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  1. Should the refrigerator in our Ollie be "on" all of the time ? If refrigerators in a home are not kept running, per many owners manuals, the seals in the refrigeration unit (not door seals) will dry out and deteriorate. Does this rule apply to our trailers?
  2. Snowlakemike I am glad you will be joining us at the rally. Regarding scheduling, let me give you some feedback. Our rally program officially begins Friday afternoon May 5th. We will have scheduled programs that evening, Friday and all day and into the evening Saturday. I would highly recommend everyone stay through Saturday evening. However, we will have other opportunities before and after the rally. We have purposely scheduled the rally at Hohenwald, Tenn. At our first rally, many Oliver owners scheduled maintenance, warranty and service work to be done before and / or after the rally. On Friday before the rally began, the campground had Oliver technicans doing service work throughout the park, going from one Oliver to the next. This was very convenient for Oliver owners and prospective owners. Oliver had the latest models on display in the campground and some of the sales staff was available to assist future owners. A tour of the Oliver factory was made available as well. A number of attendees stayed past the weekend to do the above, visit Nashville, and drive Natchez Trace. The point is, we have tried to make the rally as convenient, fun, educational and full of networking with other RV owners and enthusiasts, as much as possible. Regarding making reservations for specific campsites I have requested that the campground reconsider their policy on no reservations for specific sites. I will update everyone when I receive more information. coy
  3. Buzzy Thanks for the suggestion. Since Oliver is our corporate sponsor, I have kicked that decision to invite yet another group up to them. Since they are financially backing the rally, it is an Oliver decision.
  4. All Oliver Travel Trailers invites all Fiberglass enthusiasts to attend the 2017 Oliver Travel Trailer Rally. I have listed the rally announcement on the Fiberglass Forum. If you have friends that would like to join our rally, please feel free to invite them. We are all a part of the Fiberglass RV community and all are welcome to attend. Coy
  5. Here is a PDF below of the map of Natchez Trace RV Campground. updated-NTWP-park-map.pdf
  6. GOOD NEWS Natchez Trace Campground has agreed to offer us a 20% discount on campsites again this year. ?To receive the discount, you need to mention you are attending the Oliver Travel Trailer Rally, give your name and the number in your party (needed for planning purposes). There are lakeside sites available but for convenience you may want to request a campsite in the area nearest the Town Hall. This campground is quite large. GREAT NEWS Oliver Travel Trailer Company will graciously and generously pick up a number of expenses for the rally. Most of our meal costs that includes a BBQ cookout ??Friday evening and a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta ?Saturday evening will be sponsored by Oliver Travel Trailers. In addition, Oliver will pay the cost of the rental of the "Town Hall" where most of our meetings will be held. A Big "SHOUT OUT" to Oliver Travel Trailers ! THANKS Hardrock
  7. Your are welcome. I am enjoying this but if anyone wants to volunteer, I would gladly share some of the responsibilities Thanks coy
  8. Some states have agricultural inspection stations and will confiscate some live plants and animals. Be careful about hitchhikers. I once picked up a lady and her small child walking on the interstate. It was VERY HOT Arizona day and and they needed water. I thought I would take her to the next town and get her help. In the middle of nowhere was an immigration blockade. I was able to convince the Border Patrol that I was merely concerned, but I was detained until they throughly checked me out. The point is, not all inspections are done at the state lines or international borders.
  9. Sorry for the confusion. Earlier today I notified the campground of our intent to have the rally at Natchez Trace. It is a large campground with campsites near the lake, near the "Townhall" a large building where we will be having our meetings as well as other locations. They have fully furnished cabins and have recently added some new cabins for those that wish to attend the rally but may not have a travel trailer. I have contacted the events coordinator and the campground manager. They should have registration issues resolved in a day or two. Thank you for your patience and look forward to meeting everyone at the rally !
