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  1. Very true. It must have been someone new at the company that just spelled Ollie wrong.
  2. Hi all, I know we're only four days into 2022, but we will be ordering a trailer in June for March or April, 2023 delivery. My wife will finally retire at the end of this year and with her work schedule, we felt it was crazy to buy and store it for months until we can use it. Does anyone know what the 2023 will have that's different from a 2022, besides being more expensive? I was guessing that they might change to a Truma a/c, but it's only a wild guess. If anyone knows what's up their sleeve for future improvements I would like to know. Thanks.
  3. "Our solar and two batteries have been plenty. All that to say that you should be good with either package. Mike" I haven't ordered yet, but I have decided on the lithium pro for us. I am aiming for March or April, 2023 delivery so have an e-mail in to Jason at Oliver to see when we need to order to get that delivery period.
  4. I just hope that quality doesn't suffer due to the faster rate of production. We plan on getting our trailer in March, 2023. We are buying this trailer because of its quality.
  5. I think it's just wording, not actual intent to have dealers. The present system of owners showing the trailers to interested people and a network of RV shops that they have worked with around the country to service the trailers seems to work for them. Looking at the number of trailers that they're able to build in the last couple years is further evidence that they are building to the demand. Just my opinion.
  6. Where are you located? You seem to be much more adept at modifications. I am great at opening the door to get into a trailer. We have decided to wait until June or July to order as my wife is still working and it seems crazy to buy a trailer early and then pay for storage until we can actually use it in March or April. Do you think OTT is working on any battery compartment ventilation? We are going with the lithium pro package when we order.
  7. "Some advice on properly using the cellular booster. After you turn on the WeBoost you should briefly put the phone in airplane mode, and then turn off airplane mode. This forces the phone to let go of the distant cell tower with the weak signal, and to now look for the closest “cell tower,” which is the WeBoost. Similarly, if you were using the JetPack in the tow vehicle, you should power it off and then back on after starting the WeBoost. If you have been out hiking all day, your phone will remain connected to the distant cell tower, and you can get it to connect to the WeBoost by cycling into and out of airplane mode." Very helpful information. Thanks
  8. "Best job in the world. Be wrong 50 per cent of the time, and still keep your job." I didn't have that luxury of being wrong 50% of the time as a pharmacist. When I was a nuclear pharmacist it was readily apparent when the ordered liver scan showed up as a heart scan instead.
  9. "If you have a compressor, you can do a quick and dirty winterization by blowing out the water lines." Is there a video on how to do this? Is it easy for a novice to do?
  10. Every year, there are reports of Floridians finding a gator in the pool or patio. (They can also dig under fences.) I have often wondered if certain parts of the country just weren't meant for habitation by people. 😊
  11. Narrow minded people! Maybe there are parks that are more open to a few big dogs helping out.
  12. We live near Portland, Oregon far from Tennessee. When work has to be done far from the Oliver factory, has anyone had problems getting that done and does Oliver pay the shop for that warranty work? In general, how hard is it to find shops that will work on Olivers? I assume that some components are universal like refrigerators, heating, cooling, water heaters, etc. so they should be familiar with those things. My wife has said yes to buying an Oliver so it looks like we will order one in the next two months to coincide with her retirement date of December, 2022. Ten months out would mean that we could order by end of February for early 2023 delivery.
  13. Nice backsplash. Was that tricky and do they adhere well?
  14. No thanks. Not practical and I think it's an ugly truck.. Edsel comes to mind.
  15. It's useful for me also as we're in the planning stages before we order.
  16. I checked with the cost to tow it to Portland, Oregon and it was something like $1.65 per mile which brought it to over $3000 if I recall. I thought no thanks.
  17. We have our pop up trailer insured with Progressive. What insurance company is everyone using? Pros and cons of certain companies? I found covered RV storage with electricity 35-40 feet deep with open front for $250/month. Portland, Oregon area. These are the last few items my wife wanted to get answers to before we place our order. Thanks for any answers.
  18. Good perspective. A quick analogy: I was a pharmacist for 40 years. For me the glory days were 20-40 years ago. Computers came and insurance companies realized that they could put all the billing on to us. The new pharmacists coming on didn't realize that it was ever not the insurance mess it is now. We hope to get our Oliver next year so we won't have any reference point to compare how things were. Best wishes to you and your new Oliver.
  19. That was very interesting. As far as additional camping sites, I see ads for Harvest Hosts and Boondockers (I think that was the name for the second one). Someone, or maybe a few, in this thread mentioned having plan B, C or D also. I am optimistic that we will be able to find spots when we do get out. For many years we just don't go out on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends. Too crowded.
  20. My wife likes to cook with her cast iron Dutch Oven over the coals in a fire pit. Do any of you women (men cooks also can answer) use those and where would you stash that in the Oliver? Second question, how do you like the convection oven? Can you think of any unasked questions that you might have answers to? Is there anything that you found you liked especially or disliked in the trailer? Asking for my wife. Thanks.
  21. I have my build sheet figured out. Since it would be a new unit with many parts, is it worth it to get the extended warranty? I bought one for my washer and dryer and have used it when a computer board went out. I have one on my Ford Expedition which I have used a few times. Does anyone here have the extended warranty on their Oliver? Was it worth the cost? Thanks for all the times you all have responded to my many questions.
  22. I am just figuring out how to order my Oliver. I have decided on the Truma, lithium batteries and a street side awning. I am leaning towards the 30 pound tanks. I don't want to be limited by tank size. Does anyone regret getting the larger tanks? I figure with the Truma and lithium batteries I will save on total weight. Thanks in advance.
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