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Door window curtain


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Now I know many of you use a handy tshirt to block the light at your door window.....:)


I recovered the head bumper ( I may have forgotten to mail it to the upholstery person!) oops


... and I made a simple roll up and tie curtain for the window.  There was already a piece of Velcro at the top of the screen door so maybe it had a curtain at one time? Don't know. Anyone have a curtain?


Besides light it seems like it's going to really help with the heat too.




Hmmm I still have extra fabric. Maybe some toiletry bags and a dirty clothes hamper? Lol


I Have time to sew right now since I'm a teacher still on summer break. Lol




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Brandi Shaffer

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I did not realize they were making the door with a clear window. Ours is totally frosted. Actually I would like to have a small section clear, so you could see who is at the door when someone knocks.



Stan and Carol

Blacksburg, VA

2014 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi

2014 Legacy Elite II Standard  Hull 63

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Great job Brandi!


Most of our RVs have had doors with frosted glass so I haven't thought about this. Now, I'm wondering if our "soon to be picked up" Ollie will have clear or frosted glass.



Clair & Kathy Reed - plus our travel companion: Emma

2017 Legacy Elite II - Hull# 245

2014 Ram 1500 3.0 V6 Eco-diesel 4x4


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I believe the early units had clear glass, and the newer units are all frosted. For those with clear, I heard you can go to Hobby Lobby (craft type) stores and get a color it yourself stainglass imitation kit. It adheres to the glass. Guess you could leave a small peephole to peek out of.


With the curtain there can you open the door and leave the screen door closed? Nice looking job on the curtain..


The newer Fantastic fans have a cover that does not have to be closed to keep out the rain. You can leave it open and no rain comes in. Worth taking a look up there. If you can or have to update they have a smoked gray cover that keeps out morning look that for those mid day naps...

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I thought about those stain glass window films. Would look really cool but I would think light would still come in.




I attached the curtain to the screen door with Velcro so the main door can be hooked open and I can either roll up the curtain or remove it entirely. I'll probably just roll it up and leave it attached so it has a "home".




I've seen fan shroud covers that look smoky but it seems quite cluttered up there already with the AC and that huge king dome thing that I will never use. :D


I'm just piddling around trying to learn systems and make/gather things for the camper. Just finished making a drawstring bag for a travel blow drier and I monogrammed our names onto our camp chairs!  I've only got a little bit of time left until school starts and all projects will have to stop until Thanksgiving break lol

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Brandi Shaffer

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If we decide we need a privacy curtain on the door window, I'm going to come up with some sort of Velcro attached shade that can be quickly hung and removed.  

Ray and Susan Huff

Elite II Twin "Pearl" - Hull#699; delivered December 7, 2020

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