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  1. Anita is a trooper...and she is awesome. She took great care of me.
  2. IMO....at night I like turning on the cabinet lights with the frosted doors. It is nice gentle light at night inside the trailer...vs the other more direct lights.
  3. I did this installation on my Elite 2 exactly as John Davies lays out at the top of this thread. I would like to give him a huge thanks for laying out the process and the exact measurements needed. Do yourself a favor and use a heat gun on low for this installation. I am really happy with the results.
  4. If you are Ollie owner, do yourself a favor and strongly consider getting some of Foy's creations. They are amazing and really enhance the interior of your Ollie.
  5. Same thing happened to me. One block has fallen off...luckily I found the block. 2021 Elite 2. I will reattach with JB Weld and use JB Weld to secure the others. Hopefully Oliver will read this thread and address the quality issue.
  6. Awesome....count me in for a set if you decide to build/sell them. Really impressive.
  7. Here is the 2023 Elite 2 Build Sheet. I have a very well equipped 2021 Elite 2. I ran the numbers and the cost difference between my 2021 Elite 2vs a similarly equipped 2023 Elite 2 (after allowing for the items that are now standard on the 2023 vs my 2021) is approx. $15,500. 2023-Elite2-Build-Sheet.pdf
  8. It looks like the base price for the 2022 Legacy Elite went up $2,500. The base price for the 2022 Legacy Elite 2 also went up $2,500. The base price increases look like they recently went into effect. Base for the 2022 Legacy Elite price went from $54,500 to $57,000. Base for the 2022 Legacy Elite 2 price went from $62,500 to $65,000. See the attached build sheets (pre and post price increase). The price increase build sheets came from a link in an E-mail that Oliver sent out yesterday. The E-mail was titled "Limited 2022 Model Production Spots Remaining" It will be interesting to see what the base price is for the 2023 Olivers. 2022-Elite-Build-Sheet.pdf 2022-Elite-Build-Sheet Dec 2021.pdf 2022-Elite2-Build-Sheet.pdf 2022-Elite2-Build-Sheet-Dec2021.pdf
  9. Imelda....I use the following hitch...nothing special. This seems to do the trick for me. A lot of folks say that the XD isn't a half ton (1/2) or a three quarter ton (3/4) truck. I have seen several people say (and I agree) that it slots in between the two...more like a 5/8 ton truck. If you do get an XD, there have been a lot of folks I have seen that have had issues with the Cummins diesel engine (no longer produced in new XDs). I would suggest getting the Gas V8. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200738942_200738942?cm_mmc=Google-LIA&utm_source=Google_LIA&utm_medium=Trailers %2B Towing > Ball Mount Hitches > Dual-Purpose&utm_campaign=Uriah&utm_content=65693&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiMHd_fXP9QIV3RXUAR1MzQS8EAQYASABEgLZovD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. I tow the Elite 2 with a 2021 Titan XD. I don't tow with an Andersen. The XD is definitely more truck than the normal Titan. I don't think you need the Andersen with the Titan XD.
  11. I have the Trailer Valet XL and bought it to move my Elite 2 on my fairly level paved driveway. I completely agree with all of Landrover's comments above. The main issue is that the ball always loosens up from the coupler (no matter how tight you make it). Unfortunately, I bought this unit as a "refurbished" unit directly from Trailer Valet so it isn't eligible to be returned. If I could return it, I would. I wonder if the issue with the ball always loosening from the coupler is a compatibility issue with the bulldog coupler (vs a standard 2 inch trailer coupler). I may try to sell the unit to a user that doesn't have a bulldog coupler application.
  12. I chose the Stepup Baon 797 Flooring and Grey Jay Ultrafabric Upholstery. I did choose the Standard White Countertops because I was going to be changing out everything except the kitchen counter with Foy's wood tops. Foy and his wood tops come with my highest recommendations. Good luck on your choices and let us know what you choose.
  13. Good to know that you and your wife are OK and safe. You have a good attitude about the gravity of the situation you are in versus others. Stay safe and positive.
  14. I just ordered this RV Lock for the front door. It is currently $144 -- normally $240 (shipping is $11.99 - no sales tax in TN). Please post any other good Thanksgiving/Black Friday deals you find that may work for our Ollies. https://www.rvlock.com/collections/frontpage/products/rvlock-v4-0-w-integrated-keypad-for-rvs
  15. Here is the packaging of the Mega Dinette Top I bought from Foy. I bought several items from him and all of his items are packed with this level of care.
  16. Mike...good eye...It is the blanket that was on my bed for 4 years too.
  17. I'm King Moon from Knoxville, TN. On 11/11/21 I took delivery of the last trailer produced for the 2021 model year - Hull #948 - Legacy Elite II - Twin Bed Floor Plan Delivery was great and the new camping spots right beside the factory are very convenient. The quality and attention to detail in my unit exceeded my high expectations. I ordered the trailer with the standard tops so that I could install the custom wood tops created by Foy Sperring. I ordered pretty much all of the pieces that he produces - in Black Walnut. I also ordered the Mega size for the dinette top (which is the largest of the 3 sizes he produces). I can't say enough good things about Foy, his communication with me, and his amazing wood creations. I would highly recommend working with Foy if you want to add beautiful wood products/tops to your Oliver. I have attached several pictures. I am looking forward to meeting fellow Oliver owners.
  18. I am taking delivery of a 2021 Elite 2 (Hull 948) on 11/11/21. I have ordered almost everything in Foy's catalog ordered except for the bed platform. For those of you who haven't worked with Foy yet, he is a class act. He will do a quick call with you if you need to speak with him and he is very responsive. We are lucky to have him in the Ollie community.
  19. Really good of you to share this with all of us. Thanks, King Moon
  20. Foy...the black walnut is a beautiful addition to the Oliver. Your work is amazing. I am slated to take delivery of the last 2021 Elite 2 produced (on or around 11/14/21). I will be reaching out to you to take discuss doing exactly what Mike did here in his Elite 2. King Moon
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