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  1. Thanks, I contacted OTT and was told to not cover the openings. It will void the warranty. Here are some pictures. John
  2. Hello all, The Norcold fridge in my 2022 Elite II leaks air inside the trailer cabin. The very cold winds are blowing directly into the vents from the outside and into the cabin. It seems to be coming in from between the fridge frame and the fiberglass enclosure on the inside of the trailer. Is this a common problem? The volume of air is not horrible but is very noticeable when walking by, especially at 18 Degrees F. I see a gap between insulation pads when I take off the cover, 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, but Jason E. says that is by design and must not be taped over. Any suggestions? I may run a bead of silicone around the frame. John
  3. John, Mine are plumbed together, which I like. I think my differences in pressure are mainly caused by ambient temperatures and not really a leak. I just top them off to 15 to 20 psi when the temps are low and leave them alone when the temps go up. I did soap them when I first installed them. Guess it wouldn't hurt to soap again. 5 psi is the lowest they should ever be and my "good spot" is 17psi, level truck. I don't adjust if or not I am hooked up. The Andersen does a good job for us. I poorly worded my earlier post, I believe there are no leaks, but it sure wouldn't hurt to soap again to be sure. You are correct in that 0 pressure trashes the bags. Thanks, John
  4. Charlie, I have them too, without the onboard compressor. Mine hold pressure for 3 or so weeks at a time, bleed from 20 to 10 psi in that time frame. Mine are double convoluted and I use a battery operated hand compressor. So far, very happy with them. They weren't that hard to install. John
  5. Congrats from #996. We high tailed it to Tunica, MS but the weather followed us 🙂 John
  6. Thanks, Jim and Frances, Did you attempt to make any? John
  7. Thanks, Sooner. I'm experimenting with solutions. I did burn through 1 tank but very little on the second tank since swap-out. I'm using the space heater more and lowering the thermostat a few degrees. John
  8. Thanks, Steve. Thankfully just routine appts 🙂 John
  9. Thanks, Bill. I'll have to soap everything to see if I have a leak anywhere. John
  10. Hello all, I posted earlier that my propane tank did not last long after pickup from oliver. We have the additional propane hookup, so we have 2. I've not used them yet and after inspecting them I see what looks like a swivel shutoff valve. Both are inline with the supply tubing. Is that a shutoff position or do I need to rotate it to be perpendicular with the supply tube? John
  11. Very helpful tip, John. Will do 🙂
  12. Thank you, John. I used the c/b in my Casita but after looking things over it appears that the refrigerator and water use the same 20 amp c/b. Well, so much for that idea 😐. John
  13. Thanks for that tip, Mike. My outside door came with reflectix already installed, no reason I couldn't use it on the inside basement door. I wish I could lift the 30 lb bottles up, over the wall 🙂 John
  14. Hi Steve and Ann, We sold our house 2 years ago in Awendaw, now full timers 🙂 . We return to the area for med appointments for a couple of months in the winter and stay with friends in Pinopolis, by Lake Moultrie. I know how excited you are about 1 Feb!!! We stayed at Meriwether's Retreat (B&B) the night before pickup. Very nice host. Downtown Hohenwald. Have Fun 🙂 John
  15. Hi Julie and Al, Ours came with the 16 inch Cooper Discoverer HT3. September will be here before you know it! We went back and forth with some of the options and ended up appreciative of not having to make hasty decisions 🙂 John
  16. Thank you, Bill. I see some really frigid temps headed our way and I'll blow out the lines before they get here 🙂
  17. Hi Mike and Carol, Thanks for the help. I will start using elec for the water heater, I'll have to use the circuit breaker for the on/off switch as it seems to be more convenient that way. I've heard the switch can fail and if it's in the off position, no good. I know it's not a good habit to use a c/b as a switch but circuit breakers are easy and relativity cheap to replace and a last measure to help me remember whether or not the Tank is filled with water. We got 1 of our propane sensors to work momentarily and yes, one tank was empty and the other was at 45%, which leads me to think the tanks were not full upon pickup. But I don't know for sure. I've just finished with a hot shower so it's reassuring the alarm didn't go off again. Helpful to me about the winterizing info. We drain to reduce weight, thus to help gas mileage (however insignificant), but do fill before arriving at a waterless campground. I'm "training " our space heater as we speak, to learn what setting is acceptable. So we'll reduce our dependency on the furnace. My only concern there is basement protection, but we do have a sensor by the water pump to help me out. I really appreciate your help 🙂 John
  18. My smeller still doesn't work like it did a year ago, before I got the Covid.
  19. Hi Mark and Patricia (and Ginger), good to hear from you! Glad the kinks are worked out. As you can see we are working on ours. We too are thankful to OTT's service department. They did install a monitoring system for propane bottle capacity, tire pressure and refrigerator temperature. I didn't get the propane monitor bluetooth sensor working yet. Will try today. I touched every bolt and nut and looked at every weld after talking with you, so I did find both struts, bottom nuts, on the left side that were not tightened. That could have been a big deal and I have you to thank as I probably wouldn't have looked that close had we not discussed the problems you had. Enjoy the warm Florida weather 🙂 John
  20. Thanks! We do full time and I forgot to mention the fridge was on propane for the travel from OTT to Tunica. 20lb tanks.
