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  1. The Natures Head toilet is great, not dealing with dumping the black tank is wonderful. Yes, we do carry the pee bucket to the restroom every few days, and yes I empty the toilet into a trash bag on occasion, but neither is a big deal compared to the raw sewage in a black tank.
  2. Welcome aboard. My wife & I picked up our Ollie last month and have already stayed at three state parks and two Harvest Hosts. We are enjoying the adventure as I'm sure you will too.
  3. Ok, further reading in the manual confirms that pressing and holding the power button actually turns the unit off. Simply pressing the power button puts it in "Standby" mode. Also, there is an "Alarm" function which is also described in the manual. I somehow missed all that when looking through the manual yesterday. This stereo has a hell of a lot of functionality. Thank you all for helping.
  4. I'll try the press & hold method.
  5. I didn't see an alarm feature in the manual, does your have that ability?
  6. Our camper has been parked in the driveway for the past two weeks and we go in, seems like several times per day, for one reason or another. Twice now the radio has been playing when we stepped in and we're certain we didn't leave it on, we never even turn it on when parked in the driveway. I looked through the manual for some features that might be responsible but found nothing. Is there some feature/option that could be turning this thing on?
  7. Stay calm, go slow and don't over think things. Follow your check lists and enjoy the experience. There's nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone and finding that it isn't that big of a deal. Just say to yourself... I've got this coach. 😉
  8. FYI: I ran the a/c on my LE2, while it was in my driveway, for 2 hours the other day, that test took my batteries down to 50%. Two and a half days of good sunshine had them back up to 100% with nothing else running. We have the Lithium Pro package on hull 1213. I hope this helps.
  9. We picked up our LE2 yesterday, so far so good. 😁
  10. Congratulations on placing your order. We placed our order for an Elite II last Oct, we are picking up hull 1213 on Tuesday. Woohoo!
  11. Doggy poo bags work well also. The ones we use come in a roll which we keep in an old pill bottle sitting in the bathroom.
  12. You said the pipe was still wet when this thread was started, also your Ollie is under cover; how long ago was the ceramic job performed? Would the pipe have had time to dry prior to today?
  13. Good luck locating the source of the leak and please keep us posted.
  14. I will be picking up my trailer in a few weeks and all of these issues I've been reading about are concerning. I'm happy there was not a fire associated with this poor workmanship.
  15. You will have an initial payment of $2,500 when you place the order; that will get you in the queue. We pick up our trailer in a couple of weeks so I don' have any water usage stats for you yet, but we did ordered the composting toilet. They are very popular according to Oliver and have a good amount of information concerning them on YouTube.
  16. I don't mean to be picky but your 2020 truck is not a Dodge Ram 1500, it's a Ram 1500; Dodge hasn't made trucks since 2008... https://www.raybrandtchryslerdodgejeep.com/manufacturer-info/why-did-dodge-and-ram-split/
  17. It sure is getting expensive to haul a couple of bicycles around. I sure do miss my banana seat and goose neck handlebars!
  18. But wait, there's more... Rated for vehicles including motorized RV and off-road use; not approved for trailer use including travel trailers and fifth wheels. https://www.rvupgradestore.com/Let-s-Go-AeroBikeWing-2-Two-Bike-Carrier-Rack-p/b01311.htm
  19. Here's something I just spotted here on the Oliver website... Lets Go Aero BikeWing 1.25" ....I haven't been able to affirm that it's "RV Approved."
  20. Back in my Air Force days, the first step to any repair was to hit the defective apparatus with our hard hat. 😉
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