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  1. We leave in less than 4 weeks from home here in Florida. Up to Atlanta for a couple of weeks. Then its off to Alaska via the rally. The only worry we have is if they start to ration diesel. The silver lining is there may not be the great influx this year due to pent-up demand. That and we are now towing an Ollie instead of driving the big DP motorhome we sold in 2019. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Anyone know how to remove the convection oven? I took out all the screws around the outside face-plate and nothing budges. I need to get behind it to do some wiring and I do not want to just start prying on anything. Thanks Bob Ayers
  3. We had the same problem with very slow heat on our second trip. The heater just seemed to run all night and my wife could not get warm. I. Was very warm and then noticed the wall next to my bunk was hot. Turns out the ducting had come off the box and was blowing into the compartment under the bed. The duct had been cut too short and stretched too tight to stay on. I rerouted the duct and used a lot of duct tape. I was going to have Oliver replace it at the 2020 rally, but....
  4. I was afraid of that. I am mounting a flashlight and fishing a wire and connecting it would be a lot easier with the panel out. I will wait until the temperature is not in the 90's and I have more patience. Thanks
  5. Has anyone removed the switch panel by the door. I went to remove the panel, but it seems to be either glued along the bottom and top or a very strong tape. I really do not want to break the panel. Anyone know what they attached it with before I try a putty knife?
  6. If you have access to military campgrounds, this is our favorite. Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. Especially during Heritage week. If they had a beach we would move there in a heartbeat.
  7. We are starting to look at next year. Hopefully there will be a Ollie rally in Guntersville in May and from there we head to Alaska. Looking for any info from those who have already made the trip. We want to concentrate on Alaska and the Yukon for this trip. We plan to be out of Alaska mid September.
  8. Its a towel rack I made for when there is no place to put up a clothes line. I bought a double handle suction cup used for glass. Cut it in half and added a piece of PVC pipe. Works like a champ.
  9. That is ours. Hull #520. We just got back from a 3 month trip in the southwest. Both the truck and Ollie get a bath next week.
  10. We had these on our boat and were one of the first mods to the Oliver. They work great.
  11. You might want to look at the Camco yellow stabilizer jack supports. A lot less than the Andersons and work great.
  12. Calypso


    We just spent five days at the Grand Canyon. Highs around 50 and lows in the 30s. We set the furnace to 68 during the day and 56 at night. Also cooked every night and ran fridge. Used a little over half of a 30 tank.
  13. I do not remember who said it, but I believe that Tennessee requires chain.
  14. We bought a 22" Blackstone before we picked up our Ollie at the end of August. We then went for a 2 month shakedown trip up & down the Blue Ridge Parkway with a stop in Hotlanta for our annual physicals en route home to Pensacola. During the trip we used the grill extensively. There is nothing better than bacon in the morning, plus I have always wanted to work the griddle at a Waffle House. We probably ate more bacon, burgers, grilled sausage, etc during the 7 weeks prior to Hotlanta than last couple of years. The result was a 20 point increase in my cholesterol as my doctor not so subtly pointed out. Soo.... for Christmas we got Ollie a new 3qt Instant Pot last week. It makes great steel-cut oatmeal, but I bet it makes lousy camp toast. ๐Ÿ˜
  15. Anyone have any experience with B&W ball mounts? We bought a GMC 2500 for our TV and want to get a different ball mount. We will mostly tow the Ollie, but occasionally a horse trailer for my sister that needs a 2 5/16 and my small sailboat that needs a 1 7/8. Looking at the B&W tow & stow 3 ball mount. We tried a Curt our neighbor has, but too much play. Thanks, Bob
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