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  1. When I purchased my Elite (18.5) in April 2015, I had the Coleman AC. On our first trip, we received some courteous complaints regarding the AC noise. The last night, we experienced some electrical problems. I contacted Oliver and arranged to have my AC changed out. I had a Dometic Penguin installed. Comparison of the two Coleman- noisy outside. Inside seems to be somewhat noisy, especially without a method to measure sound levels it becomes more of an opinion. My wife and I both agree, the Coleman is more noisy outside, less noisy inside. Dometic- definately quieter outside. Inside, much more noisy than the Coleman. Both units cool very well, no performance issues My humble opinion- Coleman exhausts their noise to the exterior. Dometic internalizes the noise. I would choose the Dometic over Coleman. After a few minutes,I do not hear the AC, I can hear the TV, and most important of all, Moma's HAPPY !!
  2. I recently traveled across the US for 5 weeks staying in a new campground almost every night. I found a great tool that assisted me immensely. This is not an advertisement and I receive no benefit by conveying this information. The Allstays RV campground app for Apple products is a map display with RV campgrounds and the services we require as campers are all there. Basic information on each campground is displayed, a link to the campground website is hyperlinked, and the data is updated regularly. The cost is $9.99 and includes all 50 states. If you are going to travel to unfamiliar campsites, this is a great resource ! Coy
  3. Bill I sugest you consider traveling the Natchez Trace Parkway. It starts in Nashville, goes through Hohenwald, and ends up in Natchez Miss. The max speed is 55 and strictly enforced. It is a part of the National Park System and you see no billboards, few cities, but lots of wildlife. After finishing in Natchez Miss, just a short drive to New Orleans I drove it in my younger days on my Harley, but traded in for my Ollie Lots of Trace info on line coy
  4. I have the Allstays Camp/RV app on my iPad. It indicates the following campgrounds Parc Orleans Campground Three Oaks and Pine RV park Jude TravelPark Riverboat Travel Park Made Gras Campground Pontchartrain Landing Campground these above are Northeast of downtown French Quarter RV resort- Downtown Marrero Travel Park D&D RV Park Nicholas V Park R & S MH-RV Park Laplace Trailer -RV Park I suggest you inquire about security. I traveled to New Orleans frequently on business. parts of NO, is safe, part not Coy
  5. I am seeking a resource for an outdoor mat I want to place it near the trailer steps to wipe shoes before entering the Ollie. Wifee's specs are: Lightweight Easy to maintain Pick it up, shake it off, or Hose it down Roll it up and place it in the truck Preferably 2X3 feet Plastic or bamboo Resources? Thanks in advance Hardrock
  6. Dave When I slide out the tray the weight of two heavy 12 volt batteries, this action distorts the measurement. Although heavy duty slides, the batteries are cantilevered into thin air yields an inaccurate measurement I spent time at Oliver when I picked up my trailer. They tried both the T-105's and the AGM. I was told that neither would fit. If I ever replace them and need more room, I would consider removing the tray and putting an anti-battery acid matt in. Longer cables would allow me to sit each battery on the ground.
  7. To accurately measure the compartment, I would need to remove both batteries and the tray, no easy task. I thought I might try sliding my framing square to the back but the quarters are too tight. I thought I might try it from "up top". Inside the cabin there is a storage bin directly above the battery compartment. Alas, the storage seems to be affixed with no easy way to remove it To not be outdone, I slid a square piece of paper and the back wall seems to be at the correct angle to the side wall. This is as scientific method of measurement as I can muster without major disassembly. I purposely mentioned the storage bin. This is a new feature and Oliver has done some major redesign work in several areas. It is quite possible that they "squared up " the battery compartment.
  8. The battery tray is 14" square The front has a lip all the way across the front that is .75 inches. Imagine an inverted "L" that serves to help as a drawer pull to slide out the drawer. The sides have drawer hardware attached much like a home kitchen cabinet, only more heavy duty
  9. Hardrock, what is the height from the bottom of your pull-out tray to the top of the battery box?? What if the tray was removed, what is the height then? Thanks Dave Dave I measured mine and the rough opening is 18" deep, 17" wide and 12" high. The tray is approximately 1.5 " from the bottom to the bottom of the tray. I have standard top post batteries. From the top of the post to the top of the opening is approximately 1". Side mount batteries would give you more room. My trailer was delivered in April so should be same as yours I have the standard battery, although like you, I seriously contemplated doing solar. However, as I looked at how I would be using my trailer, I will be traveling from campsite to campsite looking at national parks and highways such as Route 66. The wind drag on the trailer with solar for 2-300 miles per day will take its toll. If you have further questions, send me your contact info and I will give you a call
  10. I recently purchased a new Elite and came across he same situation. Although I was not outfitting with solar, I did want a high performance battery,I was unable to add anything more than a standard battery. The issue is the additional space the slide out tray takes up I think you might be able to give up the convenience of a slide out if you can find a low profile battery clamp. Of course, safety is a major concern.
