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  1. BTW, I've heard rumors that there maybe a RV Anti Freeze shortage this year. To be on the safe side I got 4 gals.
  2. I want to expand on the above Post. The thing we found really helpful and extremely easy to use was their Reservation System! Its been our experience that it is very difficult to find a Camp Ground opening anywhere because they are high demand, and all the reservation systems out there. The KOA system was easy to use and therefore easy to find a campsite, it worked great! If your not a KOA user now, I highly recommend it.
  3. I've heard a rumor of one couple that installed Single Window Awning on their Elite 2. We want to pursue this idea, on the Street Side as well as the Back Window! Does anyone know of anyone that has actually done this or a company that they can recommend. Thanks Pat
  4. Our 2019 Elite 2 only has the Cube Side Manual Awning, we bought it used, so we didn't have a choice, glad it is a manual awning. However, if we did have a choice, I think we would order only the Cube Side. IMHO, the Cube Side Awning is as large/popular as it is on most RV's, principally because of it location/usage, i.e. Entry Door, Eating Area out doors etc. On the other hand the Road Side Awning doesn't need to satisfy these areas, although they could have limited beneficial on sunny days. Most RV's, Trailer or Motor Homes use Single Window Awnings to block the Sun/Rain. The Single Window Awning design has the benefit of not being as vulnerable to High Winds, I think they look better also! Additionally, the Single Window Awning has the added benefit of blocking the Sun/Rain from entering the Back/Front Windows, if so equipped. Hopefully, one day our Oliver will have Single Window Awning (Dark Blue) on the Street Side and the Back Window. I was researching these again just this week! As I mentioned earlier, we really like the Stylish Look of these as well as their functionality!
  5. Sorry for the late response. You asked about what I meant by the term "Feel of the Front Axle." You can think of it as the "Seat of the Pants Feel," that you can actually sense while driving down the road. I suggest that the next time you have your Oliver Hooked up, you experiment with the Hitch Adjustments. First, take a very short Road Test with the Hitch adjusted as normal and pay particular attention to the Feel of the Front Axle, i.e. Tires/Axle! Now, loosening the Adjusting Nuts (1-2 turns) on the Chains and take another short Road Test , and compare the Feel you experience. You will probably feel a Light Sensation (less weight) on the Front Axle and may even notice a slight elevation of the Hood and a lowed stance of the back end of the TV. The difference in the FEEL, is the result of less weight being transferred to the Front Axle of the TV. Now, tighten the Adjusting Nuts 1/2 (one half turn) turn at a time, and Road Tests again while noting the sensation you feel in the Front Axle. Do a couple of Road Tests and I am sure you will get the hang of it.The Ride should progressively feel more FIRM, I'd be surprised if you don't feel the WEIGHT actually being spread across both the Front and Rear Axles of the TV. Congratulations, you have just "Fine Turned" your RV WDH!
  6. How about using a Hair Dryer to heat and bend the Gutter down, then using a File to smooth any edges. I would try this out on a Scrap Piece.
  7. Our Oliver is also a 2019 so I assume it has worked okay, although we bought it used 6 months ago. Hopefully it will work ok, but I'll keep everyone posted if it doesn't. Thanks for all the comments.
  8. On our last camping trip the Maxx Air Fan quit 2 seconds after I turn it on, and the Green Light stayed on. Here are the details, I turned the Maxx Air on exhaust and it started to open the lid, but then everything stopped. The Green Light stayed on but the Bath Fan stilled worked, both Fans are on the same circuit! I couldn't turn the Fan Off no matter what I did. Both the Fan Switch and the Remote Control didn't change anything, the Green Light just stayed lite! I searched the forum and the internet, but didn't find much help. I was almost at my Wit's End, when I decided to remove the Fan's Fuse (7.5 amp), in the Attic and replace the Batteries in the Remote Control to see what impact this would have. Much to my surprise, the Maxx Air Fan came back to life! I guess I rebooted the electronics. Any other thoughts.
  9. I've never been a big Fan of KOA's, (not sure really why) until recently. We were able to make reservations at three different KOA locations, last week easily. However, we had to cancel these reservations, because of a family emergency and reschedule at a locale KOA in Dayton Ohio, within 50 miles of home so we could stay in touch. I would rate the Dayton Ohio KOA, on a 1-10 scale a solid 10, we will go back!!!
  10. I would suggest that you consult the Touareg Club Forum for additional info on this subject, they have some interesting comments. However, as is generally the case there are lots of questionable statements. For example, Can you use a WDH? What is the Tongue Weight Capacity, etc? We Tow with a GL 450 (gas), which does a good job. IMO, one of the "For Most Authority on RV Towing," is Andy Thompson at Can Am Airstream in Ontario Can. I suggest you ask him for his opinion, he done the research and testing and "Thinks Outside the Box." Please report back to us on what you find out!
  11. Just what I needed, another item added to the "Honey Do List," at least this one is Inexpensive, Works, Easy to install, and Looks Nice. BTW, I like your "Towel Rack" on the Refrigerator Door, another item added to the List!
  12. We have a 15+year old Honda 2000 Generator and wouldn't be without it, originally bought to use with an Airstream we had. However, we haven't use it with the Oliver yet, but plan to. I wanted to install a Propane Conversion Kit, but it not available with my Honda's Serial Number, unfortunately to old. IMHO, Propane might be a more desirable Fuel, vs Gasoline , but I am not sure with my limited "Off Grid" usage. However, It would be nice when we Boondocking during those Hot Nights at Cracker Barre. BTW, remember to use the "Yellow Neutral Ground Plug" that comes with the Oliver.
  13. Our GL 450 has a 7 speed AT and can normally hold Cruise Control in 7th gear at 65 MPH. Of course it will occasional DownShift on slight Grades, which is to be expected. BTW, my wife also drives.
  14. Thanks, I knew there was a pressure difference, but I didn't know how much. This helps explain things! My situation involves a Fire Pit. When I hook up the Fire Pit with it's supplied Hose/Regulator to a 20 Lbs Tank, all is great. When I remove the Fire Pits Hose/Regulator and hook directly up to the Quick Disconnects, my Flame is to small. My solution is to install a "Y" connector at the Oliver's Tanks, one Branch going to the Regulated Oliver's Propane System, the other Branch going to the Fire Pit's Hose/Regulator connected by 20 Feet of hose to the Fire Pit so I can place it any where on the Campsite I need. Currently, our Weber uses 16.4 oz Bottles, but I think I'll convert it to the bigger bottles also.
  15. I am curious, why are you asking? Do you have a specific Problem with an LPG appliance (Grill, Fire Pit etc) hooked up to the Quick Disconnect? This same question has gone through my mind and I was about to actually measure the pressure, for comparison purposes , when i discover the Hose between the Quick Disconnect and the Fire Pit was under sized, problem solved.
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