  10. See announcement under "Events and Rallies" regarding the next Oliver Travel Trailer Rally.
  11. Please see the announcement under "Events and Rally's" regarding the next Oliver Travel Trailer Rally
  12. Please join us for the second annual Oliver Travel Trailer Rally May 5-7, 2017. The rally will be held at Natchez Trace RV campground, 1363 Napier Road, Hohenwald, Tenn. Reservations for the rally- (931)-796-3211. Please provide your name and the number in your party when making reservations so we can have an accurate headcount for meals, program planning and related activities. We will have an exceptional program packed full of opportunities to meet other Oliver owners, learn more about your trailer, and network with Oliver staff and invited component vendors. The rally will begin Friday afternoon with hot dogs, hamburgers and all the trimmings. We have an opening session to introduce you to all the attendees, Oliver staff and special guests. We will view a video that will discuss some of the early beginnings of Oliver Travel Trailers and bring us up to today. On Saturday, we will have planned sessions all day to interface with other Oliver Travel Trailer owners to learn about camping destinations, tricks of camping in your Oliver Trailer and many other subjects. You will have opportunity to meet with component suppliers and discuss the appropriate use of the component(s) in your Oliver Travel Trailer as well as problems you may be having. On Saturday evening we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a specially prepared Mexican meal followed with an open forum discussion with senior Oliver staff, component vendors and others to answer questions you may have. Throughout the rally, you will have opportunities to network with Oliver Travel Trailer owners, other fiberglass travel trailer owners, Oliver staff, component vendors and special guests. We are planning a rally that will be filled with information, networking opportunities, fun, food and entertainment. Oliver Travel Trailer owners, fiberglass travel trailer owners and those interested in purchasing an Oliver Travel Trailer are invited to attend. If you are an Oliver Travel Trailer owner and would like to volunteer to work on planning of the rally, we will be seeking assistance in the areas of communication, food and entertainment, and campground coordination. If interested, please send an e-mail directly to Coy Gayle at gayleman@aol.com We look forward to seeing you on May 5th for a great Oliver Travel Trailer rally so make your reservations soon!!
  13. For sometime, my wife and I have been unhappy with sleeping on the cushions that come standard with Elite Travel Trailers, not to be confused with the larger Elite II, standard with mattresses. I purchased a single sized foam mattress but this too was unwieldy, not fitting either bed well. I had talked to other Oliver owners and was referred to Southern Mattress located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I contacted them and they indeed confirmed they would custom make a mattress for my Oliver Elite. My conundrum was how I could configure the mattress to access the components and storage areas under the seats. A full sized mattress would be just too much to lift and hold in place as I pulled out storage items, much less to try to work on a component (electrical, hydraulics, water, etc.). As I explained this to my wife telling her I wanted to split the mattress in half, she pointed out it would be very uncomfortable, sliding down in the crack. She said " split it where the bench ends, 1/3 and 2/3s. The crack will be at your knees and you will not feel it". I contacted Southern Mattress and they agreed to cut it where ever I wanted it cut. I traveled to Rocky Mount, North Carolina and found this to be a family owned company. I arrived in late afternoon and the owner took me to his home. There, we hooked up my trailer with electrical and water on a pad next to his home. The next morning I pulled my trailer to the factory and they began to make my mattress. With each step, they asked me to approve the work, include changes I wanted made, etc. they measured the trailer, made the pattern and asked if I wanted extra room to be able to put bed linens on the mattress. The pattern was a good fit for the 2/3 - 1/3 combination. In short, I was very pleased with the mattress. I selected a 5" firm foam with another layer of soft memory foam. That night, I had the best sleep ever in my Oliver Elite. I also had a mattress made for the smaller dinette/bed. I used the single sized foam mattress that I had purchased earlier in the year. Southern Mattress did not object to this. Again, they cut the foam to the 1/3-2/3 combination. Each matress was covered in a premium quality quilted cover, fire retardant and straps sewn in to make moving easy. The mattress was double sewn all the way around to reinforce the straps. By noon, I was on the road, headed home. That night, I slept for the first time very comfortably on my new custom-made mattress. It now slides over easily and stores on top of the other matress while I access the storage and component areas. If you are interested in a quality mattress, custom made, they now have patterns for both the Elite and the Elite II. They can custom make you a mattress and ship to you. They do not press the mattress in a roll. Rather they box the mattress and ship it to you. Southern Matress Company 1812 Cokey Road Rocky Mount , North Carolina. 800-227-8701 Below are pictures of my mattresses in my Oliver Elite. Coy
  14. Don Great Visualization. This gives me a project this winter. My jack is not crooked, but very near the shackle on the opposite side of your crooked jack. The other jack, on my door side is fine thank you coy
  15. Dave please post pictures of your final solution. I too have the Ollie Elite and the Dexter upgrade kit, recently installed. My door-side jack has fair clearance, but the opposite side is too close for comfort. I struggle with a reasonable solution. Thanks Coy
  16. I want to determine if my Ollie and TOW vehicle are level. I have determined that the bubble level is OK for quick setup, but not terribly accurate. I have played with it by loosening one screw on the bubble level and tightening another. I then compare this with my 8' carpenters level I have placed just inside the Ollie cabin door stretched across the floor. I then adjust the bubble to the carpenters level. What I am trying to do is determine if my Ollie and my TOW are level when hooked together. Question - if I am trying to determine the levelness of my Ollie when hooked to my truck, where would I measure the height from the ground to the point on the Oliver in the front and in the back? My perception may be off, but when I park on a level driveway, put a level on the inside of the trailer and it shows level, It appears to be lower in the front of the trailer than in the rear. I have placed a 2x4 x 10' long on the ground and the 8' level shows the ground is level after trying it in several places. I did check the 2x4 and it is plumb and true. My Oliver is a 2015 Elite and the tow is a Tundra. This may be TMI but a level and accurate carpenters level inside should equal the same height on the front and rear of the Oliver !
