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  1. It's useful for me also as we're in the planning stages before we order.
  2. I checked with the cost to tow it to Portland, Oregon and it was something like $1.65 per mile which brought it to over $3000 if I recall. I thought no thanks.
  3. We have our pop up trailer insured with Progressive. What insurance company is everyone using? Pros and cons of certain companies? I found covered RV storage with electricity 35-40 feet deep with open front for $250/month. Portland, Oregon area. These are the last few items my wife wanted to get answers to before we place our order. Thanks for any answers.
  4. Good perspective. A quick analogy: I was a pharmacist for 40 years. For me the glory days were 20-40 years ago. Computers came and insurance companies realized that they could put all the billing on to us. The new pharmacists coming on didn't realize that it was ever not the insurance mess it is now. We hope to get our Oliver next year so we won't have any reference point to compare how things were. Best wishes to you and your new Oliver.
  5. That was very interesting. As far as additional camping sites, I see ads for Harvest Hosts and Boondockers (I think that was the name for the second one). Someone, or maybe a few, in this thread mentioned having plan B, C or D also. I am optimistic that we will be able to find spots when we do get out. For many years we just don't go out on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends. Too crowded.
  6. My wife likes to cook with her cast iron Dutch Oven over the coals in a fire pit. Do any of you women (men cooks also can answer) use those and where would you stash that in the Oliver? Second question, how do you like the convection oven? Can you think of any unasked questions that you might have answers to? Is there anything that you found you liked especially or disliked in the trailer? Asking for my wife. Thanks.
  7. I have my build sheet figured out. Since it would be a new unit with many parts, is it worth it to get the extended warranty? I bought one for my washer and dryer and have used it when a computer board went out. I have one on my Ford Expedition which I have used a few times. Does anyone here have the extended warranty on their Oliver? Was it worth the cost? Thanks for all the times you all have responded to my many questions.
  8. I am just figuring out how to order my Oliver. I have decided on the Truma, lithium batteries and a street side awning. I am leaning towards the 30 pound tanks. I don't want to be limited by tank size. Does anyone regret getting the larger tanks? I figure with the Truma and lithium batteries I will save on total weight. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks so much! That looks perfect! I didn't want to lose out on the basement door or the bedside drawer. Great idea!
  10. Hi Jim, I have a 2017 Expedition 4x4 EL with tow package so assume it's similar to yours. I think they changed the name from EL to Max for the longer wheelbase. I am a newbie without an Oliver on order yet. We hope to order soon, but haven't yet. John
  11. "We also installed a lagun table ourselves." Do you use it for your meals? Can the table be raised and lowered or is it at a fixed height? I couldn't find pictures of your table. I thought the lagun mount had a 50 pound limit. Maybe because it's mounted to fiberglass?
  12. Is that to minimize the draw from the fresh water tank? Maybe the normal flush is more water than is needed especially if it's only pee. I don't know how the toilet works in the Oliver. On my tent trailer, it's easy to just twist once or several times on the knob to regulate how much water is used
  13. Hi all, I am looking at the list of options and wonder if the 4G cell phone booster and Lagun table are items that people wish they had or sorry they bought them. My wife looks at the dinette table and thinks it's small, so I told her there's an optional Lagun table. I believe that's adjustable for height as I plan to go with the KTT mattress. I picture eating meals at the Lagun as it appears bigger. I am guessing it can probably store in the closet. Second item, is the cell phone booster useful? We will be retired by the time we get the trailer so won't need internet connection for work. Thanks for any assistance as we dial in the options.
  14. That makes a lot of sense to me. Do you do the same in reverse when disconnecting the trailer?
  15. I wonder if there is a great atlas to get that might warn of road grades or unsuitable roads. I bicycle and when planning a route I will check road grades when possible. Is there an atlas that you use that you find very useful. One video I saw said to have a paper atlas as you don't always have connections.
  16. Do you lock the hitch when leaving? Does OTT have those for the bulldog?
  17. Do you have the name of that vinyl gutter? I think that I have seen a reference to that before. It sounds like that gutter goes over the top of the window to direct water away from the windows.
  18. I was reading a few posts about the weep holes and how they don't always drain well. I am not an engineer, but I would guess that if they could be made larger to allow water to pass through the holes and not be blocked by surface tension along with some treatment to the weep hole area to make them more hydrophillic, that that may help drainage. I would imagine that OTT is aware of the problem. Has anyone tried to enlarge the weep holes? The thought of buying an expensive trailer with this issue is a bit troubling. I live in an area that has light rain for the most part. A heavy day in Oregon is 1/2 inch in 24 hours! An inch and we think we'll all be flooded.
  19. Thanks Teri. That's quite innovative to practice like that. Your boyfriend is much more decisive than my wife. I am more like him. She mulls things over much more than me. I was hoping to order it very soon as there's about a ten to eleven month wait after placing an order as you probably know. Thanks for writing with your two cents worth which was more like at least two dollars worth if good advice. Congratulations on your purchase.
  20. I prefer to buy fewer things, but buy quality. Thanks for the vote of confidence with my wife coming around to the idea. Thanks for your message.
  21. We had a mouse in our pop up trailer this past June at the ocean. I finally got it on our last night with a mouse trap. The third night he/she was running around while we played a game of RummyKube. I guess after spending two nights with us it felt like family.
  22. Thanks Susan, that was very helpful. My wife has a very organized kitchen and everything has its own spot. Your comments made a lot of sense and hopefully will have an impact on whether she sees an Oliver like I do. She takes a while to make a decision. I think it would be a very comfortable trailer. The price is the stumbling block. We're both nearing 70 so I imagine that at best we have 15 years to use it then sell it. I just don't want to own a trailer that will fall apart during that time. Her first choice is an R-Pod, but when I looked at reviews of those, they had a lot of problems. "But, they're cute!" I don't want cute, I want dependable. Thanks for your message.
  23. That looks very nice! I didn't know you could have Oliver add that extension. I see that your table didn't sacrifice the basement door. Do you have a picture of the underside of that table and how it attaches to the trailer? What is the dimension of the table when it's open? Are those the KTT mattresses? I see that you secure the drawers with a rod. As I understand it, the drawers can now be pushed to close in a more locked fashion. They're a soft close now with a final push to lock them in. Lots of questions, but you have a great set up that addresses the issues my wife has brought up. Thanks!
  24. Thanks Pam. We live in Beaverton. My wife may retire in May or December of 2022. I know, weird choices, but she has reasons for both. She will be 70 in December, 2022. She is having a problem with the price even though our financial planner said we could afford it. She just mentioned meal prep issues so I wanted to get opinions on that. Thanks for your comments. Personally, I want to order it now knowing that it takes nearly a year to get it.
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