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  1. Congratulations from hull 997, picked up in January 2022.
  2. After a Saturday of yard work and car washing, I have found myself with the need of a liquid pain reliever on Sunday afternoon. A Maple Cinnamon Old Fashioned, a rocking chair, and a perfect 70 degree South Carolina afternoon. A great way to ease away the achy muscles and enjoy the taste of fall in a glass. Obligatory Oliver content….We’re heading back to Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway Oct. 19-23rd. We met Mr. & Mrs. Hokieman when we were there on the first weekend of fall.
  3. Thanks to all for comments & recommendations! We have been regulars at this campground for approximately 30 years, and for the many reasons you’ve listed, it never gets old! We’ll be back at Pisgah again in about a month…and will be back as soon as they open again in May 2023!
  4. We arrived at Mt. Pisgah campground on 9/22/22 and to our great surprise and pleasure met Hokieman & Mrs. Hokieman, owners of hull 797. We own hull 997. It is always great to be at Mt. Pisgah, and even more so since we’ve made new friends.
  5. Glad my testing has helped! I recently purchased a 200 watt portable panel, but haven’t tested it. I did camp over 10 days in early July, high elevation, so no AC was needed. I had filtered sunlight due to foliage, used anything and everything we wanted, including the convection feature on the microwave, CPAP nightly, just no AC…..after 10 days, we still had 66% of our battery power left.
  6. We have come to campers from a 30 year history of backpacking & water conservation, so YMMV. Our 2022 Elite II twin is our 4th camper since 2008. We spent 10 days in early July boondocking. Our biggest use of water is making 4-6 ginormous cups of good coffee daily. We have a composing toilet, which fits our wants and needs, so nothing goes into our black tank. We emptied the urine container about every 2 days, at about the 2 gallon level each time. After 10 days, the remaining fresh tank was 31% full, the gray tank 63% full, according to our SeeLevel II monitor…they aren’t dead-to-rights accurate.
  7. My experience with the Oliver sales team was that they took the role of “facilitator” as opposed to “salesperson”….this is not semantics. The buying experience, from my order through delivery, never left me feeling wanting, or pressured. My questions and concerns were addressed with patience and honesty. I also sold an Airstream, with which I was blissfully happy…until I set foot in an Elite II. Since pick up of hull 997 in January, I have had a problem with my Norcold fridge and the Furrion rear view monitor, both of which Mike Sharpe at Oliver helped to resolve with zero drama. Of course, the items of concern are items Oliver supplied, but did not manufacture.
  8. I’ve secured something to our rooftop of our Toyota Sequoia. It is an essential for us. What do you see in my rooftop Rorschach Test? it isn’t a body, believe it or not… it is a Clam Quickset Pavilion shelter. We’ll be at Mt. Pisgah campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway from 7/1-7/10.
  9. I have no cell service at the campground. A huge change in the weather occurred Friday night, and this weekend is one for the records, under 40% humidity, upper 70’s, bluebird skies! Lake Powhatan site 51 is tough to back into! We found ourselves at The Moose restaurant by recommendation of a new friend at Powhatan….fantastic heart-attack-on-a-plate dining. Just say “YES” to gravy on everything! We didn’t bring bikes, just ourselves and our 14+year-old mutt….we’re all good with relaxing….Oh, and eating….I almost forgot, drinking, too(lol)! We’re heading home on Sunday, but will be back in the area at Mt. Pisgah campground from 7/1-7-9….loop A. Plan on the Farmers Market, and a bunch of other fun when we’re back in 2 weeks!
  10. Early morning at Lake Powhatan, near Asheville, NC.
  11. I have the Makita, it is a beast, and will certainly outlive me. This one is corded, and it super smooth in operation. I’ve used it with Osborn brushes to smooth the logs on my home before refinishing, and it will stand up to heavy, daily use. If there is anything negative, it has to be the weight, although the strength of the motor and obvious durability will make it rather hefty.
  12. I may get portable panels, I’ve used them with a big Goal Zero lithium power station….it just isn’t much fun to stay around camp moving solar panels to optimize their output(ask me how I know, Lol). I have a Honda 2200i with a Hutch Mountain propane conversion, quiet, simple & it is under 50 pounds, and will run forever on the 30 pound propane tanks. I think weight & size wise, the generator vs. 200 or more watts of portable solar may be a wash. YMMV!
  13. I’m home, in hot, humid Myrtle Beach SC area. I have the 630ah/340w on my 2022 Elite 2…soft start on the AC. I ran a quick & dirty test last week, ambient temp in low 90’s, camper fully closed & in full sunlight. I started at 100% SOC, and set the thermostat to 80 degrees/automatic…kept the blackout shades closed. Ran the AC as stated above for 5 hours, 3-8pm, charge dropped to appx. 40%. I replaced about 10% charge per day, so I was just over 50% on Friday, 60% Saturday, with no power consumption….I did the same full-sun run in the AC on Sunday, started at 60% SOC, ambient temps were about the same. 4 hours of use saw the SOC drop to 18% & 20%. I plugged into shore power and the batteries were at 100% SOC in 3 hours. Far from a scientific test, but I was surprised how well the batteries handled the challenge and how quickly they recovered.
  14. The 2010 Sequoia with the tow package & 5.7 engine had the 4.3:1 final drive ratio….it truly is a SUV version of a Tundra, at least for the era that I own.
  15. We tow with it’s SUV brother, a 2010 Sequoia, which has a 9500lb. tow rating and 1320lb. payload; just 2 of us, and our tent-camping habits allow us to easily stay within the payload capacity. We’ve used CAT scales in winter, when we’re carrying the heaviest payload, with no problems. The Anderson is a must; we get 12-10 mpg, depending on flat land or mountain towing.
  16. We’ve done the entire BRP motorcycle camping. Some days we traveled for hours, others found us hiking on the easily accessed trails, where we would barely cover 10 miles. All told, we took about 10 days to make the trip, and totally fall in love with the Parkway and surrounding areas.
  17. We’ll be there from July 1-10, and nearly at Lake Powhatan June 16-19th. It is such a beautiful area, and has been our go-to for camping for over 30 years.
  18. The pizza oven, just wow! It will heat up over 700 degrees, hold the heat, has a good 5” clearance in the center. I’ve got a home-made crust for another pizza going on tonight! The cedar plank maple-glazed salmon was the envy of the campground, too. I’ve baked cinnamon rolls, a taco ring, crescent rolls, and roasted veggies, as well. The down side is size and weight, but if you want to eat well in camp and have a super useful tool, you can’t go wrong. I also have their huge griddle and a grill box, so the Camp Chef obviously works for me….and to bring this back on topic, the convection oven works great, too! I just enjoy cooking, both at home, and while camping.
  19. We use our convection feature of our oven at home, so going with the convection microwave was an easy choice, even though I mostly cook outside with a small Traeger wood pellet grill or a ginormous Camp Chef system. The Camp Chef system usually wins out due to the versatility.
  20. Hi John, We just finished our 41st. anniversary getaway….we’re loving our Ollie, looks like we’ll get in several more getaways in the coming weeks, how about y’all?
  21. Our hull 997, which we picked up in January 2022, has the Girard awning….hope this info helps!
  22. Travel is exciting, and travel pick up your new Ollie is, for most of us, a once in a lifetime trip, congratulations!
  23. I’ve been using the Anderson levelers as well, simple & easy…good to about a 4” lift. I recently had to use them at the max height they provide, and they were as stable as when set for less lift.
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