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Yet another kitchen item, for coffee


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Over the years, we've had many discussions on the best way to bre coffee. My fave is a big, pourover Melitta or knockoff​ pourover cone, into a salvaged thermal stainless pot from failed home coffee​ maker.


This week, Amazon has one of my faves on special. Only in black. Uses the big, universally available #4 filter.


If you order other stuff, to $35, it's free shipping.




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Agree...and even better if you use a fresh grind. We use the melitta filter with the stainless insulated carafe. And a small hand burr coffee grinder. A slower, but nice morning ritual.







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We used the big pour over for many years while living in Europe.  We have the smaller, single cup pour overs now in the trailer.  We also like our Nespresso machine - it makes a great small cup of coffee or espresso.  We have a big Nespresso at home and picked up a small Nespresso Pixie at Costco for the trailer.  Mike

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I use the same grinder as GrayGhost, it is awesome and highly recommended. I also settled on drip coffee because I love the flavor plus cleanup is so easy and requires minimal water. I got the Kalita drip cone as it's stainless steel and also very beautiful to look at. They make two sizes depending on quantity of brew. I drip right into my insulated mug, ahhhh. :)




I'm mostly a tea drinker at home, but while on the road traveling, a good cup of coffee is hard to beat!



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