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  1. Hi Mike, I do have the solar already installed and have noticed the squared off fiberglass sections towards the outside. My understanding is those are indeed plates sandwiched between the hulls for the awning installation. They are put on all configurations of the Elite 2 in case someone wants to add another awning at a later date. At least that's what my sales rep told me. Good luck with your project! John
  2. Hey guys, Glad you made it back safely! Ollie Avenue looks like a nice place to stay. I'm ready for some more music Blessings, John
  3. Hi Paula, We just left Murfreesboro, TN this morning. CGI finished our trailer and truck yesterday. The guys said it comes with a 2 year guarantee. Everything past the 2 years depends on how you take care of it, i.e. covered, stored inside, how you wash it, if you use their "shine and shield" spray after washing. But 2 years is a guarantee. Best of luck :) John
  4. We had the KTT but it was falling apart at the seams, still under warranty. OTT gave us the choice of the KTT vs the Totchta and we chose the Tochta. No regrets....is much more comfortable for us. Considering its durability, time will tell. Good luck. Really, I don't think OTT would mind if you took a short nap on one their showroom models :) John
  5. Hi Steve and Cindy, A couple of things I've noticed on our Norcold, when it starts struggling I check to see if there is any ice build on the fins below the freezer. If so, you'll need to defrost. Another thing that helps us is to remove the top outside vent grill to help exhaust the heat. Our fan runs a lot of the time but when you get in the mid to upper 90's it can get overwhelmed with the heat build up on the top of the fridge, so removing the grill for a while helps us out. We have the same problem when it gets to 100...the fridge will be in the very low 40's range. Good luck John
  6. Hope ya'll are having fun! Be safe and enjoy the ride :) Wendy and John
  7. You might try some WD40, believe it or not it cleans many things. Best of luck :)
  8. Hi EJ, FWIW, I agree with Bill. You essentially have a family of 4 and from a couple that lived in a Casita Deluxe for 2 years, which is roughly the size of an Elite, we so much appreciate the the extra room an Elite 2 provides. The floor plan is something I can't help with but for the 2 of us we are very happy with the twin beds. BTA we are full timers and want the space. We wish you the best with your decision, Wendy & John
  9. Thanks, dhaig...mission accomplished! But I only made it with 2 bars until I find out it will sufficiently handle the weight
  10. Hi dhaig, How did you get the threaded end of the 3/4 inch coupling into the suction cup handle. I'm thinking a slight sanding to reduce the diameter or does the glue simply melt it enough to get it to fit? John
  11. We had 2 for 20' total. Mine lasted for about 1 month before the plastic split apart. I bought 2 x10' and 1x 5' sections of Rhino Flex and and am happy with it so far. I see you pick up in June....YAY! Good luck and have fun 🙂 John
  12. JB Weld is still holding up for me. 4 months since I put it on 🙂 4800 miles ago. As FrankC said, surface prep is critical. John
  13. On the Extraterrestrial Highway....watch out for the livestock!
  14. A'le'inn in Rachael is pretty neat to visit 👽
  15. Congratulations, Dave and Kimberly! Have fun 🙂 Wendy & John
  16. We're getting hull #996 done by CGI next month in Murfreesboro, TN. We saw hull# 67 on display at the rally and then made our decision. We're probably going to do our 2019 Silverado as well. It's just becoming quite a chore waxing them. The Casita was a lot easier to do 🙂 John
  17. Yay! Congratulations. Hope to see you next year at the rally 🙂 Wendy and John
  18. Will try to corner Jason E. at the rally today and talk about this issue.
  19. AHAAAAA!!!! After lying around all night I came up with the idea of approaching this problem from another angle 🙂 I took a very bright light, at night, and shone it from the top of the control panel on the front of the refrigerator, inside the trailer, and there it was plain as day as I looked through the upper vent from the outside......it is an improper mating of the fridge and the cabinet, at the top of the unit. My guess is that the fridge frame is not compressing the combustion seal and there is a gap between the two. Anyway, at least I can identify the problem with the aid of my flashlight. Now, to get it fixed will be next! John
  20. Hi Chukarhunter, My circuit board does have the hole you described but the board appears to be set away from the structure so there is a 1/2 in, or so, gap that would allow air behind the circuit board from any angle, not just through the square hole shown in the picture. If I look 1 inch to the left of the board and 6 inches to the right, I see 1/2 inch wide, vertical mount/support, metal bars. And to the outside of them there is a 1/2 gap that air could penetrate. Since these is no way for me to see through that gap, I couldn't guess whether or not air can penetrate from behind there. John
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