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  1. We had these on our boat and were one of the first mods to the Oliver. They work great.
  2. You might want to look at the Camco yellow stabilizer jack supports. A lot less than the Andersons and work great.
  3. Calypso


    We just spent five days at the Grand Canyon. Highs around 50 and lows in the 30s. We set the furnace to 68 during the day and 56 at night. Also cooked every night and ran fridge. Used a little over half of a 30 tank.
  4. I do not remember who said it, but I believe that Tennessee requires chain.
  5. We bought a 22" Blackstone before we picked up our Ollie at the end of August. We then went for a 2 month shakedown trip up & down the Blue Ridge Parkway with a stop in Hotlanta for our annual physicals en route home to Pensacola. During the trip we used the grill extensively. There is nothing better than bacon in the morning, plus I have always wanted to work the griddle at a Waffle House. We probably ate more bacon, burgers, grilled sausage, etc during the 7 weeks prior to Hotlanta than last couple of years. The result was a 20 point increase in my cholesterol as my doctor not so subtly
  6. Anyone have any experience with B&W ball mounts? We bought a GMC 2500 for our TV and want to get a different ball mount. We will mostly tow the Ollie, but occasionally a horse trailer for my sister that needs a 2 5/16 and my small sailboat that needs a 1 7/8. Looking at the B&W tow & stow 3 ball mount. We tried a Curt our neighbor has, but too much play. Thanks, Bob
  7. We now have our truck and are just waiting for our trailer. Supposed to be ready to pickup 28 August. Game plan is to head to Hotlanta for a week and then head to the UP after Labor day. We plan to stay until the middle of October. Couple of questions. Do we need reservations that time of year? Weather that time of year? Thanks, Bob
  8. Going through our factory tour pics we did not see any power or USB outlets on the nightstand. Does anyone know if there is 12 volt access at or close to the nightstand? Bob
  9. We did order the inverter, easystart, additional 30 amp connector, and 4 AGM batteries. We also talked to Rodney about a solar port, but that is done by service after completion. We see the advantage for a small panel to keep batteries topped off in long term storage while we are out of the country. We spent up to 2 weeks at a time off the grid during our trip out west in the motorhome this year and never ran the generator more than 1 hour a day. Right now we plan to buy either a Honda or Ryobi generator. Unfortunately, we no longer have Calypso. Thanks to everyone who responded.
  10. We currently have not ordered solar panels. We have about about 5 weeks to make changes. I just do not see the justification for them. We lived and cruised for 5 years aboard a sailboat and would go for months between pulling into marinas with only a generator for power, which worked great. The only reason I ask is that during the factory tour Rodney told us that between 70% and 80% of trailers are ordered with solar panels. Am I missing something, which would not be the first time?
  11. We started out looking for a 1/2 ton last week, but after spending time (alot) on this board we decided to look for a 3/4. Thanks for the welcome. Bob
  12. We sold our motorhome a couple of weeks ago, after deciding it was too big to go where we wanted. Have decided on an Elite II, should start production July 1st. We hope to pick it up September 3rd and head north on a maiden voyage to Michigan before returning home to Pensacola, Fl. Now we just need to find a tow vehicle! Bob and Cheryl Ayers, with Argus the Wonder Dog
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