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  1. 2) Tongue Wt. of EII - ours ranged from a low of 580lbs (full propane, full food, but empty water. no tongue box load) to as high as 730lbs one time where I had too much front loaded gear including the tongue box full of gear How do you measure your tongue weight?
  2. Thanks. I thought that I had responded earlier to you, but being a newbie, I thought I would respond again. Our Expedition has the factory max towing so your experience was good to read. We may find that the Expedition won't have adequate power. I was hoping that we wouldn't need to change tv as I do like the vehicle. I can live with a vehicle having to work harder as long as it doesn't ruin it, but I don't want to get halfway up a hill and find out it can't make it up.
  3. OK. One decision down. It looks like it's worth it for both rain and sun. Thanks. Hopefully the double hull design keeps the inside cooler than other stick built or single layer builds.
  4. I can see that as a great reason to have one. We live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot, except now! No rain for about two months now
  5. The trailer window shades have dual shades, so maybe it's not necessary. I am not sure if there's any benefit for keeping heat out with the street side awning. Maybe with the dual hull, that's kept to a minimum anyway.
  6. That makes sense. Another person wrote that it shields the windows on the street side. That made sense too. So many decisions.
  7. As I understand it, the 2021 Elite2 comes with the curbside power awning. I have seen some comments that say that it retracts too easily due to slight wind. I can see that protecting the awning from damage would be good, but is there a work around to anchor it better if the wind is manageable or is it not a problem? One other option is the manual awning on the other side. I am looking at the options list and wondering if anyone has opinions on whether the streetside awning is worth considering. I would think that it might be since the sun might be on the curb side at one point in the day and on the street side at another time. This way you could move your folding chair from one side to another. Thanks for any comments. I know that I am asking a bunch of questions in the last month or so.
  8. So many supply line issues. No bicycles, computer chips, now these toilets.
  9. I saw an Ollie up close and personal here in Oregon at a campground. We haven't ordered one yet, but the quality is very good from what I could tell. I have been busy getting opinions on different options. I don't want to waste my time looking at cheap trailers. I have been interested in Bigfoot trailers, but the guy that I talked to had one of those and said the quality of the Oliiver is better.
  10. Thanks John. That was very useful. I can see now that the Ollie will do either boondocking or full hook up very well. Everyone on the forum has been very helpful. I am getting my option list figured out. I think next month we will be ready to order.
  11. It only has a fresh water tank that can be used to pump water up to the sink or shower. I used a five gallon jug for gray water. It has a Thetford toilet.
  12. That was very helpful. Thanks. It made perfect sense.
  13. I can't find this in a cursory look at the manual, but in a campground, can you hook up to water and drain the gray water into the site drain that each site has? Basically, can you bypass the holding tank?
  14. The do not exceed number on the door jam of the 2017 Expedition is 1408 pounds. Because it's a 4x4 EL they list max towing capacity of 9,200 pounds. Maybe keep the weight in the trailer and the tv weight low.
  15. Very useful checklist. I am leaning towards the conventional toilet now. To be brutally honest, for years we had a toilet in our pop up trailer but used it only for pee. We usually camp in state campgrounds.
  16. Good question. Hopefully we will get an answer from someone that has a composting toilet. Very good question though.
  17. Hi all, so I am looking at ordering an Oliver and am leaning towards a composting toilet. My wife is struggling with the ick factor, but I think dealing with a black tank has a certain ick factor for me as she would most likely be in the tv reading a book while I was out dealing with the clean out. I don't see any down side other than it's not as attractive a toilet as the standard one. Not a big concern and a composting toilet allows for boondocking. Has anyone experienced a con with these toilets?
  18. I live in Beaverton, Oregon. Tow vehicle will be 2017 Ford Expedition with heavy duty tow package. I tried to find how to add that to my signature. I am not too tech savvy however.
  19. Hi all, I looked for this topic, but didn't see it. If I can find it under another thread let me know. Obviously the best way to store your trailer is in a climate controlled garage, but if that is not available how do you store yours? There are storage facilities that have covered areas with roof only. Is that adequate? Those same facilities have open storage, but would it be wise to put an RV cover over your trailer in those places or would it generate too much heat and damage the finish, etc? Thanks for any suggestions or input.
  20. It's reassuring to me. Thanks for your response.
  21. How long does it take to wax the trailer? Are there any power tools that make the job easier? In looking at the "leaking" thread earlier, it appears that some people have had leaking issues, so I would assume that prior to waxing, a person goes around and inspects and reseals any areas.
  22. Is a ten month lead time usual? I hope to order ours in early September for summer delivery. I would be ok with ten months as that would be July delivery
  23. Provided that my wife sees it the same way, we should be ordering our Oliver in the next six weeks as we will have an in-office meeting with our financial planner then. The planner has already given the green light. After we get it we should pick your brains about how to best use it here in the PNW (Oregon) as you have already dealt with the same issues in Washington.
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