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  1. Rougebooks I have a 2016 Elite. I have towed it more than 6k without a Anderson hitch. The lighter model, the Elite, does not need a Anderson hitch. If sway control is your concern, there are electronic units that are very good and hassle free. Regarding the length overall, earlier models have removable tongues that shortens the length when storing the trailer. The interior size is great and you can upgrade to a queensize mattress.
  2. Are you purchasing a Elite or Elite II ? I think they are different heights I store my Oliver Elite (small) inside my garage. I think the Elite II is a bit taller than the Elite. I too have a 10x10 garage door. It is a overhead roll-up door. A factor to consider is your garage door opener. The opener may be a bit lower than the door. I am not good at backing into a small place so I put a front hitch on and can push it in perfectly. I have 30 amp service, water connection and sewer drain from my house. You may want to consider these amenities as you construct.
  3. I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra small V8, and a 2016 Oliver Elite, first Elite in production after the 2008 Oliver shutdown. Hull # 73. I traveled 4000+ miles on my first trip, Alabama to Califonia and return, mostly on Route 66. I had no weight distribution hitch, no sway control. As I drove west across Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, I encountered very strong winds daily. On two separate days, the winds were so strong that the semi trucks and "Pusher" RVs were getting the heck off the roads because of the high winds. Truck stops and roadside parks were full, they would pull out at dusk when the winds slowed down, somewhat. I drove through the high winds and was in complete control with my Ollie in tow. The rounded aerodynamic hull makes a huge difference. I never once felt that the winds adversely impacted my driving in an unsafe manner. I dove between 60-65 most of the time. Last Spring my insurance company said they would give me a discount if I would install a sway control on my trailer. I did NOT want anything that was difficult to attach, detach or otherwise encumber my travels. Bill (Ride and Fly) put me onto the Hayes Electronic Sway Control. It is easily installed and can be bypassed with ease. I researched it and saw that it was designed at Aburn University here in Alabama. I asked some of the electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineers I worked with before I bought it. They felt the design and components were unique and based upon sound engineering. I purchased it but saw little difference as I drove because I had never had any difficulty with adverse sway. On my next trip I drove to Grand Isle, Lousiana State Park. It is a small island with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Mississippi River on the other. To get to it, you travel on an immense causeway/tollroad into the Gulf of Mexico. I decided to test my sway control on my Ollie. Several times I would quickly move the steering wheel to the left or to the right to check the sway control. The trailer itself would self-correct immediately and go back to center. I tried doing this both left and right after making sure no one was near me. Same results, it self corrected very quickly. Since I installed the Hayes Electronic Sway Control, I have traveled another 4K+ miles with no incidents or safety concerns. When I travel, I travel light. I have leveled my Ollie while it was sitting in my garage with a 8' carpenters level, documenting the tongue height from the floor. When my Ollie is fully hooked up, loaded and ready to roll, the trailer's tongue has dropped about 1/2 inch. I have gone through the CAT commercial scales thing to make sure my tongue weight, trailer weight and vehicle weight and related requirements are well within the reccomended specifications. It all checks out. Bottom line. I bought the Elite size BECAUSE it tows easily, is lightweight, has 90 % of all of the "stuff" that the Elite II has and I do not have the concerns of add ons to get me to the safety perimeters that many are concerned about. I will buy a new tow vehicle in the next year and will have some additional factory installed features that I do not have now such as the factory installed sway control, the factory installed trailer brake control and other features. Oliver builds a great travel trailer. I have not pulled a Elite II. I waited 2 years and hounded Robert Partee and Scott/John Oliver to begin production on the Elite. I feel that I do not need the WD hitch, the sway control and other items that may be necessary on the larger Oliver. Safe travels to all of my fellow Ollie owners. Hope to see you at the next Oliver Rally in Sweet Home Alabama Hardrock
  4. Bradbev Micro-Air is a member of the Forum. As a engineer of Micro-Air, Matteo (Micro-Air) is able to offer technical advice to installations. He was able to install a soft start for my Ollie at the last rally. You can send a direct PM. Good Luck Hardrock Matteo Giovanetti Electrical & Controls Systems Engineer Micro-Air, Inc.
