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COFFEE, anybody ?

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We start our day with a cup of coffee whether at home or camping. The right water is key so we bring bottled water when camping. I didn't think to fill a jug when we were at Hot Springs, I'll bet that would make great coffee!  Mike

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You're so right. Best water makes the best coffee. We carry what we can from home rainwater, and then live with what we find later, if on a long trip.catchas catch can... Or buy distilled water when it gets ugly.



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Purchased a "Coleman Camping Coffeemaker" drip coffee maker and used it during the last two camping trips. Turned the flame down low on an old 2 burner propane camp stove. It took 3 times longer to brew the coffee at a low flame setting compared to our electric drip coffee maker in the camper & home using same coffee and water. If we poured a cup before the complete pot brewed, the coffee was strong. If we waited for the complete pot to brew, it was very good! Purchased a Coleman stainless steel coffee pot to replace the original glass pot and Coleman carry case.



















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Coffee at the campsite first thing in the morning is our ritual as well, just as it was when we were boating. We get whole beans from here-


And use a slow, burr hand grinder by Hario, and make it pour-over style into one of these...



Takes a while, but worth the wait.


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I love coffee! My coffee preparation is the same in my Ollie as it is at home except that I use a hand grinder (burr) when camping. My grinder is a bit extreme, but it's built to last a lifetime: http://www.oehandgrinders.com/LIDO-3-_c_30.html.


I like Hario products too. I use a Hario scale to weigh coffee and water to get the ratio I like (16:1). I also like the Hario pour-over kettle: https://www.amazon.com/Hario-VKB-120HSVV60-Buono-Pouring-Kettle/dp/B000IGOXLS. I drip the coffee directly into a Yeti insulated travel mug that works well as a small thermos.


I usually buy coffee on a subscription basis from small roasters--I change every 2-4 months. Recent favorites are Red Rooster, Counter Culture, PT Roasting and Heart. I also make cold brew with coffee from Blue Bottle.


When I'm traveling for more than 2-3 weeks, I search for local coffee roasters where I'm traveling. It's hit and miss, but worth the adventure.



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