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Has anyone experienced birds nesting in their air conditioner?


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My wife and I brought home her new Oly and a birds nest in the Air Conditioner Unit. It is unknown if the Birds came along for the drive to NJ.  We were late picking up her camper due to my medical condition and the Oly was stored outside for several months this last spring.  I was advised to remove the outer cover and blow out the offending nest. Sounds easy enough I guess? Anyone had a similar issue if so what length of ladder did you use ? don't really want to do a header off the top of the Oly'' and is there a bird screen that can be  purchased for the Air Conditioner? Any help would be appreciated.........Yukon

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We’ve got one in ours right now and I thank you for reminding me. I need to get up there and get it out before we leave for Winnipeg. I’ll get up there and take the shroud off the unit and do whatever it takes to remove the nest. It’s safe to walk on the roof, it will bear your weight. I’ve never seen a commercial screen but I made one for our previous Oliver’s A/C unit.

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Yes.  About 4 years ago, I noticed a trashy looking nest at the bottom street side corner of my Elite's A/C.  The mess was cleaned out using a 6 foot ladder, skinny grabbing tools, skinny poking items and several copious streams of water from the hose nozzle.


A quick search on Google or Amazon will help you find several options for a cover for your specific A/C size.


While a 6 ft ladder worked on my Elite, an Elite II may require a taller one.  As long as you do not stand above the "do not stand above this step" line, ensure the feet are firmly grounded you should do OK unless you are accident prone.  A spotter may be a good idea as well.   My A'C sits way back on the trailer and was easily reached.  These outer shells are very strong and load bearing if you need to "get up there".  If that is the case, use a spotter to support the ladder as you ascend and descend.  Also, be sure to remove any clothing items that might scratch the gelcoat, such as belts or shoes with metal buckles or eyelets.  Have your spotter help guide your foot to the ladder as you descend. Slow and easy does it.


Putting the cover on is a bit of a hassle but is better than having damage done.


I only had minor damage done to some of the styrofoam around the unit.  I caught it before anything major was done.


Good luck and be careful.

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Yes, a nest was built in mine while at a campsite for just three nights. I had to take the cover off to get the best out. Just four Phillips screws to remove the cover. I used my Telesteps ladder on one side and 6ft. step ladder on the other. The cover is very light and I removed it without getting on the roof. I used 1/4 x 1/4 hardware cloth to make the three pieces necessary to cover all of the large openings and I attached them with black cable ties. The two side pieces (left hand and right hand) are bent in 90deg to cover both vertical and horizontal openings, and one piece at the rear to cover the vertical openings. I wouldn’t use anything with smaller openings like window screen material as I would think that it could cause excessive airflow restrictions.

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Thanks for everyones help'' will give me a excuse to purchase a new safer ladder . all good ideas.  I have to say the A/C unit does look like a bird' condo, I bet when the birds arrived in NJ they started to fly south due to the high property tax .IMG_1874.thumb.jpg.83edffd8464f1b3b9b9dbe8a4bf3b5fd.jpg

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I used 1/4 x 1/4 hardware cloth to make the three pieces necessary to cover all of the large openings and I attached them with black cable ties.


Thanks for that suggestion. I found a nest, cleaned it out, and put the cover back on. The next day, the nest was back. I felt sorry for the birds' wasted work but took the new nest out and left the cover off for a couple of days to discourage further attempts. I need to get back up there before next spring to implement mountainoliver's solution.



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