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  1. I am taking delivery of a 2021 Elite 2 (Hull 948) on 11/11/21. I have ordered almost everything in Foy's catalog ordered except for the bed platform. For those of you who haven't worked with Foy yet, he is a class act. He will do a quick call with you if you need to speak with him and he is very responsive. We are lucky to have him in the Ollie community.
  2. Really good of you to share this with all of us. Thanks, King Moon
  3. Foy...the black walnut is a beautiful addition to the Oliver. Your work is amazing. I am slated to take delivery of the last 2021 Elite 2 produced (on or around 11/14/21). I will be reaching out to you to take discuss doing exactly what Mike did here in his Elite 2. King Moon
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