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  1. I've been watching videos from Overland Expo West 2022 that just concluded in Loveland, Colorado. The Expo had on display a lot of interesting gear for off-the-grid camping. One item that caught my interest was the Geyser Shower System. It seems to be a great way to get a hot shower without filling the grey tank or drawing water from the fresh water tank. I was wondering if anyone has experience using it? Apparently it comes in both a 12 volt and a non-electric version. I especially like that it uses a sponge rather than a shower head as a way of conserving water. Playing with sticks did a video review of the non-electric version:
  2. I am interested in meeting there if it's in February of 2023. Thanks!
  3. I discovered the Truma portable refrigerators/freezers at the Quartzsite RV show in January this year. I took advantage of the show special and bought one...the C44. It works well and I recommend it. Truma Cooler Portable Fridges and Freezers
  4. I started out with a Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe. Well-made. Not four seasons and hot in the AZ summer. I sold it for more than I paid for it. I bought another trailer, sold it, and now have an Oliver on order. I'm not sure Olivers are lighter that Airstreams but IMO they are better made and require less maintenance. Happy camping in the Casita...I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  5. I've had 2 trailers so far...one had a wet bath, the 2nd one a dry bath. The dry bath shower leaked from the bottom and pooled water on the floor, but it was nice that for the most part, the toilet, floor, and sink stayed dry and I could have my towels hung up on a towel bar. Nevertheless, I really have no real preference and would rather have more space in the rest of the trailer.
  6. This blog article has some great suggestions for making a wet bath more enjoyable to use. I especially like the tip on creating towel shelving using tension rods. Can anyone else suggest items or ideas that enhance the wet bath experience? 6 tips for loving your RV wet bath | Outdoorsy.com
  7. I completely agree with @Kirk Petersonabout using Harvest Host/Boondockers Welcome. There are some interesting Harvest Host stops along I-20 in Texas, including the Petroleum Museum and Hangar 25 Air Museum. There are also some Texas state campgrounds along the way. I think Campendium is a great resource for searching for campgrounds.
  8. Easy and delicious. The best combination!
  9. Thank you for doing all of this! It's great information. Now I know the Sumo Springs won't work on an LEII. I originally learned about them from an RV YouTube couple, Wayward Wags, who installed them on their 5th wheel. The couple set up a camera inside the RV both before and after installation to show the difference in the amount of movement and jarring inside while traveling. The Sumo Springs seemed to make a big difference. But, unfortunately, based on your research above, they won't work on the LEII. Thanks again.
  10. Does anyone know if Sumo Springs are compatible with the LEII? If so, has anyone installed them and with what result? Trailer SumoSprings - SuperSpringsĀ® International, Inc. (superspringsinternational.com)
  11. Catalina's a great park. Also, have you tried Gilbert Ray?
  12. Congrats! I pick my LEII up in the middle of winter--January 3rd. But, I'll take the southern route home to AZ and hope Texas doesn't get the ice storm it did in 2020!
  13. I have a small Ninja 7-way cooker. One simple thing I like to do is put a roast in it, pour a can of cream of mushroom soup and a packet of dry onion dip mix onto the roast, and slow cook it on low for 8 hours. So easy and delicious. Set it in the morning, enjoy the day, come back to the camper, and you'll have a yummy roast.
  14. I don't know if you "need" it but I would recommend it. IMO, it's very easy to use and does make towing more stable.
  15. yes, I have used an Andersen hitch on both of my previous trailers and will use it with the Oliver.
  16. Hi Imelda. I will be towing with a 2021 F150 XLT 2WD V8 with the extended cab (2 full doors with 2 suicide doors). Bear in mind the more equipment you option, the lower the cargo capacity. I towed my Lance 2075 with it, and that trailer was only slightly less weighty than the Oliver. It worked fine.
  17. Congratulations! I went so far as to place a deposit on an Escape before finally deciding to purchase the Oliver. I also considered Bigfoot for a short time, but did not want to buy through a dealer. Hopefully we'll both be happy with our decision.
  18. Thank you for that update. I'm happy to hear Truma acknowledged its error and refunded the repair cost. Hopefully the issue has been fixed for future units.
  19. Thank you for another great video. I travel with 2 Pugs and they definitely take up way more of the bed than their small bodies would suggest. I've never seen the Mud Busters but have them on my Amazon Oliver list. Also, I just ordered the Magma stackable stainless steel cookware set. They're apparently at the lowest price on Amazon in 30 days. Thank you for that recommendation.
  20. Thanks for all this info. It's very helpful. I'm doing the reverse of you...doing a plant tour after order. Our tour is scheduled for Sept 11. Did Anita show you samples of the new countertops for 2023? I understand they no longer will be fiber-granite but instead will be solid surface acrylic. Congratulations again on your order.
  21. I also chose the Midnight decor, with black and silver-grey metallic graphics. I wrote my 2nd deposit check today. You'll have a few months before you have to cut the 2nd check and finalize your options
  22. Well, if you're that unsure, then you should decide later or say no. As for me, I considered an Oliver before my last rv purchase and then purchased a Lance instead. That was a wrong decision I since regretted. So now...I'm getting an Oliver, but for a whole lot more money than I would have paid 3 years ago.
  23. I just finalized my options today on a 2023 model to be delivered early January. Yikes! But, after having several issues with a traditionally-built trailer and an entirely unacceptable experience with the dealer who sold it to me, the value of the Oliver, with its superior construction and level of customer and fellow owners support, makes it worth the premium cost.
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