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  1. Here is the website I found that compares several manufacturers of TPMS Systems. There are probably other comparisons out there but this site seems to focus on systems for the RV Industry. Also YouTube has several customers and manufacturers reviews with installation instructions. Several have some slick features such as turning itself off if no motion is defected (to greatly extend battery life and not having to remove the battery for storage), large screen displays with constant monitoring/reporting, extended warranties and small size so they do not extend beyond the hub of the wheel to be broken off when getting too close to a curb, and locks to prevent theft. http://www.fiveina5th.com/landing/top-4-tpms-systems-comparison/?gclid=CMe-ndvEpM4CFdgQgQodnTkJWw Thank you coy
  2. I can tell that This advice is based upon real experience and knowledge THANK YOU
  3. All Thank you for your replies. It appears that I need to put a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on my Christmas List, no road trips in the near future. I have found a website that compares the leading brands of TPMS. The one ranked the highest is the cheapest, EEZ Tire Pressure Monitoring system. Amazon seems to have the best price as well, based upon the number of tires you want to install a monitor. I will get enough monitors to install on my truck since it has no monitoring system. It appears that new vehicles are required to have these, but they are "indirect" as opposed to the direct system installed on each tire with an instant display for each tire. Thank You coy
  4. I see from your maps that you are a seasoned traveler in your Oliver and have expirenced what I have not. I value your input. Thank You
  5. I have a 2015 Elite, single axle. The single axle concerns me in the event of a tire failure (blow-out). I have not had a tire failure and have made several long haul trips. My current tow vehicle is a Tundra V8 and my Elite handles extremely well with the Tundra. I religiously check the tire pressure with my trusty Snap-on professional grade pressure gauge each day and do a visual check each time I stop. I have a heat sensor infrared gun that I use as well for tires and wheels. I have been considering purchasing a monitoring system but I do not feel that the monitor will warn me ahead of time for a blow out. Does anyone use such a system and what is your opinion of its safety usefulness? If I regularly check my pressure, is this not sufficient ? Lastly, has anyone had a tire failure on a single axle Elite and what was the outcome? How did your Ollie handle ? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Coy
  6. I have had a problem with my chains falling down in the campsite at night and getting dirty or even worse, my TV electrical plug falling and getting sand in the connections ! I have found this "gadget" from GR Innovations LLC, that solves this problem. This is a metal plate that attaches to the front Jack and has 3 holes and a slot. The slot is to place your TV plug and the holes are to put your chains in. (One extra hole!) The black Towing Organizer (I think it may be hard plastic) sells for $19.95 and the aluminum unit sells for $29.95. Both come with the blue 7 way plug cover or it can be puchased separately. It includes everything you need for installation which takes 2 minutes to install the two bolts and tighten. I did not buy the plug saver tether, I prefer to make my own. The chain saver organizer is well built and easily installed coy The address is grinnovationsllc.net
  7. Bill I have a few additional holes in my hull, but all are "Oliver - made". An example is the Satalite radio antenna I had Oliver to install. It works great ! My luck does not run on the good side when doing self installation of that magnitude, especially considering all things electrical, water and mechanical that lie just beyond eyesight. My point is, if Oliver were to offer such a feature or someone was able to master this task, I would be in-line to have mine retrofitted. Coy Very
  8. I recently attended a fiberglass rally in Georgia with app. 40 fiberglass trailer owners. Across the way was a family of 4, Dad, Mom and two teenage sons in a small Boler fiberglass trailer. I was curious about sleeping arrangements and they showed me the twin bunk beds with everyone having their own bed. I have a 2015 Elite, larger than the 2-twin bed Boler. A twin bed option, even one, would maximize sleeping capacity and that would be great. I purposely ordered the smaller Elite because it is easier to pull, lighter and I can get it into smaller places and I store it in my garage during the winter- no winterization... Maximized sleeping capacity with the top bed folding up to increase headroom would be a huge plus. I have played with the idea of retro fitting mine Coy
  9. You guys at rough! Buzzy just got his Ollie and not home yet. He is being initiated by fire to accomplish something that none of us have fully accomplished. Buzzy If you choose to do this, would you want input from others? I think your peers have lots of confidence in your ability OR the only person organized enough to take on such a daunting task. We will await your return home and give you adequate time to think about this request. In the meantime, we can all be thinking about the elements of the checklist and how it can be structured to encompass both Elite and Elite II both younger and the more mature models.
  10. Hey Bill the next time you visit Hohenwald, ask them for one of the blanks they cut out for the Windows or door. They have lots of them and no use for them. You can have a table that identically matches your Ollie. You may want to put a rubber mold around the edges.
