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  1. Like. Well for the basement door it allows you to create a little tray / workspace, (see Reed's exterior compartments video) but I agree that it still seems backwards.
  2. In keeping with the "tools you may not necessarily think of" theme, I'm adding a 1/2" Allen wrench to the list. http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/check-your-hose-attachment-fittings/#post-134672 I have an Allen set that goes that large but was definitely not planning on adding it to the Ollie toolbox until I read that thread.
  3. Sharp eyes on the E lock. I didn't notice that until now. Yes we did order those options as well.
  4. In the 5th photo, the one to the left of the one with the black nose could be ours. It's hard to tell if the stripe colors are red and black or red and dark blue. We chose the latter color scheme. All the other visible options line up with ours, notably the streetside awning, no generator basket, and the disk-like TV antenna. Edit: it's blue. Used the eyedropper tool in Paint and compared the color coordinates to the stripe of the black one next to it. The black one's RGB values were very close to each other (expected for black) and the one that may be ours had a much higher B value than R and G. Good Lord I'm a nerd. :D
  5. Sounds like the "lifetime fill" transmission fluid in my Jeep. The dealer won't change it, saying it's "good for life". :: rolls eyes :: Yeah, good for the life of the transmission. Thankfully, ZF, the manufacturer of the transmission, doesn't toe the FCA marketing line and says the fluid should be changed every 75k miles.
  6. Mark, great idea. But do you think that even a cheap filter might inhibit the flow too much?
  7. So anybody going up to Alaska via Canada (as opposed to ferry) needs to have mudflaps?
  8. Thanks Malcolm and Matteo. That was exactly what I was afraid of, in the other thread that Mark linked to above. I'm going to stay hopeful that Mark has more success in warmer weather, but it's looking more like I'm going to have to go the Champion route. Which is disappointing due to the weight. But I won't run a gasoline generator; I have banished small gasoline engines from my life. Contrary to others' experience, or maybe we're just serious wimps, it gets over 90* here (7000 feet) in the summer. Heck it's over 80 today. Yeah it cools off, but not until the late evening. We're going to try boondocking with no AC in July around 10,000 feet but if my wife is uncomfortable, she's going to be clicking Place Order before we even get home.
  9. To be fair, the precious metals folks are always screaming about how the end of the financial world is right around the corner, better buy gold/silver/platinum/etc. I know because for a while I was trading in it almost exclusively. 2008 - 2012 was glorious.
  10. That one's in my back yard. We drove through the campground last year and were somewhat disappointed to see that most of the sites are under or around heavy tree cover, so there's not too many views from the campsites themselves. If you go for a walk/hike you can see the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the south and Pikes Peak to the east. I think the RV sites at the south end on the west side of the road are the only ones that have views.
  11. I'm not sure what the overall production rate is, but I know when I tried in early March to schedule my pickup for June I had to go a week later than I wanted because all their slots (M - Th) were full. That may be a seasonal anomaly but just thought I'd throw out that data point. When I placed my order in January Anita said their plan was to start up a third production line by this summer.
  12. Thanks for going through the trouble to document this upgrade. I'm a bit conflicted on this. On one hand I like the upgraded power available, but on the other, it seems like a lot of hassle when mobile device power requirements change relatively frequently. To me I'd almost rather have a 12V receptacle into which I can plug whatever the charger-du-jour is. For example, many devices now use USB-C or USB-PD charging standards, which can dynamically switch to voltages above 5V (mostly 9V for phones and tablets, 15V and 20V for laptops and larger-draw items) and currents up to 3A, then back down as needed throughout the charging cycle. If you install something that can "only" do 2.1A at 5V, yes it's much better than a 5V 1A charger, (which in my opinion is wholly inadequate) but it's still not catching you up to today's standards. I do like how yours is a clean install unlike how a charger sticking out of a 12V port would be. How did you find the charger that you did? When I search for "12V usb charger" it almost exclusively comes back with car (plug-in) chargers.
  13. John, I love the detailed work that you do. I have nothing to contribute other than to say thank you. I may not ever install a positive pressure system but I agree with Foy and Mirna, stuff like this enriches the community and I appreciate it.
  14. I'm not familiar with the GM infotainment systems but a common aftermarket accessory is something that plugs into the rear of the display which adds auxiliary video input(s) and maybe some other fun stuff. These are often a simple composite video (yellow RCA) connector plus red and white RCAs for audio. So the trick would be to get a wireless (I assume what you have now is wireless) receiver that will interface with your camera and output the signal via a composite video connector. Which rear camera do you have now? The one offered by Oliver?
  15. I think a wiki would be a great addition to this website; something that all members can contribute to where we can keep information organized.
  16. Well I just called the sales office and Heather sent me our Certificate of Origin, complete with VIN. Our hull number is 344! The scheduled completion date is May 23rd, so we're just under two weeks out. Heather didn't have to look hard to find it so my guess is it was in a filing cabinet somewhere and not just created today floating around in limbo. I didn't think to ask how early those get generated. But at least two weeks prior to completion!
  17. I love seeing all the photos! Thanks everybody! Looks like a good time was had by all.
  18. I wished for a larger model before we ordered our II, and now that we have, I keep praying they don't release one at least for a year or so. ;) For the OLE III I'd prefer a design that catered to families better. Either a larger dinette (that converts to bed wide enough for two kids / smaller people) or fold- down bunk bed over the skinny dinette. Also retain a dedicated sleeping area. Might have to make it wider, which while not ideal for towing may be a necessary compromise. I think it would do Oliver good to expand their appeal to a wider audience than just empty nesters or people with one kid. If we have another child we're going to have to sell our Ollie.
  19. I agree, I wish there was a way to see the photos without signing up for Instagram. I too choose to abstain from social media. -- Not So Old But Still a Fart
  20. You still have to use a hose to empty the gray tank. IMO I'd prefer that vs. carrying a tank of urine through the campground, truck stop, etc every day or two. But to each their own; to me the benefit of a composting toilet is saving water while boondocking and not having to deal with raw sewage. If #1 and #2 are kept separate, each are very manageable.
  21. OK thanks for the back story Alison. I wonder what happened to their schedule, because when we ordered in January we got offered a late February and an early March pickup slot. We declined for the same reason you did. But maybe that time of year is not popular in general? I think I'll still try calling next week after they're all back from the rally.
  22. That's what I would want to do if we got the composting toilet. It shouldn't be too hard to connect the urine receptacle to the black tank by way of a pipe. But would it need some sort of flapper so the toilet doesn't become the vent?
  23. Welcome! Which Casita do you have? How have you liked it?
  24. Alison, how did you get your hull number already? When I asked I was told that they don't assign the VIN (part of which is the hull number) until the trailers are almost done being built. Ours will be done three weeks from today, maybe I should ask again.
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