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  1. My wife and I spent our summers in MT for 18 years. I kept my RV’s, boats, an ATV and its trailer there most, if not all, of the year in a rented storage facility, and had them all titled there, although I am a legal resident of another state. I didn’t need a driver’s license or an LLC to get my MT titles and licenses, and on one or more occasion when I went to the county courthouse to get a license for one of these newly purchased items and told them my driver’s license was from another state they didn’t even want to see my driver’s license. MT does not have any sales tax, you don’t have to buy it in MT, only title it there to avoid the tax, and they also offer a modestly priced lifetime license on those items if you choose to get one. I’ve also bought a couple trucks in MT, kept and used them there for several months or more, and after returning with them to my home state transferred the title there, and avoided paying sales tax which only applied to purchases made within 6 months previous. I do not own an Oliver, but I’m contemplating doing so. If I do buy one, I’d probably title it in MT. The difference from many others is that I’d probably also keep it in MT much of the time. I don’t think I’d want to park it in my home driveway for an extended period of time with MT plates on it.
  2. Actually, we had 5 different RV’s over that time period that we stayed in from May to September.
  3. My wife and I have spent 18 summers on the Yellowstone River, midway between Livingston and Gardiner, and the north entrance to the Park., so we’re in and through the Park multiple times over the course of every summer, and going in and out of every entrance. There have already been lots of good suggestions given here already which I won’t duplicate, but I’d like to offer a couple more points to keep in mind. One is that if you go into the Park early, say between 5:00 am and 7:00 am, you’ll beat most of the slow traffic, plus have a better chance of seeing wildlife. And, May is a good time to see wildlife in the Park. (While I don’t disagree with the recommendations regarding Grizzly RV Park, West Yellowstone, and areas surrounding the West entrance, it is often really backed up traffic wise there, both getting into the Park, and often all the way to Madison Junction and beyond, unless you plan on getting into the Park at the crack of dawn.) The other point I’d like to make is to look up ahead of time what the planned road construction is for the summer in the Park, and if your time is limited, make your plans to minimize delays that you might incur in these construction zones, which can be done to some extent by taking a different route in the Park, and/or driving through construction zones at off hours. You may also wish to avoid towing your trailer through construction zones in any case - another reason you might wish to stay outside the Park. John
  4. I’m new here and this is my first post, so I hope you don’t mind if I provide a bit of input to your question before I introduce myself. I’ve driven HYW 25 between Cheyenne and Buffalo a time or two, although it isn’t the normal route that I take each year between my home in PA and our summer destination along the Yellowstone River south of Livingston, MT. (I don’t recall anything in particular about this section of highway, pro or con). I do have a number of friends that always stay at the Deer Park Campground in Buffalo whenever they travel to or from the Livingston, MT area every year and most of them consider Buffalo, WY as a comfortable day’s travel from Livingston, MT, but it is more than a 4 hour drive if that’s what you’re planning. I also have a retired dentist friend and his wife that live in Buffalo, and a couple years ago he drove between Livingston and Buffalo every week all summer when he was still working there one day a week. One of the best RV Parks in SW MT is Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park, 18 miles south of Livingston, MT, which is right on the river, and on HWY 89 South, which goes to Gardiner and Yellowstone National Park. If you’re looking for something more primitive, there a multiple places along the HWY between Livingston and the Park where you could stop with your trailer to spend the night. John
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