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Member Deletion


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BugBite has broken proper forum decorum again. The time for talking and discussion is over and the "BugBite" membership should be deleted by end of business today.


Any return to the forums under another name and continuance of similar behavior will have a similar result.


This is a place for supporting and generally uplifting one another in our desire to get out in nature with our wonderful campers.  We may not always agree with each other (families are like that) but, in the end, our goal is to help each other learn how to make the best use of our trailers and to venture forth safely, and HAVE FUN!


Let's keep it that way.











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Pete & "Bosker".    TV -  '18 F150 Super-cab Fx4; RV  - "The Wonder Egg";   '08 Elite, Hull Number 014.

Travel blog of 1st 10 years' wanderings - http://www.peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com


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There are basic forum etiquette rules that most forums follow and enforce.  Mostly common sense - don't constantly highjack threads, don't post extraneous information, don't consider your opinion or preferences as the only way, don't engage in personal attacks, leave politics and religion at the door.


Let's get back to the business of exchanging information, assisting and encouraging each other and enjoying the Oliver experience.  Mike

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Texas Hill Country | Elite II #135 | Ram 2500 6.7L


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I have to say that you all handled that very well. I have been lurking here for months appreciating the vast amount of knowledge shared within this forum. I often cringed at the posts by Bugbite and wondered if this most recent one would finally be the proverbial nail in the coffin. Thanks for keeping this place one of mutual respect and free idea sharing.



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To be quite frank, our volunteer "job" as moderators, isn't fun, sometimes.


Once in awhile, people , comments, and things just don't work.

This is one of the few instances I can remember where someone didn't heed warnings and PM's, and the mod board actually had to invoke the undesirable option. It's definitely not our first option, nor taken lightly.

But, it's a group, communal decision. Just because Pete posted, he was not alone. We always communicate. No one on the mod board acts alone, except in the case of foreign spammers.



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2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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You guys did great, and you're all great moderators. I never got the chance to see the post and that's for the best. I just wanted to say thanks to you all because it just wasn't right to let her keep taking every topic down some twisted, insult filled road. We really appreciate you guys and gals as our Moderators. Can you delete all of the tags that she put on Bob's thread?


Thanks Again,


Reed & Karen

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Happy Camping,


Reed & Karen Lukens with Riffles our Miniature Poodle

2017 Oliver Legacy Elite II  Standard, Hull #200 / 2017 Silverado High Country 1500 Short Bed 4x4

Past TV - 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 4Matic BlueTEC Diesel

Click on our avatar pic above to find the videos on our Oliver Legacy Elite II


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