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  1. +1 on the quality of Foy's work. Both items make the Oliver's interior look even richer. As a side note, my wife and I tend to shower before going to bed. We place the shower mat outside the shower and replace it when we're done. This prevents either of us risking wet feet when we get up during the night to use the bathroom.
  2. Where the law allows, I usually set the cruise control at 75. Truck and trailer seem pretty happy at that speed. West of me the speed limit on I-10 is 80 but I usually stay at 75 as a max cruise speed. I'm always impressed how cool the tires and hubs stay even at those speeds on a hot day. Fuel mileage gets better at higher altitudes. I've noticed the same thing on my motorcycle trips. (someone smarter than me will need to explain why) When we brought the trailer home form Tenn. we averaged 16-ish which was all lower altitude drivng. We encountered a couple of 10 - 12% grades off the interstate. The truck will settle into about a 40 mph-ish climb with the engine below 3K rpm so it's pretty drama free. You're just not going very fast. I think my expereince with the ecodiesel could be applied to any of the small diesels available now in the half-ton group. The RAM was first in the class with a diesel so that's what I purchased. But there is always a trade off. Would a 3/4 ton as a TV be better? Absolutely. However, this truck is my everyday driver so I find it a good compromise.
  3. I've been happy with the ecodiesel as a TV. It's very comfortable with the Oliver on the back. The truck actually rides a little better. Mileage wise, we averaged 17.6 mpg up and back on our Yellowstone trip, towing. Without the trailer it averages 27mpg combination city/highway. The greatest benefit to the mileage is the range. We can get over 400 miles on a tank with the trailer attached, which means we only need to fill-up once per day (usually at lunch for us); which far outlasts my bladder. It does great in the mountains. The turbo means you don't loose much power at altitude. Climbing over the passes in the Rockies, we could easily hold 50mph without too much down shifting. Coming down was easier. I usually selected 4th or 5th gear which holds the rig to 45 - 50 mph. Rarely had to touch the brakes. If I have a complaint, it is that it is quick but not fast. What I mean by that is, when passing another vehicle which is traveling fairly fast, it will jump into the passing lane with authority but as you get much over 85 there isn't much more speed availalbe and you can find yourself waiting for the trailer to clear the vehicle you're passing. I think the Hemi version of the truck doesn't have this issue. But I have found that if I need to go 90 to pass someone, do I really need to pass them?
  4. We picked up Hull #306 April of last year. Since then we've put about 5K miles on the trailer, including a recent trip to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons; and we absolutely love it. We previously had a Casita 17 Deluxe. The Oliver LEII is everything we wished for in the Casita and more. We've been part of the fiberglass community for some time and were accustomed to the curiosity people have for these trailers. However, we never get tired of the universal “wow” people express when they step inside an Oliver. I want to give a special shout out to “Jam49” who left a kind note on our windshield in Blanco, Tx. They spotted our trailer parked in the square. Made the block and left a note just to say hi to a follow “Oliverian”. And the woman with the pink Boler, who waved at us from the service road, somewhere in Colorado as we sped by. What can I say; fiberglass people share a kindred spirit. I don’t post much, but have benefited from this forum for the past year. Thank you to those who share their experiences here. Judy and I live in Fair Oaks Ranch, Tx (yes there are at least two Olivers here) which is just North of San Antonio. We’re looking forward to the miles ahead.
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