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  1. I have a 18 wheeler following me with a complete machine shop, lathe and end mill with a good supply of metal. I also have every tool that Snap-On sells! My first-Aide kit is the second 18 wheeler with a full surgical MASH unit. All joking aside, I have traveled with some that had enough tools and supplies to rebuild an engine, and others that traveled with his Good Sam's warranty and Emergency Assistence card. If traveling a moderate distance to a state/federal park near an urban area, carry fewer tools than a cross country trip into remote areas. Happy Trails !! Coy
  2. I have a Elite and very happy with it. 80% of the time, it is just me, 20% my wife travels with me. The Elite has everything I need. However, I would question the use of a Tacoma as your TV. Yes, it may be rated for the weight, but you will find the truck struggling with steeper grades and certainly mountains. By the time you add your camping gear, full LP tanks, food etc, you are pushing the max weight I have a 03 tundra with a 230 hp engine. It is sufficient. My friend has a 14 tacoma. He is unable to tow my Elite over nearby mountians more than 40mph and the gas milage is terrible. You may want to look closely at where you would be pulling Ollie, your gear weight and and maximum pulling/towing weights.
  3. Registration 2019 Rally For those attending the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Rally in Lake Guntersville State Park, we have streamlined the registration process so there is only ONE call to make for registration. To register for the rally and receive the discounts we have secured, you need to call the Lodge. Without following the process below, you may not be able to secure the discount, or have difficulty having your registration fees adjusted We have had a few attendees register with the campground. The campground personnel has no way of knowing you are a part of the Oliver Owners Rally. The Lodge Personnel are currently tracking Oliver Travel Trailer Owners information to see that you receive the discounts. Below is the instructions as it appears on the Oliver Events page. <i>“Register Now Registration is now open to owners and to the public, your deposit can be taken care of by calling Lake Guntersville State Park at any of the numbers below. Single options and those interested in lodge or cabin accommodations, can use the same numbers below.</i> <i>Just call and say... "I want to register for the Oliver Owner's 2019 Rally."</i> <i>(256) 505-6634 (256) 505-6602 (256) 505-6601</i> <i>If you are directed to the state park’s voicemail, please leave them a message as they are committed to returning your call within 24 hours</i> Thank You Coy Gayle 2017, 2018, 2019 Chairman, Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally
  4. Thank you for the kind words regarding the rally we are planning on even more exciting activities and programs for 2019. I will be posting additional information on the 2019 Rally soon. We expect an even larger crowd than this year’s rally so everyone get your reservations in soon. Coy Gayle 2017,2018, and 2019 Chairman Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally
  5. The date that Mike posted is correct. For the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally everyone will register at one location, the Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge. Last year we had you registering at two locations, one with Oliver to pay your rally fees and the other wth Lake Guntersville State Park to register for your campsite fees. This lead to a great deal of confusion. For the 2019 rally, we have agreement with the Park to collect ALL of the fees. I requested a few owners to "test" the system to see if the process would go smoothly. As with many Beta Testing Trials, we found several problems. We are hard at work with the Park to solve these issues. I have personally traveled to Lake Guntersville State Park to resolve these issues. Please do not try to make reservations at the Park until we resolve these issues. I have a meeting this week to further test the system and I anticipate we will soon release the Rally Announcement. Had we released the date before we had the single point of registration established, we would have had significant issues. I greatly appreciate everyone's patience. My apologies to Mike for not clearly explaining that this was a Beta Test. coy
  6. Greetings Campers, I would like to extend a hearty “THANK YOU“ to Foy Sperring the food master, Matt Duncan, the PR & Advertising master at Oliver, to all our volunteers and especially, Scott Oliver, President, Oliver Travel Trailers who without his sponsorship of the 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally, it would not have been possible. Success begets success. Everyone wants to know when the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally will occur. Although we have reached agreement with Lake Guntersville State Park on the date, we are finalizing agreement on registration details for next year’s rally. For the 2018 rally, we encountered significant problems and confusion when registering for both Oliver Travel Trailers and Lake Guntersville State Park. For 2019, we want to have a single point of registration, for collection of attendee fees and campground reservations. Until we have the process worked out, we cannot release the exact date. For planning purposes, the rally will occur in May 2019 at Lake Guntersville State Park, Guntersville, Alabama. We will announce the final dates as soon as we have the registration process and a budget completed. The last night of the rally, I made an appeal for assistance in planning and organizing the 2019 rally. This appeal still stands. I can be reached at coy.gayle8115@yahoo.com Please contact me if you would like to be a part of the planning, organizing and executing