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Stereo Head Connection

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I have the standard Furrion Stereo and standard TV.  Many times when I get to the campsite, my TV works, my stereo head works, but they do no "Talk" to each other. No DVD player signal.   Upon close inspection, removing the stereo head, I can see the TV cable dangling, unplugged from the head.  I plug it in, all is well.  However, each trip in the camper, same issue, the cable unplugs too easy.


Any suggestions?

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What type of cable is it.  HDMI, RCA?

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Mine has disconnected three times. From the back of the tv. It’s easy to reinstall but requires working upside down on the bed.

You can easily secure it to adjacent cables using a couple of nylon wire ties. Once secured it should never move again, unless you want it to.


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Sorry for the long delay in replying.  My daughter and family were using my Ollie.  While they were at the campground, they too experienced the same problem.  As Mike suggested, it is a HDMI cable that is coming loose.  My son-in-law, (a IT manager for Boeing) expierenced the same thing while camping in my unit. He removed the head and said the HDMI connection was out and dangling at the back of the unit.  He plugged it in and it worked fine.  When they returned, we checked it again and the HDMI cable was out.  When I bought my Ollie, I had a XM Satellite radio installed.  Upon further inspection, these connections from the radio (and the satellite antenna going through the roof just overhead) may be creating the problem.  Too much stuff in a small place.  It appears some of the cabling may rest upon the HDMI cable.  However, the HDMI cable slides out of the connection on the head VERY EASILY.  Not sure how to hold the cable in place.  Can you squeeze/ <b>LIGHTLY</b> crimp the cable to make a better connection?  Can it be taped in?





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I've never seen an HDMI connector that didn't fit snug, definitely sounds like that one must have been forced at some point.


For just a little slack you can try the following, then it need be take your cable to it and it should now be snug in the head unit, it would surprise me if it was the head end that loosened.








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thank you for your kind replies.  From the number of PM's and replies I have received, this seems to be a common problem, both at the TV connection and at the Stereo head.  I will try some of the suggestions you have sent me.  Thank you very much



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