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  1. John - I have looked closely at this Isotherm for the last six months and have never seen/heard of this item. It sounds like a nice product and I am interested but not sure of what level of integration I am willing to endure for a brand-new trailer (in March). Thanks for the share, very interesting. Brian
  2. @SeaDawg Too funny, every time you mentioned the “truck fridge” I was thinking you had an Isotherm in the back of your TV as an additional fridge like I have a Truma in my truck. Never would have guessed you had a truck fridge in the Ollie. Looks good - I like the drawer but I also like the additional height of the Cruise 130 with the interior drawer. Brian
  3. @John E Davies I don’t think the newer compressor fridges are going to draw that much. @SeaDawg has two AGM batteries and does just fine with the compressor. I run a Truma fridge in the back of my truck and it is powered by a second battery that is approximately 650aH (it is a 750 CCA) that gets charged by the alternators. I run that thing 24/7 on trips and it has never run the battery down. Take a look at the specs for the Isotherm Cruise 130 just for reference. Brian
  4. I was told this upgrade was scrapped and they are staying with the fiber-granite. It was a bit disappointing to me as I was told about it when we first started looking and then they changed the story after our deposit. Not that this would move the needle but when you look forward to something different it is kind of a let down. Brian
  5. @John E Davies The new fridge is the Isotherm 130 (99% sure of that). It is spacious but like people said, the freezer is smaller yet it still advertises 2 liters for the freezer. You asked about the Furnace (Truma), I can tell you it is MUCH quieter than either a Suburban or Dometic. The air flow is fantastic, warms up quickly. It is NOT the combi unit, it is the Vario-Heat. Truma spec’d it out with their own ducting too. The furnace, A/C and hot water heater (Truma Aqua-Go) all run on the same control panel, the CP Plus. Here are some pictures from my last visit to the factory. The first shows the Truma Furnace, Vario-heat, second shows Truma duct work, third is inside of the Isotherm and last is the Isotherm exterior. Brian
  6. @Patriot great solution, we love ANKER products and we didn’t realize that the outlets were all on the ceiling in the newer models. Most of my opinions on that have already been expressed here so I won’t re-hash them. This one is more expensive but I really like that it indicates your grounding status. Very nice install - thanks for the share. You cannot see it in the first pic but it does have AC outlets on the back of the device. Cheers, Brian
  7. Patriot, No worries and thanks for the clarification on the headlights. I have a list of all TSB’s and Recalls for my truck so I was aware. - Tailgate, cameras, and some sort of heat shield under the truck. All taken care of. As for the price, it is a GREAT price. Also, NO TAX when shipped out of state and I got a Black Friday special where the paid shipping! I did it myself, there are two really good videos on you tube about the install. One is a Master Ford Technician and the other is linked at the bottom of Levittown Ford site. They say it can be done in 3 hours but it took me close to 5 because I have to stop, read, think, re-read, think some more - gather tools etc. Between the instructions and the videos, your really cannot mess it up. This is all providing you have the dual battery set up which I am sure you do on a 350. The local dealer told me it would be between $600 and $800 to install because they had never done one. BL
  8. It has had several recalls but that wasn’t one of them. I have found it is less of an issue since I installed the Firestone airbags. I have a camper shell on the back and a Bedslide. Those two alone were enough to change the geometry on my truck and raise the front end slightly. It got worse when I loaded down for travel and then hitched up. I now inflate my airbags to give me the “Stock Height” from my tailgate to the ground. That seems to do the trick. Another thing Ford owners do is change settings using a program called FORSCAN and invoke what is called “Bambi Mode”. On a stock Ford truck the fog lights will switch OFF when you turn on the high beams. Bambi mode allows the fog lights to stay on with high beams. They are called fog lights even though they are white and LED so they are still quite bright but they have a dispersed pattern. Brian
  9. I agree - highly recommend…I will have to send you a picture of recent front end work on my F-250. Have you heard about the collaboration between Warn and Ford to create the “kit” to install the 12k pound winch? It looks incredible! @PatriotAdding Link: https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-1821-sd.html BL
  10. After changing bulbs in Chevy’s, Toyota, Lexus I made it a point to order ALL LED bulbs on my 2020 Ford - have not been disappointed but no matter what I do in terms of keeping the truck level (Air Bags in back, etc) my low beams seem to be too bright for many oncoming cars. It is mainly the cars that are low to the ground, trucks don’t seem to mind. I have to say they are the clearest, brightest lights I have ever had - including some off road lights. Good luck to all the bulb-changers out there. It is not a fun, or easy task. Cheers, BL
  11. Thank you for that update, I missed that one. Although I must say, I don’t like it, it doesn’t make clear sense. A debate for another thread. BL
  12. I apologize, I am not familiar with that term. You have very little (no) information on your profile that would give me additional information about your location, rig, TV, etc…. Please elaborate. BL
  13. “2022 LE II Tail #22-1052” Patrick “Wolfpack”, do I detect a former, and fellow, Airman here? Love the tail number, I may steal the concept - we are waiting on Tail #23-1351 to roll out of the hangar sometime in early March. I was aircrew on AWACS and Joint STARS now retired (21 years) and looking forward to some serious down time. Still need to shake these pesky second and third career moves. Looking forward to pulling the plug in May of this year though. Re the phone…my Apple Watch has tried to “save me” a few times out on the mountain bike trails but, to its credit, I had taken a tumble but needed no assistance. Hope to see you guys at the rally in May. Brian
  14. Bet it was - I am SO looking forward to having a 30 amp cord. I had a 30’ 50 amp cord on the Airstream and I can remember several occasions coming out to disconnect for an early launch in single digit temps. That cord would freeze solid and did not want to curl up, not to mention how heavy it was! It would go in the back of the truck for that leg. Happy to see you put this in writing, I was wondering if I was the only one thinking this. You can either get a longer replacement cord or get an extension cord but they are not interchangeable. Always good discussions here! Brian
  15. There just might be something in the works... BL
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