  17. Stogiedude, Welcome to the Oliver Forum Please look under the "See an Ollie" tab. There you will see the map for Oliver trailers with owners willing to share a look at their own Oliver. You may want to contact Anita with Oliver sales to arrange a viewing of an Elite or a Elite II. Good Luck
  18. Grayson, I agree with you. It would be great to do regional rallies in various parts of the US at different times and locations. We all purchased our Ollies to travel and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. We can do our once a year national rally near the Mothership and take the opportunities to travel to other parts of the US for regional rallies. Lets focus on the national event for the upcoming year but also keep a focus on regional rallies. I suggest the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and for now the Hohenwald vicinity represent the Southeast. Your thoughts ? coy
  19. There is much activity in the past few days regarding an Oliver TT rally in 2017. I think much of this is driven by our calendars and the desire to attend if we can schedule it in. I think it is important enough to start a new thread, so here goes. I do not want to bias the discussion by immediately interjecting my opinion as to what I would like to have the rally look like. Rather, I want to add structure to the discussion by offering some format that we collectively would want to address in each response until we have a consensus on the "looks" of the rally. 1. Location- Should Oliver Travel Trailer rally 2017 (OTT-17) be held in the Hohenwald vicinity? If so, where? Considerations- Many future and current customers need to visit the "Mother Ship" to take plant tours, to have upgrades and repairs and to learn about changes within the Oliver Corporation. Were we satisfied with the past campground? 2. Should OTT-17 be a OTT owner driven rally? Owners would need to step forward to form a committee and do the logistical planning? 3. What activities would you like to see as part of OTT-17 ? By activities I am referring to such activities as Show & Tell your Travel Trailer, latest modification, travel discussions, etc 4. We will incur some expenses related to a rally. How do we offset these expenses ? 5. We all want to see Oliver prosper, to maintain the quality we have all come to enjoy and count on for future service of our Ollies. How do we promote this and future rallies to encourage new owners, component and parts manufacturers to help maintain the quality, integrity and growth of Oliver ? 6. How can we make this a fun activity, a rally that offers assistance, knowledge and sharing so that future rallies will have more owners and future owners in attendance? 7. When - what time of the year should this be held ? We should consider weather , our calendars , etc. *** I am using OTT-17 because I got tired of typing " Oliver Travel Trailer rally 2017" too much to type !! please use the above as a general guideline when responding. Feel free to add additional topics. Coy
  20. I think we all have a few considerations we need to evaluate as a part of this thread. 1. Some TOW vehicles are later models and may have more or less technological advances than others. Some manufacturers may have additional requirements in the owners manual that may be based upon technological advances, litigation or future adaptions that the aftermarket will provide at a cost. 2. Many times I find that the accessories, safety features and additions we put on our TOW or Oliver is based upon personal preference. It is somewhat dangerous to make absolute statements because there may be a different and sometimes more innovative approach to a problem. As examples, I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra that is a perfect TOW in many ways for my Oliver. However, it did not come with a brake controller or Sway control. There is a clause in my owners manual that requires / reccomends both. My son in law occasionally borrows my trailer and his 2014 GMC TOW has almost the same verbiage in his manual. I personally choose to add a sway control whether needed or not. I drove my Oliver across the U.S. without a sway controller and despite strong winds across Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, big tractor trailers, buses and Pusher RVs , I had no problem with my Oliver or TOW. However, because of the litigious society we live in, I choose to add this to offer some level of protection in the event of a lawsuit. If the manufacturer of my TOW has it in writing and I am in a accident with my Ollie (shutter !) I believe I would have some element of legal protection in the event an attorney for the plaintiff chose to use the sway controller as an issue. We all choose to approach problems differently. The good thing about this forum is that from a personal standpoint I have learned so much and appreciate the well intended advice of others via this forum. Thanks for consideration of everyone's opinion, needs and preferences when sharing in the forum. Coy
