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Storage: Inside or Outside


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I plan to take delivery of a new Oliver Elite II this spring. We live in Eastern Iowa and we experience all known weather extremes! I'm not having much luck finding inside storage for the Oliver. I've owned boats and have seen what the sun can do to colored gelcoat, but I don't think the sun will fade anything on the Oliver except perhaps the portion of the awnings that are always exposed and the graphics.


I plan to store the Oliver from around Thanksgiving until mid-March. I may get the itch to take it out of storage and head for warm weather for a few weeks during that time period, if we have dry roads. From mid-March to Thanksgiving, the Oliver will be in and out of storage for long weekends and trips up to 6-8 weeks long, I think.


So, I'm looking for advice. Should I keep searching for indoor storage? I also have a possible option of storing it at a friend's. He has a concrete pad and I could buy a clearspan structure from FarmTeck to provide some shelter.





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Congratulations. You will love your Ollie.


We live in Florida so UV is always a problem, but I get more heartburn over leaves and oak pollen. My answer is a cheap tarp from Lowes I throw over the trailer during Spring and Fall. The AC, solar panels, and fan take up a lot of the roof so I don't worry too much about the sun. I wish I had a barn for storage, but for now the tarp must suffice.

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We have used a RV Cover, the one we just purchased was a 24 plus size and I have to say is way too big it was made for a big box but I need something for now in South Florida from all the Pine trees, Hot Florida sun and the endless rains of summer. I found with the Oliver and the Casita before that the cover kept it clean, dry and UV protected. I went to target and got the larger swimming Noodles that the kids use in the pools cut it length wise and sliped it over the sides of the solar panel and protects the cover and lets any rain water runs off the ends. I always keep wheels covered on the tires as well from any UV, again S. Fl is brutal. I will build a covered shelter but for now it works. I don't have a snow or freeze problem so I would follow others on that regard. Thanks Gary

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You might want to go over to the fiberglass forum and check out the thread on covering you trailer. (Care and Feeding of Molded Fiberglass Trailers, Cover or Not) . Always a lot of opinions, for and against, but interesting reading. We have ours under a canopy that we had to raise the roof twice, since each trailer was always a little taller.



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We put up one of those inexpensive carports with a canopy top. It cost about $300 and the canopy lasted five years and we replaced it for $50.00. We are in Northern CA and this has worked well for us. We get no snow and use to get lots of rain. I keep a product like DampRid in it and the tires covered. We also keep it plugged on all the time and as we have been on able to travel for quite some time we test everything monthly to make sure everything is still working properly. It's located on a graveled area. Good luck finding the best solution for your new trailer.



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Like Dave, our trailer has to bask in the harsh Florida sun unless we are camping elsewhere. Next February is 8 years, and the trailer still looks good. However, we do protect the gelcoat with cleaning, and a good marine grade was (same ultra 3m product we use on our boats, which also bask in the harsh sun 24/7/365, on or in the water....

We bought a tyvek cover for the trailer, and never used it. I figured I'd have more mold and mildew to deal with, and after we had the solar panels installed, it probably wouldn't have fit anyway. So, it is what it is.

The good marine grade gel coat has lasted very, very well for us so far. Wash it, wax it with a really good Marine grade wax, and the gelcoat should be fine.

That said, we don't often camp in subzero weather. I suspect you'd enjoy an out of the weather spot for the winter months, unless you just plan to get that Oliver out of the cold and head south....


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This is something we need to deal with shortly. We covered our Casita with a CalMark cover made of Sunbrella and are hoping we can have one made for our Oliver. We stored it for five Michigan winters with excellent results.

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