  21. After leaving the mother ship yesterday, we arrived at Tunica, MS for a week or so to check things out before heading back east. Anything we can't solve or fix we'll take back to OTT before heading home. At Hohenwald I made the mistake of leaving the city water hose connected, but turned off, and was of course greeted buy a rather sizable block of ice the next morning, roughly the size of a water filter 😞 It was persistently raining on departure from OTT so I only drained half of the freshwater tank before heading for Tunica. That was a blessing as it turns out...I'll explain a little later. Question #1... Does the freshwater really take that long to drain? I had both kitchen and bathroom faucets open in case it helps evacuate the suction of the exiting water. Last night at Tunica I noticed a very cold draft from the top of the refrigerator, above the frame and below its fiberglass enclosure. The wind was very strong from that side so I took the outside upper vent cover off and discovered a large gap all the way across where insulation mats meet. A good 3/4 inch gap. I taped it up with some low tack tape as well as the top of the refrigerator inside the trailer. Pictures below. Question #2...Is there supposed to be a gap there? I'm leaving the tape there temporarily to block the 30 degree breeze I'm getting from the outside. About 4 AM I realized the mistake I made (AGAIN) with the city water so I opened the faucets and sure enough the ice was starting to form on the inlet screen at the trailer, but as the water flowed and the ice melted I let it run for a few minutes to make sure everything was ok. Then my feet felt something terribly cold. I'm not at all used to having open and close a valve in the toilet to travel, so I can't really get onto myself for forgetting to open it upon arrival at Tunica. At least I remembered to close it prior to leaving the mother ship 🙂 No questions here, just venting! Here's where it starts getting serious. After the "thaw" at 4 AM, I chose to start up the water heater, for added warmth in the basement, via propane. It started up fine, ran a minute or so and then the propane alarm went crazy. After figuring out how to reset the alarm, we turned the fan on to the highest setting, and turned off the water heater. My Casita has the same Suburban heater and when the wind blows hard from that side the igniter has a hard time keeping up with the flameouts, so the propane gets blown back into the trailer, in my opinion, and sets off the alarm. So I just switch over to electric. We opened every hatch we could to check things out and didn't see anything out of place but the alarm persisted and now the carbon monoxide/smoke alarm went off. No smoke and the alarm was 4 short beeps...carbon monoxide. We were about to evacuate into the cold, wet snow. But after opening everything up, the alarms went silent, the red lights went out and the green light on the propane alarm came back on. In retrospect, the next time this happens I will turn off the offending appliance and propane tank first, troubleshoot later! Now all was back to normal, or so I thought. The furnace started blowing cold air...rats!!! Propane bottle must be out. I tried starting the stove...no luck. Propane bottle must be out. Now I had to get out in the wonderful weather we're having. Loosened the bottles and the only one I had open was a lot lighter so I assume (I know... I should avoid using that term) it must be empty. I'll check when the weather conditions become a little more favorable. That's why we only open one bottle at a time, better to have a spare. Question # 3... Should a full propane bottle last more than 2 1/2 days using only the furnace and water heater? Water heater is turned off when not needed. I'll turn the furnace down to 69 (was set at 71) or so and augment with my space heater. I wonder if a low, sputtering propane tank could have contributed to my problems. Last question...I wonder what caused the carbon monoxide alarm to go off? And the blessing of the half full freshwater tank?....we have water for a little while!!! 🙂 🙂 PS This really will be the last question... at what temp do ya'll pull the plugs and winterize? We don't have antifreeze so we'll dump all water, including the water heater, and blow the lines out with a little foot pump. Have a good laugh with this one ya'll. Stay safe and warm wherever you are! I hear the ice falling from the roof. Must be time to get things in order outside. John
  22. Yes, Mike and Carol, we overlook the spigot as well and are trying to train ourselves to do the same thing....use the fresh water tank and disconnect/drain the hose 🙂 Happy Trails 🙂
  23. Thanks, Bill! Ice is far worse, IMO, and does a LOT of damage, when it accumulates in abundance. We will be looking ahead and plan accordingly 🙂
  24. Hi Mike and Carol, Thanks 🙂 We are now in Tunica, MS, and will be making our way to SC in a week. We're certainly glad to have a 4 seasoner! Our Casita struggled somewhat when it got below freezing. We are officially "Happier Campers" 🙂 John
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