the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally. Our priority for assistance now is for someone who can assist in accounting. As we plan for next year’s rally, we will incur expenses that will need to be paid. We will need to develop a budget for the rally. Please contact me directly if interested. Most, if not all work can be done via Internet and telephone. We will need to develop a budget before we set the fee structure and this has to be done before we release the date of the rally. I want the income and expense of the rally to be done with transparency and integrity so I need assistance with the budget and accounting of funds. To move the rally from a good rally (2018) to a great rally (2019), I would like to have committees of volunteers. Below is the ideal structure for planning, organizing and executing the next rally. Please give consideration to being a part of the 2019 rally and contact me soonest if interested. Coy Gayle Chairman, 2017, 2018, 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally _____________________________________________________________ 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally Committees and Responsibilities Communications Registration process Attendee Information Rally notices and e-mails, Creation, distribution and updating of presentation documents, forms and publications Develop a logo for the “ Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally” Support Oliver Webmaster by delivering completed documents that are accurate, on time and meet the needs of 2019 rally attendees Secure a vendor for Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally merchandise Food & Meals Coordinate rally breakfasts, cookout and opening & closing dinners Plan and budget expenses for food and materials needed Work with Lake Guntersville Park staff and food vendors Communicate with attendees and set expectations Entertainment and Activities Coordination of local entertainers, activities within the park and Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau Provide a timely budget to the Finance Committee Oversee and monitor all entertainment events Finance Develop budget for 2019 Rally Accounting and monitoring of income and expenses, fees from attendees and fees from vendors on a regular basis Accountability and transparency of all financial transactions Pay incurred and approved expenses Programs Educational programs from vendors – “How To” Sharing and socializing between trailer owners Educational programs- by owners, for owners Scheduling and supporting each program Vendors Develop program(s) that will attract vendors that will fund activities, meals, door prizes and other financial support for the 2019 rally Engage vendors early in 2018 to secure support from vendors in 2019 Develop “Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorship” for vendors that will highlight what vendors will receive for sponsorship. Support vendors during the rally SKILLSET Ability to develop a rally that will exceed expectations of Oliver owners; • Ability to work as a committee member and coordinate with other committees; • Computer skills in Microsoft Office, Access to all social media formats, exceptional Internet skills and ability to diplomatically and tactfully works with others. • Internet, social media and people skills that support clear, accurate and concise offerings of the 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally
  7. I recently purchased a new 2018 GMC SIERRA 1500. The truck has lots of bells and whistles including an in-dash monitor that has lots of features. When I bought it I asked the dealer if there is any way I can connect the monitor of my truck to the Oliver Trailer camera on the rear. The short version is I can buy yet another system and have it installed. Between my TPMS, the current monitor that contains GPS back up camera, radio and many other features, I do not want to mount the monitor that came with the Trailer camera for backing up. Is there a way to merge the camera system signal from the rear of the trailer, electronic or hardwire, so I do not have to mount another monitor? Thanks Coy aka Hardrock
  8. Apologies for not replying earlier. My password was corrupted and it has been difficult to re-set it Regarding vendors, below are the ones we have invited. To date, we have had only two to respond that they were unable to attend. Those two are either working on sending a replacement or providing a static information center and documents. Truman Dexter Dometic Progressive Industries Zamp Andersen Micro air Furion Trojan FYI the weather for Lake Guntersville looks terrific High in the upper 70s and only a 20% chance of rain !! Coy
  9. Anderson Hitch has accepted our invitation to attend the 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally at Lake Guntersville, AL. For those that have Anderson Hitch on your Oliver, a technical representative will be available to address any concerns and offer technical advice. All vendors will be at the Pavillon ear the lake. I hope to see you at the rally! Coy E. Gayle Chairman 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally
  10. If you are under construction, get builders insurance. After the garage is finished and you start your home, continue the builders coverage. Tell your agent that you are building the garage first to store building materials and tools for your home construction. This is a fairly common practice and builders insurance is fairly cheap
