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  1. Yes, ma'am. Thanks so much! We're excited to be a part of the Oliver family.
  2. Thanks, Jim. We don't have a Truma, so we'll give the vinegar flush a try.
  3. Thanks @John E Davies for the idea. Will try first and let you know the results.
  4. Looks like this will be a sizeable project in order to change out the bathroom faucet. The faucet in this 2016 Elite II is dripping quite significantly. I saw @overland post his upgrade recently. I just want to change cartridges, but I am unable to unscrew the cartridges. They are quite frozen in place. I'm afraid to brake faucet or counter, or water lines under counter. How tough is it to remove the towel rack insert below the sink? Just cut the cauk? I hope!! What are my other options? @overland mentioned that removing the counter top was quite the job too. Thanks. Chris and Erika
  5. Adding in @John E Davies. Sorry to bother everyone! We want to get the Andersen WDH added to our "new-to-us" 2016 Elite II. Either we will add it ourselves or have the RV dealer do it. They do have a service guy who is familiar with the Olivers, but to what extent, we do not know yet. The dealer is highly rated (4.6 to 5 stars), so that's a good thing. I'm pretty handy myself, but I've only seen Mr. Davies' guides showing how the Andersen is actually connected to the bottom of the Olivers. There is a 2017 Oliver at the dealer, which does have an Andersen WDH connected to it. I'm going to take pics and videos of that one today to get a better perspective on the installation. We "intend" to pickup on Monday, and go just a few miles down to the lakes to camp through the week and holiday weekend. Here's to getting a "first available" empty site early in the week. QUESTION: Which model of the Andersen is Oliver installing on their trailers. Again, in my case, the 2016 model. I'm looking at the Andersen site, and we "think" it would be one of these two. The bracket size is my biggest question, again, we think that's my biggest question. I know John has upgraded to the larger size, but I won't be doing that. Again, we will be towing with a 2020 RAM 1500 Limited with the tow package and factory-installed self-leveling air bags. From: https://andersenhitches.com/collections/wd-hitch/products/4-drop-rise-weight-distribution-hitch Thank you again for any assistance.
  6. Which Anderson WDH drop/rise height did you go with? We have the 2020 version of your TV and I'm not sure if we need the 4in or 8in for the LE II we pick up on Monday. Thanks! Erika
  7. I just took a look at the owner's manual & you called it. Any trailer over 5,000#s requires a WDH. Time to add that back to the "things to buy before pickup day" list. So glad you mentioned requirements for warranty & liability purposes. Erika
  8. Thanks so much for the info! Erika 🙂
  9. Thanks for the info! We have so much to learn. 🙂
  10. Chris here. If all goes well, we will be picking up hull #110 on Monday. Though reported earlier on the forums as selling for a very high amount, the dealer came to their senses by the time we came upon it and had dropped the price considerably. Looks like new inside and out, really. Someone took great care of it. I myself have been researching RV'ing and travel trailers for seven years now; certainly didn't rush into anything. It's time to stop watching YouTube only. The Oliver is in EXCELLENT condition from what we can tell. We've visited it a few times and gone over it quite thoroughly. I've been watching any Oliver videos I could find since 2015; not too many out there by private owners. Erika and I will ”attempt” to change that. We'll see how we do. We're both software support and video editors (desktop recordings). The only immediate concern we have is the rear Oliver sign and if it's sealed well enough. Does anyone have a link to a how-to for the rear sign? More to come as these TT n00bs get their feet wet. No more tents for us. Also, kudos to the dealer. They even took it camping one weekend and said it tows excellent. They could have tried to sell us an anti-sway or weight distribution system, but said that with my 2020 RAM Limited with 4-way airbags and 3.92 differential (for towing ability), it should not be necessary and to try it first before buying that extra gear. That's a good sign. We're looking forward to upgrading some basic components and making it our own. We'll supplement the 4 new flooded lead acid batteries with our two 1000 watt Jackeries. The trailer does have the 320 watt panel and everything seems to work well. More to come, Chris
  11. I can't figure out how to identify an admin so could you please send them a PM to change our display name to Erika and Chris? Thanks!
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