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  1. I know you are looking for a white fan( so were we) but we ended up getting thgis one and like it quite well. It sticks very well and with so many usb ports in the Ollie you can mount it pretty much anywhere. https://www.amazon.com/LEMOISTAR-Battery-Powered-Rotatable-Vehicles/dp/B07D7S7K3N?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  2. Congratulations from 517! From a distance we're practically twins with the decal colors...we chose black and metallic dark blue. We picked up two weeks ago, and were a bit more like 30% terrified, but there were two of us to spread it out between, and we managed to have our freakouts at different times. After a few days, though, we felt pretty good about the whole thing, though still double checking everything we do! I suspect by the time you get back to Idaho, you'll feel like an old hand. My biggest advice is to take your time and just do everything at a speed with which you're comforta
  3. Pictures at the end, plus a super long pick-up/trip report going from Hohenwald to Greenville, SC. It was a baptism by fire (almost literally thanks to the 100+ heat indices), but we managed to deal with most of the problems (a few not even of our making!), and made it home safe and sound with our new LEII. Sept. 8-12, 2019 About us: Never RVed, tent camped a bit decades ago, never drove a large vehicle or towed. Bought a Lincoln Navigator in April to use as a tow vehicle. We read all the manuals in Oliver University, watched 100s of hours of YouTube videos, and attended the 2019 owners
  4. Mods to the navigator to handle the dirty stuff. We made removeable sides side and back compartment protectors so that as we load and unload sometimes wet and dirty items into the back we keep it looking nice.
  5. One thing of note is that with the navigator and an Ollie with a front basket, is that we have not been able to get a sticker placement that will work with pro trailer assist yet. We tried a vertical placement within the 7-22" zone on the basket itself as I had seen as a possibility but the minimum distance for one of the measurements ( "C" I think ) is 30.5" and ours comes out to 28" and the pro trailer backup assist will not take it. I am thinking of mounting a small plate to the bottom of the basket to the right side that has a platform just big enough for the back up sticker to get thos
  6. I tried our harmony remote works fine, I think the radio could work ok with a lot of programming but the maxfan was a no go. even though I was able to use the learning function of the harmony it would not control the fan. I might try again as at least on key did seem to do something it just wasn't what I programed it to do and most of the learned actions did nothing. so for now I will keep the three remotes
  7. Just got back home with the Ollie and may post some of our thoughts on the ollie later but initial thoughts on the navigator was that it worked like a champ. Towing the ollie from Hohenwald, TH, to Greenville ,SC ( 450ish miles with some stops over three days to test out the Ollie) it did very well even across the mountains. For the most part it was hard to remember it was back there it was so smooth. I think that is helped by the anderson hitch as I do not think it was tightened enough for one short leg of the trip and I had a bit of bounce but once I got the hang of setting it up it was v
  8. Thanks for the advice, it made me feel a bit better about some of the stretches on the way back and in general. Now I have to think up something else to worry about :)
  9. We are picking up our Ollie next week and planning out our drive home. Ideally a pilot or Flying J with RV fueling lanes is in the ideal spot to fuel up but I am wondering if in general most "normal" gas stations have enough room to pull through and gas up (note we do not have diesel engine)? or if we have to use end pumps and a lot of google sat map/street view investigation to make sure we can get in and out while towing the ollie. If so are corner gas stations better then ones set parallel to a street? are there any red flags that would make you keep going if you saw at a gas station?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. Since we only a few weeks out i guess I will wait and see what we think of the included monitor. We won't be doing any serious boondocking right off the bat so it should be good to start with.
  11. Has anyone found a universal remote that will work for all three of these items to reduce the clutter of several remotes? I am pretty sure a harmony will work for the TV and Stereo but I can't determine what type of remote the MAXXfan is IR or RF? We don't pick ours up for another 2 weeks, so I dont have one in hand to test. Thanks for any suggestions
  12. I was looking at this one at amazon "AiLi DC Battery Monitor 300V 200A Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Amp Meter Gauge with Hall Effect Sensor Transformer" for $35 to give me a little bit better feel for the the battery health/usage. We are not picking up our Ollie for another 2 weeks so I was holding off until I can see what the monitor they give you can do but the manual makes it look a little primitive though even compared to this cheap monitor. Not sure if anyone has a thought on this vs the more expensive monitors listed above?