  11. Rougebooks Since you do not have a house built on the property, it appears you do not qualify for homeowners insurance coverage. My suggestion is you contact the State of Florida, Insurance Commissioners Office. To assist you, I am copying the contact information below. The Commissioner and those in the office cannot recommend a particular insurance, but most of the time they can tell you what type of coverage you should obtain. Once you have a clear path, I suggest you go to an insurance broker that can write coverage with multiple companies. Ask the broker to get multiple quotes. To keep costs down, I suggest you consider a high deductible. When making contact, I suggest you ask to talk to someone in Property And Casualty, since you want property coverage. Best of luck! Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Contact Information Office of the Commissioner Email: InsuranceCommissioner@floir.com Phone: (850) 413-3140 Communications Office Email: Press Office Phone: (850) 413-2515 General Inquiries (Main Line) Phone: (850) 413-3140 DFS Consumer Services (Questions/Complaints) Email: consumer.services@myfloridacfo.com Toll-Free Helpline (in FL): (877) 693-5236 Out-of-State Callers: (850) 413-3089 TDD Line: (800) 640-0886 Company Admissions Phone: (850) 413-2575 Government/Cabinet Affairs Phone: (850) 413-5042 Life & Health Business Units Financial Oversight: (850) 413-3153 Market Regulation: (850) 413-3155 Product Review: (850) 413-3152 Property & Casualty Business Units Financial Oversight: (850) 413-3148 Market Regulation: (850) 413-3155 Product Review: (850) 413-3146 Market Research & Technology Phone: (850) 413-3147
  12. If you would like to have the Microair Easy Start installed on your AC unit, a factory representative from Microair will be doing the installation again at the rally this year. Each installation will be done by appointment only. If you are unfamiliar with this product, there are several threads on the Oliver Forum that explains the significant advantage to having this feature on your AC. If you wish to have the Easy Start installed on your unit, please contact Matteo Giovanetti directly (e-mail and phone number below) to set an install appointment. Thank you Coy Gayle 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally Chairman ————————————————————————————— Matteo Giovanetti Electrical & Controls System Engineer matteo@microair.net Micro-Air, Inc. 124 Route 526 Allentown, NJ 08501x 609–325-6863 www.microair.net
  13. Greetings For those attending the 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally, we have added another vendor. Lippert Industries, manufacturer of Furion products, will be attending the rally. Should you want to discuss your needs with the factory rep, he will be available Friday morning only. He will be at the smaller pavilion near the water, inside the campground. He will have samples, literature, catalogs and product information. If you have a need to discuss with him, please visit the pavilion before noon I hope to see many Oliver Owners at Lake Guntersville State Park in Guntersville the first weekend in May 2018. Please travel safely wherever you may be Coy Gayle Rally chairman
  14. We have posted an update on the rally this week. Please visit the “ events” tab on the Forum front page. Our attendee numbers have increased, the number of vendors confirming they will attend has increased and our menu is being prepared. We have built in lots of free playtime so enjoy the rally ! Coy Gayle Hardrock
  15. Everyone bring your Oliver Tee shirt for a group photo. Oliver are gathering at Dome Rock hardrock
  16. Many Olivers are gathering at Dome Rock- Bring Oliver Tee shirts for a group photo
  17. Today I received a spreadsheet from Lake Guntersville State Park listing those that have registered for the rally using code 7066. We have a total of 44 campsite reservations. This number does not agree with the number of campers that have registered on the Oliver Forum. My concern is that some may have made campsite reservations with Lake Guntersville Campground for the 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners Rally, but did not identify yourself as attending the rally. To attend the rally and receive the campsite discount, you must identify that you are attending the Oliver rally and use the 7066 code to receive the discounts. Some registered early when we made the announcement of the location but did not have the process set up to receive the discount with the campground. We recommend you verify with the campground your attendance to receive the discounts To complete your preparations for the rally, please also register on the “2018 Rally” tab on the forum page. This will greatly assist us in the food preparation, programming and activities. I will be posting an update on the rally soon. My focus is that we get everyone properly registered, everyone gets the group discounts for the rally and that the program, activities and dining is well planned. We will not post lists of persons attending the rally. For safety and security reasons, we do not want public notices that you are not at home, you are attending an event. We want you to enjoy the rally and not be concerned about your home or personal security while away from home attending the rally. This is your rally and we want every Oliver Travel Trailer owner to have a great time ! Coy E. Gayle (Hardrock) hull #73 2018 Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally Chairperson
  18. Angus I keep my Cpap in the overhead storage cabinet. Inside the cabinet, I have both a 110 outlet when we have shore power and a 12 volt (cigarette adapter) when boon docking off the grid. I had a hole cut in the bottom of the cabinet to run the hose through. Oliver can customize the power outlets and hole for you. All that is exposed is the hose, so easy storage and no clutter on the cabinet top. You can buy a 110/12v converter made specifically for your machine. mine cost about $80.00. Recommend you get one from your manufacturer made for your model. Sleep well !! Hardrock
  19. John When I purchased my Ollie, I wanted outriggers on my trailer. I needed brackets installed for the outriggers. I was told by Oliver sales that modifications such as I requested may void the warranty. You may want to contact Oliver to make sure there is no adverse impact regarding warranty, service issue, etc.
