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  1. I have to same issue with my door. Of all the campers I had I've ever owned I never seen this before. I did purchase a new replacement from Lippert, but are pretty pricy along with getting the graphic's on the outside.
  2. Annually I buff my camper with Meguiar's Cleaner Wax then use thier Flagship Premium Marine wax; I wash it frequently with Woody Ultra-Pine wash-n-wax boat soap (the best) Good Luck
  3. I was dry camping all season. They have bathroom facilities at the camp ground.
  4. I camped all winter DRY, some guy's do hook up black water with PVC piping and flush with anti freeze.
  5. I was set up at a winter campground, so I didn't have any issue with my batteries due to the fact I was plugged into a shore line.
  6. Enjoying winter camping in my Oliver, snowmobiling every weekend.
  7. Great pictures and illustration!! Is that like 4' of extra duct work?
  8. Sorry took so long to finalize this tread; my computer got the virus. I ended up putting in a new gas valve and after removing the old one, you could see the valve handle was broken off.
  9. I have a 2017 Legacy Elite II, The previous owner did take it back to Oliver service and all they did was re-caulk the windows. As I mentioned I went to my local RV center and had the Sealtech 430 test done which is a leak detection test. In the spring I will check the water system. Thanks,
  10. Has anyone every have a problem with water collecting between the two rear bunk beds? Only after I purchased the trailer I found a service receipt that the previse owner brought it back to the factory to solve the problem, the service department noted that they resealed the windows. So I did bring it to a local RV center where they preformed a pressured Seal Test which shows no exterior leaks. I know it is pooling because of the angle of the camper, but because the floor is all most like a tub I can't figure where it is coming from! I will have to wait for spring and maybe try pressurizing the water system. Thanks,
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