  13. I've lived from Massachusetts to South Carolina, and my folks live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but I've never camped to see the leaves. The biggest piece of advice I have is to keep your eye on the fall color forecast. I know this may sound a little crazy, but there are actually people who give forecasts based on the year's weather, current color, and forecast weather, guessing when "peak" color will be. Some also just give you forecasts based on historical record...those can be WAY off the actual, so look for someone who is using current year data. These historical ones can
  14. We're definitely one part excited to two parts nervous about our first time towing/RVing. We have an entire room upstairs devoted to bins full of stuff for the Ollie. As for where we're staying, I actually found a B&B/house rental in downtown Hohenwald called Meriwether's Retreat for the night before. I spoke with the owner extensively about fragrance and chemical issues and she was great! They were already trying to make sure the place was chemical free, and I was able to recommend some additional products she might want to try. So, I'm hopeful we'll have a good, trigger-free night b
  15. Hey Paul, we haven't gotten into a good routine of checking the forum, so I just stumbled across this post from June and wanted to say how lovely the Hideout looks! Hopefully the rest of the construction has progressed well (or has been put on hold while you're enjoying HOBO!). We've been scrambling to make sure we have everything in order for our September pickup (reservations, tools and supplies, checklists, etc., etc.). We keep adding things to our never-ending packing list. Give our best to Donna as well! -Kathryn & Chad
  16. Ken/Judy, May I ask how much they offered the package of fuses for? I have several fuses in my amazon wish list but if Oliver has a package of just what I need for less, that would be a better option depending on $.
  17. Thank you so much for your feedback. I may go for a more low tech solution to start with and see where we spend more time camping , in nice flat RV resorts or in lumpier State/Fed/local parks.
  18. As Coy mentioned, there are plenty of places to stay right in the park if you don't have your Oliver for one reason or another. I wanted to let you know of one option that is offered from one of the park's concessionaires: Camper Cabins. These are rather pricey, and they won't give a group discount as you would get booking a Lodge Room or Chalet with Sandy when you book for the rally, BUT, these are right down in the camping area where everyone else will be. They look somewhat newer, and you bring your own towels and linens, but they provide kitchen items and even have a screened porch. We
  19. Thanks! I found some dimensions of all the drawers, but your insight on actual fit is very helpful. I think Chad may try to construct this himself from scrap wood. He was thinking of just one divider down the middle (his/hers), and has some plastic pieces left over from something that may make great slides. It'll give him a reason to play with all his shiny power tools.
  20. I'm in total agreement with y'all on the wheel size...I haven't convinced Chad yet. I too was wondering if I could swap these out somehow when it arrived, but it's not like the dealer is ordering anything with the smaller rims right now that they'd be willing to swap them with. I did consider the idea that we could even go down to the Expedition's 18" rims, and I think we'd have a bigger tire selection too, including all-terrain. I think, we'll likely drive with these for the first year or so, since initially we're going to be sticking closer to home as we learn the ropes. If we feel they
  21. I think these are the equivalent fuses on ebay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-LOT-Qty-5-Fuse-MDL-30A-250V-30A250V-Slow-Blow-Glass-Fuse-30-Amp-size-6X30-mm/142868147224?hash=item21439aec18:g:SHYAAOSwhkRWevOQ:sc:USPSFirstClass!30303!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0 acn anyone better versed in reading fuses confirm? 5 for $5.25 with free shipping. Thanks
  22. I am trying to find a good Jack block solution and ran across these https://www.fastwaytrailer.com/flip-jack-foot They semi-permanently attach to the jack base so I thought they would be one less thing to worry about since they are attached. We are not picking up our Ollie until Sept '19 so I cant run out to see if this would work on the Ollie rear stabilizers or front jack. Does any one out there use these? Thanks, Chad
  23. LOVE this idea (that drawer is so deep it seems useless), and Chad needs projects to work on while waiting for the Ollie! Any idea what the dimensions are, or which tray you got from target? I agree that I would run felt on the top edges of the drawer to protect them and still allow a slide. Thanks oodles! -Kathryn
  24. WE HAVE MADE A DECISION!!!! You may not find this as momentous as our families (who know that neither of us good at making a decision, particularly until we've researched it to death), but Saturday we went to the dealer and put in an order for a Lincoln Navigator. Our main thinking was that it had enough things that we really wanted, that would make driving and towing easier and more comfortable than the Expedition, that it was worth paying more for it. In particular, we both really think the Heads Up Display will be an asset to reduce driving fatigue. We also found that the Lincoln ha
  25. Hey all, I wanted to thank you so much for the input you've given us. We still haven't decided between the Expedition and the Navigator, but it's encouraging to hear that folks have found the Ford towing technology on them, and the F-150, to be worthwhile. John - I totally hear you about the Land Cruiser being better for off-road. When I saw it in some of the TFLTrucks videos, I was in awe. The thing is, I think we are looking for something different than you are. As newbies, we are looking for something to help us as much as possible with the towing aspects, and at least allow us ont
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