  11. I want to extend the tongue of my new 18.5 Oliver Elite. The purpose is to hopefully make backing up easier. admittedly, I am not good at this. The first hole on the tongue bar for extension seems to be an additional 6". I have purchased 6" longer safety chains that are the 70 grade chains. 1. Will the electrical control plug- in be long enough or if not can it be extended or are there "extension cords" available? 2. Will there be an increased ease of control when backing up if I extend the tongue? I am basing this on my Harley. One of my bikes has a rake (front-end) that extends out further than my other bike. The closer in the rake, the more "squirrelly" it is to control Your experienced input is greatly appreciated Hardrock
  12. Thanks BugeyeDriver and ScubaRx I made a quick trip today to check on the progress of my unit being built at Oliver. John Oliver, Robert Partee and all those at Oliver are certainly focused on customer satisfaction and quality. Thanks for your reccomendations regarding Route 66. Although I have traveled it many times from 1950 to my most recent in 2008 with my wife, it was always sandwiched into a 2 week or less. This time is to enjoy, relive and not rush. If anyone has experiences with specific campgrounds or sites on Route 66, please feel free to pass along. Like BugeyeDriver, I will look at venturing away from the maddening crowds Thanks much Hardrock
  13. Hello Fellow travelers Having retired a few weeks ago (1/1/15) from a job traveling the world, I am now looking forward to picking up my new Ollie in February/March and seeing the US. I will do a few short trips from Alabama to nearby states. When the weather warms,(May-ish) I want to take a trip on Route 66. My father was in the Air Force and we lived for several years in California on Route 66. Our driveway was literally on Route 66 in Victorville, CA. We frequently drove back and forth on Route 66 from CA to AL, my mother’s home place, and breaking off Route 66 from east OK. It appears from this Forum we have many members who have sojourned from the East to the West. I would like to tap your knowledge of campgrounds on/near Route 66. The nostalgic trip down early childhood memory lane would be greatly enhanced by your recommendations. I have the time and want to explore the many sights I have so wanted to see. Side trips to Monument Valley, Sedona and Vegas are high on the list. Other suggestions? My return to Alabama will probably be traveling to some of the more Northern states as I travel home to Alabama. I have no return route plans after I walk out on Santa Monica beach. Suggestions? I value your in put on Route 66. Thanks Hardrock
  14. Thanks to everyone for your replies For clarification purposes, I need to add two points. 1. I am purchasing the new smaller trailer-18.5 elite so the weight I am moving is less 2. The primary place I want to move the trailer is INSIDE my garage, a smooth concrete floor 100% level. I can get it through the 10X10' garage door, straight shot. There is a large concrete pad outside the door but I would not trust myself to manually move it there because there is a slight incline and decline. Once inside, I would like to spin it to allow for better utilization of storage.
  15. Hello All I am retiring January 1 from a defense contractor in Huntsville, Al. I am only a short distance from the Oliver factory. I have visited Robert several times and am looking forward to the build of my unit I have a technical question and have scoured the website for a clue I have a concrete driveway and a large garage to store my unit. Inside the garage and occasionally outdoors I want to move the unit without using my truck. I have a utility trailer that I frequently move easily by hand. It weighs very little by comparison to a trailer and has a bolt-on trailer wheel. I contacted the company that builds the hydraulic leveler regarding a detachable wheel / footplate. The company said that they did not recommend putting a wheel on the leveler because it is not built for the purpose of supporting movement of the trailer. As s I think through this, I agree. Stress on the hydraulic post may damage the integrity of the post. Does anyone have experience in attaching a wheel to the front of the trailer to accommodate moving the trailer without a vehicle? I have been looking at the Trailer Valet, but that has mixed reviews. I have a small slope on my driveway and the garage floor is very flat. Most importantly, not sure if there is adequate room / clearance on the tongue for a rotating wheel? Hardrock
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