  5. Bill I called campground reservations this morning to determine the number of people that had registered to attend the rally. I was told that we have only 16 registered for the rally. However, it appears that there are a significant number of Ollies that are attending the rally based upon the surge of reservations for campground sites for that week. When making reservations, everyone should use the code 7066 to receive the rally discounted rate of $20.00 per night for a campsite. If someone has not registered using this code, please contact Guntersville Lake State Park Reservations at (256) 571-5455 to receive the discounted rate. This also provides a headcount # so we will know how much food for the meals we will provide Coy
  6. All We have had a number of inquiries about a reserved section of the campground at Lake Guntersville State Park for Oliver Travel Trailer Rally participants. We have not reserved a section because of the many choices of campground sites. This campground offers a diversity of choices. Some are wooded, those in sections B, F and H are in the heavily wooded areas. Section B are pull - thrus. Sections G, D and E are near the lake, but the trees are small, as a result of a tornado a few years ago. Most all sites have full hookups, but not all. When making reservations, make sure your site has all that you need. There is a primitive area in the trees, near the lake. Again this year, we will be inviting all Fiberglass RV enthusiasts, those that have a travel trailer or an interest in becoming a travel trailer owner. I will be posting an invitation on the Fiberglass RV Forum soon. Lake Guntersville State Park offers a multitude of choices in activities and we are building free time into the activities to allow you opportunity to enjoy all that the park and North Alabama has to offer. As an example, just a short drive from Guntersville, is one of the "coolest " places in Alabama. Cathedral Caverns State Park, offers a constant 56 degrees year round, has an opening of 126 feet wide and 25 feet high. Inside are many stalagmites and stalactites , one of the world's largest stalagmites "Goliath" , 45 feet tall and a 243' base. One of the larger rooms has a prehistoric shark tooth embedded in the ceiling. Buck's Pocket State Park offers a deep canyon and great hiking trails. We will be posting many sites and events that we are gathering from the Guntersville Tourism Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to make this the best Oliver Travel Trailer Rally ever !!
  7. All thank you for your kind replies. From the number of PM's and replies I have received, this seems to be a common problem, both at the TV connection and at the Stereo head. I will try some of the suggestions you have sent me. Thank you very much Hardrock
  8. Sorry for the long delay in replying. My daughter and family were using my Ollie. While they were at the campground, they too experienced the same problem. As Mike suggested, it is a HDMI cable that is coming loose. My son-in-law, (a IT manager for Boeing) expierenced the same thing while camping in my unit. He removed the head and said the HDMI connection was out and dangling at the back of the unit. He plugged it in and it worked fine. When they returned, we checked it again and the HDMI cable was out. When I bought my Ollie, I had a XM Satellite radio installed. Upon further inspection, these connections from the radio (and the satellite antenna going through the roof just overhead) may be creating the problem. Too much stuff in a small place. It appears some of the cabling may rest upon the HDMI cable. However, the HDMI cable slides out of the connection on the head VERY EASILY. Not sure how to hold the cable in place. Can you squeeze/ <b>LIGHTLY</b> crimp the cable to make a better connection? Can it be taped in? thanks
  9. I have the standard Furrion Stereo and standard TV. Many times when I get to the campsite, my TV works, my stereo head works, but they do no "Talk" to each other. No DVD player signal. Upon close inspection, removing the stereo head, I can see the TV cable dangling, unplugged from the head. I plug it in, all is well. However, each trip in the camper, same issue, the cable unplugs too easy. Any suggestions?
  10. Malcolm/Ursula and Oliva Its great you are enjoying your new Oliver, Olivia ! I hope to see you and Ursula again at the next Oliver Rally in Guntersville coy
  11. I bought a "rabbit ears" antenna for $9.00 and a cable for $4.99. When I am near a larger city that is likely to have a TV station, I hook up the antenna and sit it on a table. I am careful to not have the Ollie between the antenna and the direction of the TV station. The aluminum insulation in the Ollie causes interference with the TV signal. If there is a TV station in the viewing area, I can usully pick it up. I have compared my antenna to the campground signal. Unless you put a booster on the campground connector, you get better reception with your own antenna. Otherwise, you are sharing a signal that is split with many others. The unit is very easy to store Hardrock
  12. I prefer RV PARK REVIEWS It is a web based resource that released its Beta Version app a few months ago. If you know what city you are going to, you can search for that city and surrounding areas. It will list the RV parks in the searched areas and have a detailed description of each with a listing of amenities and costs. The part that I like best is the feedback from others that have stayed there. It is clear that you have varying opinions, but if a thread runs through most the feedback, it is usually credible. The web based site has been around for years, the app is in its infancy. Coy
  13. Hello Roughbooks I have the Oliver Elite built for me in 2015 with a few custom fetures. I now have a queen sized bed , custom matress as well as the ability to convert my side dinette to a single bed. Look under my posts in the forum and you can see my custom matress. I love my Oliver and find it fine for my wife and myself. If I can answer questions for you, PM me with your number and I will give you a call Hardrock
  14. According to Progressive Industries, the manfacturer of my electrical unit, the following is what it does, certainly much more than what I could do, test for, or evaluate Product Features: • Over/Under voltage Protection • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection • Accidental 240V Protection • Miswired Pedestal Indication • Surge Failure Indicator • Amperage Meter Display • Previous Error Code • A/C Frequency Protection • Time Delay (136 seconds) • Adjustable Time Delay • Thermally Protected • Built-in Scrolling Digital Display • Field Servicable • UL Certified and Canadian Approved • Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA
  15. When I had my Ollie built, I think (according to Oliver) my Ollie was the first Ollie they built and installed the built - in Progressive Industries unit. Soon after I picked up my unit I drove Route 66 as a retirement celebration. I stayed at a state park in OKlahoma halfway through the trip. When I plugged into the 30 amp power outlet, my unit immediately issued a loud click. I could tell this was not business as usual so I looked at the monitor attached to the Progressive Industries unit. I then called Peogressive Industries and the electrical engineer told me the code I gave him indicated the polarity was crossed, posited to negative / negative to positive. I looked at the box and could tell someone had recently tampered with the unit. I opened the box and indeed I could tell from the wiring colors that the wires were crossed. I did not have access to turn off the main, so I reported this to the ranger station. They sent a repairman and he corrected the wiring. The cost of the surge protector was certainly worth the preventative cost of a Oliver camper catching on fire ! I will never have a camper without the Progressive Industries unit.
