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  1. Thank you for that info. Plan to use the regular sewer hoses as much as we can when we can. Will only use the macerator setup when have to at home occasionally and it will not be pumping uphill. I ended up ordering the Flojet macerator.
  2. Yes!! I am going to do this. Thanks for the info. David
  3. I modified the modification. I rounded the top corners and cut slots on the bottom leg so now it can be used below the table too.
  4. Yes, I filed them smooth but I agree and will round them off. I purchased the z-channel from Eagle Aluminum in Loretto, MN.
  5. I made two shelves for the brackets where the tables are mounted to the interior wall. Works great for small items and iPhone. Photos below. Only problem is that I needed two 24" long pieces of aluminum z-channel but had to buy 24 feet. Now I have 20 feet left over so if anyone is interested in this mod and wants some of the z-channel you can send me a PM. In addition, I swapped the thumbtab bolts out for knobs. This is my first post so I hope it works correctly - let me know if I need to change anything. I am working on another mod that I intend to post. David
  6. Yes! We would be interested in this event. David and Martha #1382
  7. Thanks Brian. I saw that but wondering if that is strong enough. I don't know anything about the strength of fiberglass so I guess I need to do some research on this. Don't want to damage ours when I install the lagun table mount.
  8. Did you use any backing or bracing on the other side of the fiberglass? Or is the fiberglass strong enough to hold the weight? We pick up our E1 on May 8th and plan to install a similar table mount on the curbside. Thanks, David Purkey
  9. Congratulations! Safe travels! 🙂
  10. Ron, Following up on the articulating table mount. Here is what I plan to install in "Coddiwomple" (Elite 1) when we get it next spring. With this setup we should be able to position the tabletop next to the stovetop and my wife is happy about that. It is a lagun-type removable table mount and seems to be very strong. The powdercoat finish is nice and the fit is tight. I contacted Foy and he can make a tabletop for us with the underside routed out to lighten it up so I will order that later when I dial in the final tabletop dimensions. Need to figure out support bracing and backing later. Might have to have a custom brace made so as not to stress the fiberglass. I purchased this from EZ-Reach (division of Cass Hudson) and spoke to the design engineer about my plan to add a second arm so I would have an elbow like movement rather than just one arm with an arc. He thought it was a good idea and would work so I ordered two of the 12" arms. I cut one tube down so it would fit in to the other and it works great. I extended it out all the way and put 20lbs on the table bracket - It is solid. Now I just need a trailer to install it in! David Purkey
  11. OK, when I do the modification (if it is possible - depending on backing) next year I will post it here with photos. David P.
  12. Really like what you did with the bed in the back and we are considering doing the same, however, we just ordered an Elite 1 and will not receive it until May 2023. Taking this idea a step further, we are thinking about making the side dinette in to a permanent bed too and then install a Lagun mount with tabletop at the back. This could also be used as a prep table next to the stovetop by swiveling it there. I suppose we will have to see how this will work after we get our Ollie. David Purkey
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