  21. Hello ReconDon First, welcome to the Oliver Forum. I will try to provide you objective answers to your questions. Oliver is not perfect, but when a problem is encountered, they will bend over backwards to work with you, correct the problem and learn from design/installation issues. To answer your question regarding the refrigeration in desert heat, I camped in Monument Valley, Utah as well as several locations in AZ and NM. many days were 110+. Like you I do very little boondocking. In these locations I was in a campsite with full hookups. I had no problems with the fridge, AC , hot water or other utilities. The Coleman Mach 8 is noisy. I was unaware of this when I bought my Elite. I contacted Oliver and they agreed to swap out the unit for a Dometic Penguin. Much quieter. I paid for the Dometic and a small amount for labor. I easily sold the Coleman so the different in cost was about what the amount wold have been to upgrade to the Dometic. The cost of Oliver is higher but I can tell you that the high quality will be easily maintained so the resale value is high. Other fiberglass units are definitely cheaper. However, I read about all the modifications that new owners must do just to reach minimal performance. The Oliver comes fully functional for 4 season camping, needs no modifications and is well designed. The new production line at Oliver has a "Plug & Play" capability. Buy what you absolutely need and if later you decide you want additional amenities (solar, stereo, etc) can be later easily installed. I have enjoyed my Oliver Elite. It is a quality unit with no significant issues Best Wishes coy
  22. Is your Tow vehicle equipped with a brake control unit for your trailer? Also, I prefer to scotch my wheels front and back so I suggest an extra set of wheel chocks. You will need a white fresh water hose. Most all parks require a "donut" for your sewer connection. This is a adapter that prevents overflow and escaping sewer gases, in theory. I like using the plastic or rubber coated ties to secure cables, chains etc on the trailer. Be sure to have an assortment of fuses on hand. Walmart across the street from Oliver carries them, the ties, water hose, etc. Your wife will encourage you to get the black tank treatment packs to make the bathroom smell fresh. Again, sold at Walmart. Be prepared to have many stop you along the way to see your trailer so have Anita to give you some brochures. Happy camping and be safe Coy
  23. The Airstream Forum has several threads on hail damage. They advise to leave it alone and the sun will bring the sheet metal back in place. I have not owned an Airstream but my father was in the military and we lived in a trailer because we were constantly moving. I have seen dings "disappear" over time, especially one from my baseball.,...but not the pain from the tanning I got for hitting the trailer !
  24. Have you considered a portable panel with a 50+ ft cable so you can park in the shade on a blistering day and still have some charging? john Furion supplies a number of electrical devices for Oliver TT. They sell a portable solar unit that plugs directly into the Furion outlet. My point is I do not need it. I have camped for days using my electrical amenities with the exception of AC & microwave. At the end of 3 days in the desert, my batteries were still at 12.5. I do not need solar panels. Recognizing we are all humans with different needs and desires, I find the Oliver to be a great value WITHOUT solar panels. I did check with Oliver 2 years ago and was told that to make the solar panels portable, Oliver would need to use a different company, their current vendor product did not lend itself to portability. The recommended company said that the longer the cable, the longer time it takes to charge the system. I worked with several senior electrical engineers and they agreed that to gain portability would be offset by efficiency. It seems counter intuitive to put solar panels on the roof and to park in the sun to charge my batteries in the summer. I could buy the Furion solar charger, but do not need it. My batteries stay charged and I do not want to haul things I "might" need. I am sure many others may need such items, but I purposely chose the smaller trailer. I want to travel light, travel often and not be incumbered by things I do not need. If a person wants all of those trappings, the larger Oliver may be appropriate, but an unfair comparison to the smaller airstream.
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