  20. Entrance into section B Section B of the campground is a nice area. Most people want to be near the lake/river and “B” is the furtherest away from the lake. However, it probably has more trees than the other sections. There is a road behind B , but there is little traffic since it is the back road up to the lodge on top of the mountain. Most of the campsites there are Drive thru. coy
  21. All To date, (Oct. 28)we have 30 trailers registered for the rally. While there is no hurry to register, the choice for trailer spaces will be less to chose from. Looking forward to a great rally in Guntersville, AL Coy
  22. Sadness and sorrow can’t fully describe the loss all of the Oliver customers feel for Robert. He was an advocate for us to fully understand our needs, exceed our desires and get it right the first time. After Oliver started making the Elite II, Robert helped me to convince Oliver to go back into production again on the Elite. I live near Hohenwald and made many trips to Hohenwald as Robert and I worked together to get the unit I wanted. Robert helped me by explaining the pros and cons of my selections, amenities and accessories. Thanks to Robert, I am very satisfied with my Ollie. During these trips, I became good friends with Robert. We stayed in touch after I bought my unit. I pray for Robert and his family. I am extremely thankful for his kindness and understanding. Robert, we will greatly miss you Coy
  23. Spike I have a 2016 Elite. At that time, Oliver manufactured Ollies with a tongue that could be extended WAAY out and could even be removed. Every 6" is a hole that could be used to adjust the length the tongue is extended. I have my tongue extended 12" and it rides very well. My TOW is a Toyota Tundra V8. Unfortunately, Oliver no longer has the extendable tongue. They currently have a "fixed" tongue on new Ollies. Look at Bills mount. He used some aluminum flanges he made from Aluminum stock. I did the same, used the stock, marked where the bolts were and drilled holes in the stock to fit. I went to Fastenall and bought bolts that are longer than the Ollie stock bolts. I then put the longer bolts back in with the appropriate hardware and torque. I still had 1.5 inches of thread on the bolt so I then put the aluminum stock on that I previously had drilled matching holes in. I put the Sway Master on the aluminum stock, centered the Sway Master bracket and marked the holes. I then drilled the holes in the top part of the aluminum stock and mounted the Sway Master with stainless steel bolts. I put a second nut on top of each bolt. Now the Sway Master is parallel with the tongue, I drilled no holes in the tongue, only in the Alumnium stock. I bought two black lots that were 1.5 inches longer and more threads on the end. If you go this route, make sure you get the hardened steel, usually #8 sold at Fastenall. Hope this helps. If not, I can send pictures when my daughter returns with my trailer
  24. Spike I have the Sway Master and have used it for more than a year. I am pleased with it but honestly did not have any problems with sway BEFORE I purchased it. I did so because of the reduced insurance premium. Because the Sway Master has some internal electronic sensors, I would hesitate putting any type of covering over it, especially metal. I have an Elite and it is mounted on the tongue. I used stainless steel hardware, no discoloration and very strong. Not here, but in another area I used a piece of Oak as a filler to keep the Fiberglass from squishing. I extended the tongue and used the open holes to mount the Sway Master. I do wonder about the Sway Master being mounted at an angle not parallel with the direction of travel. I am not an expert but would suggest calling a technical advisor at e trailer and discussing the mounting and your concern with water pentatration.
  25. Sherry, apologies for not answering sooner. Look at my posting " Custom Made Mattresses" . I had the mattresses made specifically for the Elite. I went to the mattress factory in North Carolina and they took measurements of my 2016 Elite. They custom made the mattresses. I use queen sized fitted mattress sheets. I use single size on the dinette/bed. the post I did gives you much more details. I am curious. Are you saying you have two SOLAR 100 watt panels? Are they mounted on the trailer roof or stand alone? I am in the process of obtaining a generator for backup. I have about 10k and look forward to having 100k on mine. If I can answer more questions for you, please feel free to PM me.
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