  16. Bill last years rally was great and I am very sorry to have missed this one. I want to put next years rally on my calendar. When will it be?
  17. Great idea, Matt Thanks for all of the resources !!
  18. And to all of you Mothers ( with respect!)! who log on tomorrow, <b>HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! </b>
  19. Brandi I suggest you contact Anita at the Oliver sales office and request the name, contact information of the upholstery company in Mississippi. This gentleman is very easy to work with. He will have all of the templates for all of your cushions. We chose our own fabric at a fabric store then had it shipped to Mississippi. He can make you the covers for your cushions and send them to you. Since he has the templates, they will fit much better than you taking them to a local upholstery shop. Another note. It is important you buy the right fabric. I worked in a sewing factory and have my own heavy duty (upholstery) sewing machine. My point is not all upholstery material will be suitable for cushions. Some will rip, crawl, or come apart. I got a swatch of material and sent it to Mississippi. He checked the material and call me back saying it was good material. Give him a call before you have covers made.
  20. My wife is the genius, not me follow the Link below to see pictures http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/custom-made-mattresses/
  21. Do a search on Southern Mattress on the Forum. You will find that several on the Oliver Forum haves used this company to build custom mattresses for Oliver, Casita , etc. Southern Mattress is located in Rocky Mount North Carolina. The owners are very friendly. Several, including myself have gone to the factory and had custom mattresses made. The "custom" for me was logistically getting a queen sized mattress in my trailer. My wife convinced me to have it made in a 1/3- 2/3 configuration. The 1/3 part strikes about at my knees. Thus the 2/3 fits well under the rest of a human body. Doing this allows the mattress to be evenly moved and sleeping is quite comfortable. You can take your own foam there and they will cover it for you. I used a foam with 6"of dense foam, 4" of soft foam and 1" of cool gel blue foam. Like sleeping on clouds. They have patterns for several Oliver configurations and will drop ship for you without having to go to the factory. D
  22. I was the first at the rally to purchase the easy start and have it installed by the factory representative, Matteo. He installed the easy start in my unit and provided training to the Oliver technicians. Now Oliver has the easy start in stock and can install on new Ollies or retrofit, as was done with mine I am very pleased with the easy start. When the AC Starts up the first time , it is much quieter. It is a slow start and you do not get the loud THUMP and jarring movement of the whole trailer. Each time the compressor turns on after the AC has been running, it is much more quiet with no jarring movement. I have a Dometic Penguin II 13,500 with heat strips. Although I have an Elite, it is the same AC unit as in the Elite II. I had a Coleman and after using it the first time, I took it back to Hohenwald. It was extremely loud, inside and out. I was told by Matteo that many were using their easy start with the Honda 2000 with no issues. He advised to purchase the companion model since it has the 30 amp plug. I will purchase the Honda generator this summer. Hardrock
  23. I want to say "THANK YOU" to all that attended the second annual Oliver Travel Trailer Rally. The event was held at the Natchez Trace Campground and was well attended. We had in excess of 40 trailers and 165 attendees. Based upon the very positive feedback in the evaluation forms that we did for each activity, everyone was able to enjoy the rally ad learned a number of things that will serve you well when camping. I want to thank: 1. Randy and the Natchez Trace campground staff for their support 2. Melissa McDonald and her group from the campground for cooking and serving our delicious meals. 3.Kathy Goodlet and her team of volunteers for setting up the dining area, serving the food and cleaning up after each meal. 4. Jeff Zarle for coordinating all of the vendors and their activitiees 5. The vendors that sponsored the rally, attended the rally and provided valuable information that as Oliver owners, we needed to hear, and for their generous donations of the wonderful door prizes Thanks to Jason Walmsley for coordinating the music provided by Kenny Durham. There was a huge amount of communication that needed to occur before during and after the rally. Documents, announcements and banners had to be printed, rally tee shirts ordered and the list goes on. Matt Duncan was the driving force behind all of this while doing his day job of maintaining the Forum website and other valuable support. THANKS MATT ! Most of all, we all thank Oliver Travel Travel Trailers for their major sponsorship of this rally. Thanks, John and Scott Oliver and all of the wonderful Oliver staff for making this such a successful rally. Coy Gayle Hardrock
  24. The Natchez Trcace Campground has cabins for rent. They range from cheap rustic to well appointed, more $$. It is quite near Hohenwald.
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