  11. Has anyone developed a checklist (BEFORE you go) / (AFTER you get to the campsite) that you would be willing to share? My daughter and son-in- law want to borrow my trailer and asked if I had a checklist to use of things to do before leaving, either before leaving home or the campsite or after arriving at the campsite. Since most Oliver's have standard features, it would be a useful toolbox for all. If you could share your checklist, everyone would greatly appreciate it. I searched the forum but found no resources. THANKS
  12. when I ordered my trailer, Robert Partee, the salesman at that time, asked me if I wanted an awning on both sides. He said that a few people ordered a trailer with a awning on both sides to camp in areas with bright sunlight, access to the sun for solar panels and maximum shade. This may be one of those units
  13. Geez, You guys/ladies have provided me a plethora of choices. I had not seen the video before. It was much more comprehensive than the brief delivery/orientation I received at Oliver. I showed it to my wife and then Bill's pics. Since she is the driver of this project, she has opted to try out the shower feature before going to the Oxygenics Spa Thanks to everyone for your feedback. If we decide to change out the head, I will let you know. In the meantime, I will watch all of the video to learn what else I may have missed. Coy
  14. It appears that no one has opted to exchange shower heads but we all struggle with the same issues. I will venture out onto the ice and give it a try. Will let everyone know how it fits thanks !!
  15. Since the Oxygenics head stands straight up, it will work simply by adjusting the water pressure, I presume!
  16. Fall Hollow is adding more services. In particular, they are adding needed sewer services. They have 4 rows of RV sites. The sewer run on the line(s) between rows 1&2 and between rows 3&4. In other words, the sewer connections are in the rear of each site while water and electrical is in the front. If you pull up to the electrical/ water connections, you will need additional sewer lines. If you stay 1-2 nights, you can use the sewer dump.
  17. Has anyone changed out the Oliver supplied handheld showerhead? More specifically, has anyone changed over to the Oxygenics showerhead that so many other RVers rave about? The current shower head is heavy and could break the fiberglass if dropped, has poor water dispersion and could be drastically improved. I am considering changing out to the "Oxygenics showerspa handheld for RVs", but cannot determine if the fittings are a match. THANKS, Hardrock
  18. It appears that Airstream has purchased a fiberglass travel trailer manufacturing company (Nest) to manfacture fiberglas trailers under the Airstream logo. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Airstream will be have a long way before they will begin to match Oliver ! https://www.airstream.com/nest/ See how the Airstream Nest compares to the Oliver Travel Trailer.
  19. Larry, I have been reading your articles regarding cooking outdoors, especially using cast iron cookware. I have several pieces that I have purchased, and some inherited all the way back to my great-grandmother. One of my favorite, Lodge, manufactures all of their cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, not too far from Chattanooga. Although Lodge has several outlet stores, the "Mother"store is next-door to the manufacturing plant in South Pittsburg. There they also manufacture a line of cast iron stoves, like my grandmothers "Warm Morning" cast iron stove. In the "Mother" Lodge factory store, they carry all types of cookware, accessories and new items. Disclaimer- I am not associated with Lodge, just a loyal customer of iron cookware and much more importantly, the great food that is much better cooked in ironware.
  20. Thanks for your kind reply. My sensor does not appear to be the same as the brochure. However, they are probably functionally the same. So,I disconnected Ollie from the shore power, disconnected the negative side of the battery(s) and then making sure my gas tanks were in the off position, I disconnected the tanks from each gas line. Before I started turning power back on, I looked at my electrical panel. The far right breakers were in an off position (strange ??) I turned the shore power back on, reconnected the gas lines and flipped the two breakers to an on position. It appears as though all of this resetting was effective. The alarm is peacefully quiet. Postscript - This alarm is LOUD- It will wake up neighboring communities!! You need a set of ear plugs to reset it or you will go deaf
  21. My LP Gas Alarm is going off (LOUD sound) and the light is blinking red/green. The gas tanks are both turned off so no gas leaks and no smell. The alarm box is located next to the breaker box on the inside seat portion dining area. I have removed the two screws that are holding the small box in place. A red and a black wire goes from the box into the wiring harness. I cannot find where to replace any batteries. There is a back to this box but try as I may, I may very well break it trying to prize the back off. There is no documentation on this alarm. I am not concerned that I have a leak, triple checked this. Unfortunately, This alarm works all too well. All systems electrical are not working. I guess a fail safe method. Any suggestions on how to get back on line?? THANKS in advance for any helpful suggestions.
  22. I recently inquired with Oliver regarding the frequency of repacking wheel bearings, Here is the reply I received. "Based on the Dexter recommendation, they say to repack the wheel bearings once a year or every 12,000miles.
  23. I am now registered for the Eggs on Hiawassee River Rally. I will be coming in from Huntsville, Al. I will be staying at F-1 pull thru site. I am driving a 2015 Oliver Elite. I leave there and head to Nashville to drive the Natchez Trace. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  24. last Fall I took a 4000 + mile trip on Route 66 as my "Break-in" maiden voyage in my 18.5 Elite. I knew I would be taking several side trips and some were very remote. VERY ! Before leaving, I went to Fastenall and purchased a bag of the locknuts that holds the Oliver trailer hitch to the trailer frame. Each time I needed to leave my trailer and explore in my truck, I removed the trailer hitch/coupler and put it in the back of my truck. On more than one occasion, I had some gawkers staring at my trailer wondering how I towed it. I never told them. I kept my coupler safely locked in my truck. It is long, but fit in my truck Each time I hitched up, I would use a new nut since they are one time only use. Low tech, inexpensive, and discourages the not too resourceful thieves.
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