and stored in the closet or TV during the day. Should be good enough for the older kid to sleep in until he's old enough to sleep in a tent outside. As for the supports, they'll probably need something to transfer the weight down rather than relying on the strength of the thin fiberglass. But still it shouldn't be too obtrusive visually when the cot is not installed.
  4. That really burns me too (I had other words but we'll go with "burns") and I hope he suffers some consequences for this. However if I refused to do business with every company whose CEO or whomever does or says things I disagree with I would have to live in a hut in the woods.
  5. I remember there was another thread on bunk beds (which I cannot find anymore with the illustrious search function) where somebody (maybe Overland?) suggested building a frame out of some kind of aluminum rails that are designed to lock together but can be cut easily to whatever length you want. Does anybody else remember that one?
  6. IMHO a trip to a CAT scale is always a good idea. You may be OK on GVWR with the Can Am and Ollie but you may exceed your rear axle GAWR without a weight distribution hitch. Worth checking into, and you can check your pre-Ollie weight now to give you an idea.
  7. Do you intend to use this for pumping out of a stream and into the Ollie's fresh water fill? There's always the onboard pump and the winterization inlet but not sure how that would fare pumping through a filter tight enough to remove all pathogens etc. 3-5 gpm sounds high for that level of filtration but if you can find it again I'm interested to read more about it.
  8. Bill, the text of the URL shows up for me. You can just copy and paste that text into your address bar and that will take you to the page. /
  9. If I were in your boat I would just cut the wires in an inconspicuous place and then splice on a new longer one. Solder and heat shrink and you should be good to go. This is what I did on a boat trailer, and if it could survive 8 years of repeated salt water immersion it should be good enough for a land yacht. It probably lasted longer but that's when I sold the boat.
  10. I'd want to add the battery state of charge into the logic. If you can intercept the wires from the fridge control panel this should be doable. Get an Arduino and program it to prefer 120V, then 12V > 80% SOC, then propane. Sure no problem! Just add it to the list.....................
  11. Congrats on living through the waiting period! You have one heck of an adventure planned. I hope you'll write up a report once you're home. I find it funny thinking of folks coming down from Alaska to visit the lower 48 as I'm so fixated on the opposite. I've only been to Alaska twice, once on a cruise (barely counts, I know) and once for work, but the bug has bitten me and I can't wait to do a proper tour of the state with an RV. That's one thing I like about this forum...people tend to gravitate towards quality solutions to RVing problems, rather than the duct tape and drywall screw type of stuff I see on a few other forums.
  12. Bill I agree with you on the bearings. In my boating days I had a trailer bearing go out on me ~40 minutes from the nearest town. Fortunately there were a few shops in that town, but none had the right parts. Finally found what I needed at a Napa another hour down the road. What a miserable experience! Overall it took 6 hours to get back on the road again. After that I always carried spares with me. I would love to be able to change them out myself but it's just one bridge too far for me to go. Props to you, Mountainoliver! :beer:
  13. Hi Bill, I did do a search last night and was not able to find anything like what you describe. I don't want to clutter the forum with redundant threads. I just searched again now and at the bottom of the results I found this thread with a few replies: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/tool-box/ Ironically that thread also contains a post where you refer the other OP to use the search function. If there's a specific thread you can remember (and find) can you please link me to it? I'm not sure that this new search function is much better than the old one. At least it doesn't display the entire post every time it finds a match, but the results do not seem to be sorted by relevance.
  14. Bump! Any advice about specific less-common tools (wrenches >3/4" for example?) that are really useful for on-the-road kind of maintainence or repairs? I have plenty of tools but I want to build a streamlined toolbox that will live in the Ollie.
  15. Welcome! Have you settled on an Ollie or are you still shopping? I agree the forum mobile site could use some tweaking. On mine (Firefox for Android) the margins are too wide and landscape mode is all but unusable because the masthead is so thick. You could try a different browser or forcing desktop mode to see if that increases usability for you.
  16. Thank you for the replies. I saw the AB Lifestyles sheets, and they look quality, but I'm not sure I would like a half-fitted top sheet. I mean it sounds like a nice idea but I like to stick my feet out to regulate temperature and prefer my top sheet to float. I was looking at "Advanced Bedding" but they're almost twice as expensive for roughly the same product (300 thread count cotton). Maybe I'll contact AB Lifestyles to see if they can make a regular top sheet.
  17. We're considering getting custom fitted sheets made ahead of our pickup in June. Does anybody who has the KTT latex mattress upgrade have measurements handy for the mattress? Are the length and width actually 30 x 75"? What is the depth, from the top of the bunk underneath to the top of the unladen mattress? I was just planning to get a "regular" rectangular sheet made but if anybody has the radius of the back corner that might be helpful to other readers.
  18. I keep seeing this Lippert Wastemaster hose popping up here and there, with mixed reviews. It seems to me that having an additional valve at the dump station end of the hose is more trouble with no benefit. Is the hose itself any better quality than others on the market? Any Ollie owners out there have this hose? If so how do you like it compared to others you've used?
  19. If financing is a major concern, Bigfoot and Escape are Canadian made and have pretty good quality from what I've read. They both offer dated interiors, but that is changeable if so desired. The prices are certainly more attractive.
  20. Well to be fair the tongue weight is much lower than the weight on the rear jacks.
  21. I used to use MotionX GPS HD on my 1st generation iPad until it died. I switched to Android six years ago and have been using Backcountry Navigator, which I'm reasonably happy with, except that you have to pay a decent amount for overlays in a onesy-twosy fashion. Like "Colorado MVUM" is $12 (don't quote me on the price I'm just giving an example...it's somewhere around that amount). On the other hand it's a one-time fee and updates are free. I'd never heard of Gaia until this thread and at first thought it was for iStuff only. But they also have it for Android. I'll have to check it out.
  22. Considering that as of last week the 2018 Owners Manual had not yet been published, I'm guessing the change was that this thread happened. ;-)
  23. Ridiculous. I realize that Overland Expo is a gear-oriented event, but I would hope that people would be interested in more than just equipment. To limit access based on how "overlandy" a vehicle you have is really dumb. Overland, don't you have some pictures of you "dragging a fiberglass RV places it doesn't belong" to validate your chops?
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